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  1. Ragamuffin_John


    Amen. We could forever add when's to this, as a testimony to God's goodness.
  2. Ragamuffin_John


    When we say “My Lord”, the Lord says, “My Bride”, When we say “The Blood”, redemption sings, sighs. When we all say “Rejoice”, all is fulfilled, For earth has the Word, nothing concealed. Mystery made known, dark’s fled, Christ lights, When we say “Come!”, our hope shines bright. When we endure, salvation seals tight, Where nothing can deter our trust, our delight, As we rest in His grace and song o'er our lives.* ____________ * Zephaniah 3:17 (KJV) - The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing
  3. Ragamuffin_John


    Amen, Lester.
  4. Ragamuffin_John

    Bruised and Beloved

    Amen, and thank you, Jonjovi!
  5. Ragamuffin_John

    Bruised and Beloved

    I don’t think I have ever felt closer to the Lord in prayer. My wife and I were in an ER, and she was writhing from abdominal pain caused by a golf ball-sized gall stone. I was gripped by a sense of helplessness as I watched her rock back and forth in rhythmic spasms. I prayed and so wanted to see the Lord so high and lifted up that—well, that His glory would take care of the rest. I finally just pleaded with the Lord Jesus, “Will You please be more than a Good Samaritan with my wife?” Tears filled my eyes when I realized that God’s love for us is so great. His Son came to this world, to our paths like the Good Samaritan, to embrace us and heal us from sin and to comfort us in our fallenness. My wife later told me that she saw in my eyes that I was praying with all my heart. I think it was rather that God filled mine, filled us, where two of us were gathered. In the midst of our distress. Relief came to her. She has progressed well. What remains more than anything else is the endelible echo of God affirming to us on this road that He is with us, despite our bruises and all.
  6. Ragamuffin_John


    When I was little, I was fascinated by how I could take a U.S. penny, place a sheet of writing paper over it, then make the image of that coin appear by tracing over the impression with a pencil. Gradually, Abraham Lincoln's head would appear. In a way, when we submit to the obedient scrutiny of the Spirit of Jesus, His image appears as He rubs off on us. We count this process precious, because seeing Jesus appear, as individuals and as His Body, is a blessed confirmation; it is the affirmation of salvation given and in-progress. Living Word, You are always writing, once again, trace my heart as with a penny, over my life, I stay still underneath your Spirit's shining till I see the witness of your sacred Head appearing, somehow, miraculously, and this etching joined to my brothers' and sisters' shows your Face, that we are realigning to be the Body, where all meditation leads our selves to cherish Your Reflection.
  7. Ragamuffin_John

    Site Updates

    Ditto on the pleasant surprise, Rebecca. Nicely done.
  8. Ragamuffin_John

    Happy Turkey-leftover Day!

    Just had some of that happiness :) Maybe one more day of turkey sandwiches, then it's turkey noodle soup.
  9. Ragamuffin_John

    The Unequal Proposition

    God asks us to become equally yoked to an unequal proposition by a common means. The equal yoking = union with; communion with Christ The unequal proposition: that God should humble himself as an obedient man, whereas we as men [humans] should become humble men. God > man; man > man. Christ, through God's will, was asked to close the gap between Heaven and earth, thus filling up all things (Ephesians 1:22-23). We have an infinitely lesser task, one that we cannot realize but by God's mercy. It is that we should submit to the Incarnate One, to the extent that the "new man" or "new creation" dominates the unregenerated man (2 Corinthians 5:17). The common means: through Spirit empowerment, that Christ should live within a mortal body by means of submission, to the point of dying on the Cross, so that we humans should crucify the flesh by the way of "sowing to the Spirit" (Galatians 6:8), that we might reap eternal life (James 4:10; Galatians 2:20). Our Lord Jesus has done the "heavy lifting" so that we might be in communion with Him. That He should allow our "dying daily"* to intersect with His dying for us to the extent that the Scriptures declare that we have died with Him** . . . this is a wonder beyond measure. _________ * 1 Corinthians 15:31; Matthew 10:39; John 10:10 ** Romans 6:1-14
  10. Ragamuffin_John


    Something’s afoot in soccer.! Lately, when I read results of games on ESPN and BBC websites, there seems to be mischief on the pitch, when it comes to mentioning countries and/or a country’s team. For instance, instead of the usual “Portugal is”, the grating “Portugal are” is presesented. I see it over and over, not just pertaining to “football”, but to other sporting venues in Europe and North America. Internationally, is there some writing trend at-large that requires the plural arrangement at all times when describing a country or team or grouping of people? I always suspected that the difference between the British use of “sport” versus the U..S. “sports” could cause a wider dissonance. Am I on wrong the wrong foot here?
  11. Ragamuffin_John

    Feelings to Trust

    Let the politicians say what they approve. Whether their sayings are good or bad, there is a stronger, clearer Voice—and strengthening from it. He Is, and God has never approved His message. He voices, proclaims, disseminates, delegates His will to create and re-create. to love, restore, and love again. He affirms (like at the Jordan) His Son and His feelings toward Him, His children, who obey the call, and in coming are chosen, who by the Spirit’s presence and words know the Father’s feeling toward them.
  12. Ragamuffin_John

    Bible Version

    For readability, I like the NASB and CEB. But, I have a KJV memory when it comes to meditating. KJV and NIV, as the starting points for building lyrics for songs.
  13. Ragamuffin_John

    One Song

    Hello, Donald. I'm glad to see you contributing here. I really like this wistful song. Makes one want to carry on the legacy in "songs, hymns and spiritual songs"
  14. Ragamuffin_John

    Hymn Of Trust

    To the surface the Word comes, we on the day of trust feed on. Currency of this kind buys peace that gold cannot overlay. Bright the path on which Word falls by the light Holy Spirit exudes in our hearts, where confidence unrelentingly rests, renews.
  15. Ragamuffin_John


    One God, Who makes us tremble at His love toward us in our troubles. He is Light, does not ask us to be blind but to trust obedience will always birth right. We dare not take on the spirit of this age, where one man's happiness is another one's rage. We will put on the garment of praise of the high things of God and His grace. This what makes us tremble, this is what keeps souls from drowning in trouble. Ill winds may gust in our faces, but the sails of the Spirit take us to God-places.

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