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  1. I understand your points, Sharvida, but in some cultures, humor is wedded to seriousness. I have shared on CW how I just recently barely made it out of Spain. My wife and I were visiting family. There is an underlying sober attitude by all concerned, but light, polite humor has been a medicine. Yes, even some laughter. It is not a nervous giggle, but a way of encouraging one another to not fall into despondency.
  2. Just prayed, BK, for the Lord to open the doors for you to return soon. Sam, PenName, for your family members.
  3. While recently in Spain, I was driving the "autopista" from Zaragoza to Pamplona. I passed a stretch of military convoy vehicles that must have taken 10 minutes to do so. The convoy going about 45 mph, and I, 70. I was the only civilian vehicle during that stretch, and I wished I had a Christian fish symbol on the rear bumper of my rented Peugeot. I mused about what an end-time, one-world government would look like, but this was interrupted by a huge surge of confidence that hit me. I couldn't but help think that God is so much bigger than humanity's attempts to glue the world together in its own image. Yes, the I Am will get us through.
  4. It is so human to not understand the turbulence that others feel, especially when things are going relatively well for us. I must admit, God is fine-tuning my empathy meter at this time. My antennae are also up about how the God of Love is is also Creator and Mover & Shaker. This definitely makes the Old Covenant soak in more readily.
  5. There's a web article that explains Italy's vastly higher number of deaths due to the virus. Hard as it may seem, people can die while having the virus but not because of it. Italy doesn't distinguish. There, to have it at the time of death is counted as dying from it.
  6. Thank you, Quietspirit. Offering up prayers for those you mention.
  7. Right. I’ve received a half dozen emails from varying industries about their promise to deliver the goods during the virus outbreak. None from my firewall software company. Unlike the Corona beer company, I suppose the computer outfit thinks a play on the word “virus” would too be flippant for a company to invoke. I have called a couple of the companies that emailed me. For once, their decades old recorded mantra of “Due to our unusually high call volume” makes sense.
  8. Humor... In Spain, we were about to taxi for take-off (language and company not given) when the pilot suddenly announced, “We are delayed for maintenance that should have been performed.” During some apparent testing, all power to the cabin shut off twice. Empty silence among the passengers until one said, “Let’s go outside and push.” Lots of laughter. The pilot then advised, rather bluntly, “We are switching to a different plane; this one is broken.” When we got aboard the sister aircraft, the same pilot (!) announced we should still arrive at out our destination at the same time. Same “Captain Broken.” I change my mind. The Protestant Reformation must have reached Spain. We were one bunch of forgiving passengers.🙂
  9. Thanks to God, my wife and I found a way to leave Spain and get back to our Stateside residence. We arrived home yesterday. My wife and I have no COVID-19 symptoms. I can’t stand that acronym. It sounds like the Evil Empire’s version of R2D2. Well, today is Day 1 of our required 14-day self-quarantine. Immediate challenges: * Grow in fellowship with Abba Father through prayer and His Word. * Make the required contact with the State health officials (we have to log daily temperature readings and call them in) * Yeah! As soon as we got home, my wife went on-line to order home delivery of groceries. Receive them today. * My mailbox is across the street and mail resumes tomorrow. Contact Post Office to see if they can drop our mail in front of door inside my garage. * Figure out why the initial Amazon Fire TV screen I always get when I turn on the TV remote is not showing. * Learn to use my wife’s treadmill. * Let humor be a contagious remedy (our monkish lifestyle ends on April Fool’s Day 😉)
  10. The true test of exceptional actors is when they don’t get pigeon-holed by a previous role. It takes a true hombre like Duval to make us forget he was a consigliere.
  11. Whoa, that squinted eye look that the Preacher gave the evil boss!
  12. Not even a fan of the Three Amigos singing in the desert?
  13. Okay, okay! There might have been one, just one Centered Cowboy. And I nominate "Gil Favor". His, Rowdy Yates' and Wishbone's are some of the earliest character names I remember. As a boy, I came running to the rabbit ears when the Rawhide theme song came on. Rowdy seemed shifty to me. Wishbone, everyone's grandpa. But that headman, Favor. In my boyish mind I'd think, now there's a boss I'd follow. Rock sold. I recall being sad when Mom told me they quit filming because the trail boss (Eric Fleming) died during filming. Your nomination? Must be justified by undeniable grit and saavy. You sabee?
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