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  1. Several people here have suggested that you put it aside for a couple weeks or more. Do something else, and then come back to it. Fill up your brain with other stuff, so it forgets what you have just sweat blood and tears over. (Maybe that's not the explanation, but it works for me.)
  2. Sounds like I need to start my beginning again. Thanks for the discussion.
  3. Right now "making it big" would be getting my penguins published. I think the goal is a moving target, always about ten steps ahead of you.
  4. I'm still at the kitchen table!!!! Fortunately, a laptop moves easily.
  5. Great to have you here. Welcome aboard.
  6. And we are all so very grateful for that! You are a very special person.
  7. Or sitting on a bed in a motel room waiting for a writing conference to begin?
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