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  1. carolinamtne

    The Villain Never Changes

    Interesting way of presenting Thanks for sharing this.
  2. carolinamtne

    other Looking For A Literary Agent

    That's why we're here!
  3. carolinamtne

    Info On The King James Bible Copyright

    In this country, we put that separation into our Constitution. In England, the Crown is the head of the church. Very little separation there, at least in name.
  4. carolinamtne

    The Villain Never Changes

    "Politically correct" seems to be a four-letter word these days. I don't think rejecting reality is the motive for trying to understand why people make bad choices. Jesus didn't automatically reject anyone, regardless of their choices. Yes, ultimately we are responsible for our decisions, but some have life circumstances that make those choices more difficult than others. On the other hand, some who have the opportunities to make good choices don't. I just don't think we should paint everyone with the same brush.
  5. I notice a change of picture. Is this your secret persona?
  6. carolinamtne

    To Serial Comma Or Not

    Another one, not serial, but general comma usage, is "Eats, shoots, and leaves."
  7. carolinamtne

    Why Is Writing So Difficult?

    So a blog is like a square to a rectangle. A square is always a rectangle, but a rectangle is not always a square. ???
  8. carolinamtne

    Beware Of These Publishing Sites

    First of all, you blame any writers who do not do the online research for being sucked in by these companies. You presume that writers who have done "even an ounce of online research" will all find the bad stuff. It boils down to a newbie writer who wants desperately to be published is not a victim, but an idiot who deserves to be fleeced. Sorry. I don't agree. The fleecers are still crooks, whether or not their victims are uninformed or trusting of strangers.
  9. carolinamtne

    To Serial Comma Or Not

    Thank you for sharing!!!
  10. carolinamtne

    Why Is Writing So Difficult?

    OK, I have a question. For all practical purposes, what's the difference (to the reader) between a website and a blog? I know that some blog URLs have ".blog" in there somewhere, but some people have street addresses and others have PO Boxes. Is there a difference in the way the information comes across?
  11. carolinamtne

    Deep Point Of View

    Maybe this is a situation where you just have to tell, not show. Maybe I should just ... he paused, then shouted in his mind ... go home! Personally, I would just bold what he shouts and leave it in italicized thought.
  12. carolinamtne

    The Villain Never Changes

    Redemption? Isn't that what we're supposed to be about?
  13. carolinamtne

    The Double Space Is Dead? Why?! D:

    Just don't ask me to give up my laptop. What I really don't miss about typewritten pages is getting to the very bottom of a document that should have no mistakes and ... of course, after nearly a full page of perfect typing ... No, I don't miss that at all!
  14. carolinamtne

    Learn How To Pace Your Story

    As we often say, Thanks for sharing, Johne.
  15. carolinamtne

    Don't Quit Your Day Job

    Being there, doing that too.

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