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  1. I may be a little grumpy, but this is only a clanging coffee cup,
  2. Ragamuffin_John


    I was minding my own business When Heaven showed up. A friend said “urgent” was marked On a message from God, That I had soul And a spirit quite dead Until and if I would Live in where He led, Instead of the residence Of my edifice, Exchange for Resurrection The small wad of my fist. My own, only business Had made noise to block out Heaven’s agenda, Till I heard the Divine shout. Years have gone by, Spirit echoes His claim By Presence, instruction, Communion in joint praise. Heaven forbade I should ever forget By voicing God’s love Over all my objections. When Body comes to body, A newness of life Breaks over all business, The hours, displaced.
  3. Yeah, and with a dynamic font size, even AARP-sizes 😉
  4. Does the seminary require a Photo-sin-thesis? I just had to confirm what my daughter says: "Dad, your jokes are the corniest!"
  5. I keep coming back to this poem to ponder the words. Comforting and drives me toward the Word.
  6. (after reading Psalms 127:1-2) More imminent than coming rays of day is the blessed Son, who by His word pours hope at night, assurance He will come. For if by breathing life extends again then new life will run on to intersect the clouds on high or faith-walk toward an engaged horizon.
  7. Alternative names then: Suthren Christian Writers The Y’all Mall Drawal-n-Scrawl
  8. Are there specific genres of music in Heaven that the saints will experience that have nothing to do with earthly styles? Maybe, but when it comes to the beyond, we are bound by our imaginations to think of music in that realm as matching our current tastes, with hopefully a good dash of the best of the past. We cannot help doing this. God meets us and fellowships with us, as we are, where we are. Perhaps the "corporate" praise of Heaven will involve a sort of miracle of hearing, just as some Bible commentators have explained the Pentecost-speaking in tongues event in Book of Acts 2:5-11. Could it be that in Glory, there might be simultaneous "expressions" (music/cultural styles) conveying the same truths and yet God (and why not the saints) receiving it all as one, fluid presentation--with all meter, rhyme, melody, etc. somehow meshed into a single coherent communication? It seems reasonable to think so, given that there currently exists on the earth all sorts of styles, and yet, Jesus our advocate receiving these with no sense of dissonance. Why am I thinking about this? It is because I've seen churches in the U.S. (speaking of evangelical ones now) go through waves of thinking that the latest style of music "is the only relevant one". From "Maranatha" music, high-powered choirs and quartets, soloists, soft rock, ballads-- Amazing Grace to Awesome God, new modes and methods have spawned a constantly churning sensation that our prayers, praise, indeed spiritual legacy are somehow tied to what is in vogue. To critique that phenomenon requires a different blog post. For now, however, I ponder the reality of the Eternal One, Who (as I believe) surely receives the Church's praise today as if it were as fresh and relevant as in "times of yore" or even years before. And in His receiving these faith expressions, I imagine God the Father distilling it all into one, spiritually contiguous activity. So, why not the same in Heaven, at the time when time shall be no more?
  9. That there’s no problem. First syllable of girl’s name is a long “a”. The name of that machine Alexa starts with a yankee short “a”.
  10. (after reading Gospel of John 11:1-44) Jesus prayed, on the outskirts of Bethany, We heard Him thank the Father before anything, The kind of prayer only the Son could pray, Yet the words He spoke were like leaving holy seed, “You always hear me”, talking to the Father so free, Astounding confidence, His words Bypassed any free-fall on the way to Abba’s ears, “For the benefit” of others gathered around a cave, So that the power of God would open doors Of our misunderstood mortality, That we might believe the things the Lord calls forth, And before receiving--know there was a sovereign sending.
  11. Maureen and Donald, thank you for the feedback :)
  12. (I thought I'd write very short story in a quasi-poem style) Jesus of Nazareth? How could that be? His parents left us in Egypt, when I was a toddler, playing. Mine had moved to Egypt from the Cyrene, the carpenter's family, from the Galilee. My mother often told me about a strange glow from Mary, and said, “Mark my word, that kind of peace will have a history.” Years after Joseph and family departed from Egypt, my parents recalled the blessing of that infant, “We can’t tell the times, that after having held him, it seemed we were the ones who were comforted!” When at the Temple, I heard Jesus preach, and learned he was the son of Joseph and Mary, the stories of my mother and father flooded in my crying. Was this truly the one who had been a neighbor to me? The thought exploded when I heard “Nazarene”. When some from the Romans demanded I help with the Cross, we bonded once more, under such weight, impending loss. But I noticed his kindness, even under torment, was just like the time when he told of chicks and the mother hen. Jesus so grappled to lay hold of the Cross, with that same protective instinct, like a hen over us, that I felt a surge to help, although we were blatantly bossed. We struggled to Golgotha, he in pain, I in sorrow. I stayed there to witness him leave me again. And later, after Jesus appeared in the City of David, I laughed in holy-shock, “Why am I not surprised? He is my Friend!”
  13. I enjoy both the soundtrack and the acting in movies such as Chariots of Fire and Glory: When I first watched Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid, i burst out laughing at the modern-sounding jingles, as these seemed to clash with Western-style action But after a bit, I was hooked:
  14. Oh Church, rejoice in the Scriptures given to you . . . Me and my KJV, printed 1873, words flow poetic, and it would hectic if one were a heretic holding such beauty. Why ring these words as if to romance me? Although we know language is non-sacrosanct? Sounds so connected and lovingly crafted contrast day-to-night with our self-possessed pace. “Unto thee lift I up mine eyes”, oh the promise,+ the hint we could will to praise to You every day!++ __________ + Psalms 123:1 ++ Ephesians 2:8-9
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