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  1. Thank you, Katherine.  I so needed this for an attitude check, to put on the garment of praise in the midst of the heat I'm experiencing in upstate South Carolina.  I'll consider it God's tough love--His enduring love for us.


    The next time I see a Crimson Tide home game on TV, I'm bound to think that attendants are as much celebrating the advent of Fall as they are encouraging their team to roll on :)    Pardon, you might be an Auburn fan!   Well, them too. 

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  2. Hello, Chuck. I've always been puzzled about the Cain-Abel story in the back of my mind, and your thoughts make sense.


    This has me thinking about what the cost of each sacrifice meant to them.


    Give up some grain, and you know the same plot of land from which it grew will yield back the same thing in due season. All well and good, but does the surrender of a bundle mean anything more more than the same expenditure of sweat and planning to get it back?


    But, give up an animal? That means that future generations potententially stemming from that animal would be cut off. And all of one's hopes on that future, growing prosperity surrendered for a greater hope--God's blessing. There is a trust that God will reward, not just merely accept.


    There is also something very prophetic in Abel's sacrifice. See Isaiah 53:10-12

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