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  1. Barnyardmare, your effort is an inspired one! I have sometimes toyed with doing the same but never started. I hope you keep at it.
  2. Today, a TV news trailer read as, “US Rhodes Scholar chosen virtually for the first time”. It’s getting out there when the meaning of an adverb is gotten by context., even if there isn’t a whole lot of head scratching. So, yeah, upon further review, “virtually” here (really) means “via a web conference”and not “truly, without precedent”.
  3. I’ll have to admit I borrowed from a personal anecdote. In the early ‘80s, I was in-line to make a purchase at a natural food store in Austin, Texas. Quite ahead of its time. You know—like when everyone wanted carob bits as a substitute for chocolate? Well, the store was packed to the hilt with clients—many of them hippy-types. It took a bit to traverse a line to get to the cashier, so one flower child took advantage of the lulls by standing on his head. And boy was I rude! I thought there was something odd about the fella. I suppose everyone ignored my stare. I mean, they seemed
  4. Gulp. Well, I’ve benefited from stretching positions, not to mention the wildly popular “planking”. Those non-meditative aspects of yoga guess I’ll view ‘em like the Christmas tree or meat offered to idols. That’s my, pardon, “position” Oh, as for my riddle, “thoughtful” would have to mean thinking about stock market performance
  5. Riddle answer: two six-foot tall yoga practitioners, six inches apart—one standing upright, the other on his head. Er—yes Lynn. With
  6. By and large, I've gone through an extensive period of time of limited writing. And for some odd reason, it has not been an uncomfortable interlude. There's much in the Scriptures that has been jumping off the page, convicting the heart, and refocusing/reshaping the mind. This, of course, affects all of one's life. I find the reset refreshing, and a sense of new purposes is emerging . . . There has been a poetry reaching toward the page Felt between the tree bark of Blue Ridge forestry, Windstruck words defying print—who copyright’s the heart? Yet, shall I
  7. Answers that make me feel guilty do not qualify . But yes, discretely mask up.
  8. Wow. I think I’ll go with the 33*F version, when competition heats up.
  9. Who are six inches apart, practice social distancing and are thoughtful? I'll give this to November 23rd to answer. I mused about this as I traveled back from Michigan to South Carolina this week. People are cautious in both places, as regards COVID. But wow, I could sense panic in some people in the Michigan city I was at. Getting to my SC town was a release of tension. You have to find humor in things, or you can get too wound-up.
  10. Old? This chemical element affects me: Zz
  11. CrabApple! I thought Linus’ blanket was one safe space that society could agree upon.
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