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  1. I've been resorting to biblegateway.com and using the Ctrl/+ or Ctrl/- functions to adjust the size. I need a 14 or 16 font to read comfortably and this method does it for me. I think there is some coy marketing going on by printers with regard to Bible font size, as "large", to me, now looks like 10 or 11 font and giant looks like 12-14. Street sense would seem to dictate that "giant" is 16 font or higher and giant at least 14, given that the standard office size (in the U.S.) is likely a 12.
  2. After reading, this morning, Hebrews 12:1 Clouds have come, letting the Light shine through Witnesses of an ancient forecast, Faith unfurled Permanent front holding Heaven’s Dew Fulfilling former rain, new Shekinah in lieu Let us run! The clouds will not leave! These are all the saints whose reward is complete We drop the weights of the worldly kind For a companion yoke of Christ, to the finish line
  3. God of all consolations, lead Becky's loved ones to fall into your everlasting arms of love, so that they will know, from wells of inner joy more than happiness, that You care for them and will provide.
  4. Thanks for sharing, Shamrock. The part about inputs from close friends is insightful, too.
  5. Why am I thinking that Ambassador Huntsman would make a great Mr. Rogers? Jon Huntsman
  6. Did the musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” take the resolution to family feuding to the other end of the spectrum?
  7. Have you ever written an eulogy and/or delivered it? For a family member? For me, yes to all the above about five years ago. I was asked to do this after a long ride home for the funeral. During a restless sleep that night, I got up several times to jot fragments of ideas and a few anecdotes. The next morning, I wrote a sloppy draft on about 5 pages of hotel stationery. I used the hotel's desktop PC to produce a double-spaced draft. As siblings gathered later that day, I asked two of them who are the emotional leaders to read the draft and give ideas for editing. I would have left it at that, but as other siblings found out about the eulogy, they asked me to read it. No one at these readings gave inputs, but the huddles allowed times for fruitful mourning (a lot of crying, laughing, praying and sharing stories). For myself, these times helped me to also prepare emotionally for the eulogy delivery. My mourning at these "dry runs" made some of my siblings wonder if I would get through the address. I did, only because the prepping allowed me to understand what hopeful, Christian mourning is. Now, I have another family member who is advanced in years. The Lord knows whether both of us, one of us, or neither of us will be living at His 2nd Coming. Because this family member might predecease me, I've sensed the need to create a document with eulogy ideas, because I would likely be asked to deliver, again. I was hesitant at first, thinking it perhaps arrogant or presumptuous. But, I have a document with a lot of ideas. I have peace about it. Have any of you been in a similar situation? Some thoughts about eulogy writing: * If you think you might be asked to write an eulogy down the line, look at some templates on the internet, at least for the Intro and Concluding remarks. * Think about whether the eulogy might simply be an amplification of the obituary, or on something all the way to the other end of the spectrum: wistful memories. My thinking is that the body of the delivery should be reverent, considerate and creative. * Consider writing anything from some bullet points to a fairly completed draft ahead of time. At the least, a mental sketch of the flow. * Have it in-mind to take a laptop with you and consider how it might be printed. I don't think we're at the point where society will permit the reading of an eulogy from the laptop! Probably not in my lifetime * As with any of your writing, watch out for unintentional puns and allusions. If not caught before the reading, you might get some gasps or cathartic laughs. Like above this: I at first wrote "skeleton" but then changed it to "bullet points"
  8. Abba Father, bless Sarah as only You can do, in the Name of your Son Jesus.
  9. Maybe this question has already been answered and I'm too "slothy", like an ant, to find it. If I post a Bible verse in a blog post, does CW have a way a way to automatically link to the verse? If not, I'll continue to hyperlink to a website that has the verse in-question. Hey, thanks for all the work you do to keep this site going!
  10. I rarely dream, I really don't envision dream as antidote. It's usually rest when I'm awake that cracks the door of Heaven's gate to get a glimpse of God inside these kingdom bones, where He abides. The cataclysm of the flesh when crucified, put to the test, and then the flash of Risen feet up to Your Face brings me relief. The trust You give, upon your Word, is oath enough for us to serve* and from deep within the wells of hope scale ladder steps Jacob's eye felt** __________ * Matthew 5:33-37 ** Genesis 28:10-22
  11. I've noticed that a lot of what I write thrives on juxtaposed ideas, irony, paradox, etc. Guess that's why I like listening to music by Mark Heard: from musing about a too-quick family reunion that I just came back from... So much heated rhetoric flying about now, to the detriment of our children, and to the dismay of anyone who longs to "be as a child", Jesus-style...
  12. A tour de force explanation.
  13. On the other hand, I think the hard knocks of learning English do make non-native speakers better spellers. For most mispronounced and misspelled word, I nominate “memento”. There was a CCM song years back in which the lyrics made much of how empty one’s accolades and “momentos” can be. Poetically, that certainly was more dramatic!
  14. She smelt the smelt. Ensure that you insure yourself. .He saw the crack in the wall. Do you know whether the weather will shift during my shift? The heroine found the heroin.
  15. Not thinking of an entire verse, but: How about a T-shirt that says in the front: When you finished reading this ... And the back side: ...was I here? Behold, I come quickly Rev. 22:12
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