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  1. Maybe not to older people who expect face to face, but young people???
  2. So, Jared, have we convinced you to write your own book?
  3. It's the learning curve that gets in my way. Years ago I was using a freeware word processor. Someone convinced me to take a class in Word Perfect. I stayed with WP until my new job required MS Word. Since the two didn't coordinate well, I ended up with MS Word on my home computer (for free). I always wanted to go back to WP, but I imagine it is so different now that I'd have to learn it all over again. If' I'm going to go through all that, it may as well be Scrivener instead.
  4. So the index will contain every word in those 14 pages???
  5. A good night's sleep will often change our outlook on the world (and our writing).
  6. Someone who knows about social media? Anyone out there?
  7. I hesitate to make a suggestion to you, because you are an excellent writer, and my idea will be time consuming and maybe time wasteful. Have you written it in the surrounding countries yet? Have you outlined it? Maybe do an outline of each and see which feels better. (An outline would be less time consuming than writing it out.)
  8. Thanks, Johne. I am getting started with Scrivener. So far ... well, I have a lot to learn.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I am just getting ready to start the process.
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