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  1. Thank you, SW. I needed that encouragement.
  2. And am I having trouble with the habit right now! I'm stuck in researching.
  3. Good explanation. With all these emails, how do you find time to work, to write, to read, and to share???
  4. Is there an author who does not struggle with the first draft?
  5. If you do this within a chapter, make some kind of indication, those # # # or something to warn the reader.
  6. If you're only doing a couple of paragraphs, do they have to be right there? Could they be the beginning or ending of a chapter in that character's POV? Or could there be some conversation with someone that divulges that information?
  7. And cookies when you need them.
  8. Double spaces are easy to remove. Just do a Find for two spaces and a Replace with one. You can do the same with tabs, but you have to go into the codes at the bottom of the Find box.
  9. Quite a few of them no longer open to queries. Enough left to get a start.
  10. When the bad try to turn good, that should be acknowledged. If they fail, they they lose their caps.
  11. Thanks. I really am trying to get into Scrivener.
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