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  1. Thank you HK1 and jonjovi! And also pray that the Lord will shine through the co-eulogies that my niece and I will give.
  2. My Mom passed on to Glory this December 13th, after a protracted illness. I am thankful for the witness to Christ that she gave and that full salvation of body and soul is hers, through and with Jesus... Mom, you said so many times “Time waits for no man” But God conspired to break that chime Today, at 3:16 p.m. to be precise When your last breath whispered the plan That Ángels explained at God’s command While your ten children, with jealous-holy cries Begrudged Him not, your healing complete So evident in our relief That we said, “Thank You, Father’s will be done” To what is hard when Mercy’s soft
  3. So sad and tragic. Merciful Heavenly Father, we ask that you comfort the hurting and mourning. May their own understanding find rest in the Compassion of your Son, Jesus. Amen.
  4. I was 19 the day I received Christ as Savior and Lord, though it felt more like God having rammed through the final door of a castle besieged by Light. I had just attended a Bible study in which the youth leader gave the "Romans Road" Scriptures as a witnessing tool. After the meeting, the leader asked me if I had ever heard those Scriptures. I responded that I had, about 5 times over a 3-year span, from different believers. As he and I parted, the leader showed me the verse that said "God's spirit will not always strive with man". As I walked back to the military barracks, it was night time, with not much street lighting. It was pretty much jet back with very luminous stars overhead. The scenery pretty much presented how I was suddenly beginning to see myself, in relationship to God. So much darkness in the world, yet obvious luminescence if we bothered to look up and learn His way. The thought kept occurring to me that I could very well be on the precipice of permanent unbelief. I shuddered at the thought that perhaps I would never hear again, within my being, the call of love that Jesus extends. What would the purpose of all my pride, arrogance and resistance be then? I would be a mere echo chamber--and there would be no One with whom I could argue as a matter of dialogue. I was suddenly inwardly exhausted from the struggle and felt a resolute calm which lead me to the barracks room door of a sergeant who was known as one of those "holy joe" followers of Jesus. Long story short, he led me in a sinners prayer within a few minutes. God is indeed the Hound of Heaven
  5. I dropped the TV part from a CharterTV/phone/internet bundle. Saved a bundle. Bought Amazon Fire TV. Since I use Amazon Prime for buying, Prime movies are free. For the internet streaming, I subscribe to the higher-end Hulu. I still save a good deal, but the Hulu costs keep inching up, so I'm looking for alternatives. With all I have, it is frustrating that a lot of AMC and Turner Classic movies can only be gotten at a cost.
  6. My joy cannot be broken Or become a faded token Of my deliverance But will by earnest prayer on knees proverbial or ones You make sturdy feel the ground of trust in any circumstance Can you tell by my gait I was wounded by angels* When I surrendered to Adonai’s summons? It has not been in vain (that spiritual battle) It’s more real than flesh, the good scar of Love This Love is the healing, no exertion to wear It is the high honor that softens the stare Scars won’t accept tattoos of wondering will This set apart** surface reflecting Light’s thrill Soul, yesterday you hid from the understood scar Adonai, as with Adam, asked where you are You came back with the covering of I Am’s own Son+ And felt Spirit’s breeze, unconditional Love ___________ * Genesis 32:22-32 **Holiness explained: https://www.christianity.com/wiki/christian-terms/what-is-holiness-what-can-be-holy.html + Genesis 3:6-7; Genesis 3:21; Jesus, our covering, explained: https://odb.org/2016/12/17/our-covering/
  7. (After reading Mark 10 My soul, always remember this which God has revealed: Jesus the Son gives what the Father has prepared. The restoration of blind Bartemaeus is an example: Ben-David is here, calls you, He gives what Abba in Heaven prepares. All good, all light, all new.* So new, by it, no man swears.** Tell Teacher, “Yes, I would see!” Expect that the Spirit says, “Come!”+ We feel Messiah decree++ (To all who shed selves), “God is love!”^ __________ * 1 John 1:5 ** Matthew 5:34 + Revelation 22:17 ++ Romans 8:16 ; 1 John 4:7-21 ^ Matthew 11:27-28; 1 John 2:23; 1 John 5:12; John 5:22-29
  8. What a noiseless mess they make These leaves upon my yard Each year, flat stars sing around my rake Though I counter with strokes of a bard
  9. After reading Mark 5:25-34, about how Jesus healed the woman who had hemorrhaged for 12 years: On His way to touch another Jesus' power healed me Collateral restoration But I felt I was His target In His heart, primary So much so I got my healing Before Talitha would even know We were both damaged goods Whom the Anointed would make whole "Collateral restoration" Cause the eyes of this world think they know what God wants "Faith in this way", "Just so!" But the Almighty has an order Sovereign gracing and commands That His children should sense favor Within the desperate Reach for One Who heals en masse
  10. My wife and three sisters in-law are PK's. Having gleaned their reminiscences for years, some thoughts from me as an outsider (and pardon any undo stereotypes in advance) : PK's see through the phony parts about church culture, but culture (the useful stuff) is still necessary. We are humans, after all. So, the trick is to find constructive culture vs. becoming counter-culture (rebelling against expressions of the Faith, and ultimately Faith itself/Himself). PK's, being saturated with sermons from infancy up, are challenged to hear the Word in fresh ways. PK's understand that "faith without works is dead" more than most, viz a viz the dynamics of family life and how parishoners behave outside the confines of the sanctuary. PK's cringe at being put on a pedestal PK's understand that there is a far cry between truly trusting God and talking about it. PK's struggle at the pressures that try to infer that there is a dichotomy between expressions of the Faith and living in a secular world. So, I think PK's might be drawn to a Bible that takes the Bible personalities to touch on ways to deal with the above and other themes.
  11. Johne, I am at the moment not interested in publishing, but the "unexhausted parts" aspect of your writing really resonates for me. Thanks.
  12. Happy Incarnation of the Son of Man, Yeshua HaMashiach, born in Bethlehem!* Worshipped outside the Temple, where there was no veil, Prophecy fulfilled Is our Emanuel! Rejoicing and Salvation, Davidic temple life** Experienced by the Three Kings on that manger-night. Like lilies of the valley: straw, mortar, wood eclipsed All Solomonic beauty before this Perfect Gift.*** __________ * Yeshua HaMashiach, Hebrew for Messiah Jesus ** Psalms 118:15 (KJV): The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly. *** Matthew 6:28-29
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