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  1. Pixabay and Upsplash seem to do just photos. Where can we get clipart?
  2. I do read the genre. I grew up on books like Ben Hur and The Robe (which I read nine times!). What matters to me is that the book follow (with some creativity) the events in the Bible. I did not like The Red Tent, because I felt the author took too many liberties with the text. (I don't remember them now, as it has been several years.)
  3. Sorry to distract again, but not likely to find a few car chases in biblical stories, even with male MCs.
  4. Thanks for the info, EBraten. It's very helpful.
  5. Part of your problem is going to be the limited number of female main characters in the Bible!
  6. Something I'm not very good at doing. I must think about this some more.
  7. That's a good idea. That will make a really neat story! Especially if you connect to events that happen before the time travel, so the reader knows the difference.
  8. Great advice from all of you! Thank you verrrry much!
  9. You've been working pretty hard. Hopefully that will pay off, better sooner than later.
  10. Oh, great! Another thing I have no control over that I get to worry about!
  11. Was anything said that could be helpful? Sometimes even the worst critiques have something useful, a silver lining, perhaps?
  12. Yes, that would be very helpful. I'm glad you enjoyed the beer.
  13. Yeah, I like #4. Not changing what happens in the past, but affecting what happens in the present/future.
  14. Excellent question. I'll be watching to see.
  15. There aren't. It's non-Amish who read them. And I'm not sure the Amish would appreciate all the books that come out about them. They're not all romance. Some are murder mysteries, in which the Amish are the killers.
  16. Praying for you and your medical team.
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