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  1. Grammar-wise, for English speakers, probably saying "Revelations", instead of "Revelation" for the last book of the Bible. Theologically, I think of "Faith". Hebraic/Aramaic-wise, it is supposed to mean trust, which of course involves confidence based on a well-defined covenant. But, it is the confidence part (especially in the on-going sense), that gets lost in teaching, regardless where one's convictions lie in the Arminian-Calvinistic spectrum
  2. I wrote the below after reading this, about God’s goodness and our repentance as a response to Him: https://www.allaboutgod.com/the-goodness-of-god-leads-to-repentance-faq.htm Goodness, creation six days,* baptised in it, in spades. It from Him, His Face. God inherently Good, One’s inheritance made when we turn toward His wood,** walk in His way, to, through the Door, today.*** ____________ * Reference the several “and it was good” cited in Genesis chapter 1, after each day of creation **Matthew 16:24 *** The biblical Hebrew letter for the sound, “D”, was a symbol for “door”. Before that, the ancient Semitic symbol for that letter was a “path”. So, we have Messiah Jesus as both Way and Door. One leads to—is the Other.
  3. ...after reading Joshua 1:10-18, and considering Ephesians 6:12 My soul, let nearly one-fourth of you rest,* like Gad, Reuben and one-half of Manasseh, the greater part of you then don Paul's inventory of spiritual armor, and with prayer, good deeds and witness fight for your brothers and sisters west of your inner-Eden, fight as they, too, are established in their resting places. The battles will be intense, yet harvest shall abound even in conflict. And all the land of the prince of the air shall be taken when your Captain appears, judges and reigns in full victory. Then you may go east for your eternal rest. Doubtless, you shall prefer the feasting and procession of the New Jerusalem! ________ * (Gad, Reuben, and Manasseh being 3 of the 12 tribes of Israel)
  4. After reading Psalm 119:169-176 Come, find your servant, oh Lord! Among lost sheep this one went astray. To understand is gift from your word. Enliven me and I shall give praise. Be your hand ready to help, For I've chosen the ways You revealed. Deliverance starts where I have dwelt, On promises remembered and sealed.
  5. I won't mention the European country ("X") or provide names, as you'll see why. The embarrassment for me started the day after a speaking engagement that I had helped to arrange at X's version of West Point. Angela, my U.S. military office's community relations advisor and a local national, hit me with precision-guided salvos the next morning, as soon as she saw me walk nonchalantly past her office door. But Captain, the Prince thought that you were mad at him! Angela, what do you mean? I didn't even interact with the cadet--him! After all, I was just an escort for the American officer. So, when Captain Jones gave his speech to the eager-to-learn-English cadets, Jones and I were guided to a reception room for he and the Prince to meet, have some coffee and pastry and converse. Being an escort, it wasn't about me, so I just stood in a corner, glad that I was witnessing the rapport between a future King and--oh no! Oh, yes. The Academy commander just called to relay that the prince thought that you were aloof with him or something, and he couldn't figure out why you didn't want to talk with him. Well, how in the world am I going to live this down? You know that, every month, we send a junior military officer to talk about his or her experience. Now it will be "Captain Stuck-up" and his guest speaker--unless I get an audience with his future highness to deliver my own speech, a mea culpa. You will just have to be the escort yourself, from now on! I often look back on this international snafu with a chuckle, sometimes with regret. It has served as a reminder that minding one's station should be coupled with an open eye to serve and gain rapport. I do recall how the now-King looked at me with an inquiring glance from the corner of an eye. If I'd only had my antennas up. I can share this with my grandchildren before they reach the, "Oh come on!" stage. Innocence doesn't read social demands into things. Paul said, "We all err in many ways." We need to be ready to excuse others--perhaps even ourselves. I've done the latter to myself many a time. This ability keeps us from being harsh, while still leaving it open to politely expect better from ourselves and others. Room to rebound. I wonder what would happen if I wrote an open letter to the King. Would an anonymous letter make it past his correspondence gatekeepers? I'd like to just say, "Hey remember when ... ? I just hope you and the Queen are doing well." No, I'll leave it alone. Who knows. Maybe the King remembers that position can intimidate or unintentionally inhibit. One thing I do know. From what what I've seen on TV and other media, he is kind to those around him.
  6. It is within Your gracious love that Your words are kept,* not within the mere doing but action born from Awesomeness.** Beyond feeling and emotion divided by the Spirit's edge,^ is a new world of devotion our hearts grasp and move within.^^ ____________ * Psalms 119:88 ** Ephesians 2:8 ^ Hebrews 4:12 ^^ 2 Corinthians 5:17 (feel free to reply with a link to song that you think of after reading the above)
  7. Narrow is the way; Once inside it is wide.* If sparrows gain His gaze, more so all creatures in earth and sky** _________ * Psalm 119:32 and Matthew 7:13-14 ** Luke 12:4-7
  8. . . . about the shepherds who "watched their flocks by night", the day Messiah Jesus was born . . . Quick! Your gnarled hands grasp your staffs, Poke, fast, the road to Bethlehem, Stack them, leaned against the wall, Kneel, join Heaven’s madrigal. Sing the earthly shepherd’s way, Spirit touch flesh in what you say. Many have walked past your pastures, Yet, this One comes with Heaven’s cure. Hint of Nazareth on mother's tongue, Strange parentage for unique Son. First Judean hearts to praise, Scent of sheep and sweetest Grace.
  9. A real blessing to read this, Mark. Thank you for sharing. The last 12 lines of "Hymn for a Holy Child" soar in their praise.
  10. Grace is not something we earn by coaxing God to reward.* And If to position oneself could justify such, it would only be because we sit at the feet of Jesus.** At His feet, in our hearts, then, by doing the same to others whom the Savior loves. Grace is to be with Messiah, by trust while on this earth, and until Heaven, despising denial. Grace is what we receive, when our distance from God has been squeezed to an arms-length, and we receive what is brought, the beautiful promises, as if before getting there, we’ve been born from above.*** ____________ * Romans 4:7-8 ** Matthew 11:25-30 *** John 3:3
  11. And THAT is amazing!
  12. Ragamuffin_John


    Psalm 119:71 (KJV): It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes Lamentation's sun rises this morning Eclipsed by the moon of my own moaning Darkness for a moment fits the truth, Enables my soul's shaking, within vicissitudes Regret cuts like slices before eclipse But at the climax of my sorrow, Holy Spirit, The gleaming from your scimitar awakes 'Til your brightness graces over my mistakes
  13. A great question for going into 2019. The One who has given us the Rx of grace? The Physician who has come to treat sinners? May our lips and lives move beyond thanks to thanks-giving, the giving of heart, mind, soul and strength.
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