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  1. Helpful information. Thanks, Jeff, Shamrock, Spaulding, Wes, and Lynn.
  2. That seems a strange name for a town. Wonder why they picked it.
  3. Praying for peace and comfort in a time of grief.
  4. That's good to know. You may well spend as much time creating questions as writing your book!
  5. Whichever, we're delighted to have teens in our midst.
  6. Jonah, hands down. I can pass on the whale, but the idea that God sent the man to preach to the nation's enemies and they repented is a message that resonates with me.
  7. Well, I don't think anyone is going to make a film from my penguins, but this would be good to know if I actually published something other than in an anthology or a magazine.
  8. Like Ky_G, I do use it periodically, more often when I'm going through a second or third or ... draft, to avoid using the same word all the time.
  9. Yes, get your story into a computer. That's already been explained. As you are typing it in, you will make some corrections as you go. You will also find some sections you consider to be strong and others not so. Pick one of each and post it in Feedback and Critique. (Don't tell us which is which.) See what the reaction is here. You may want to give a little background if it feels appropriate. People are will give you good feedback. Not every story is a thriller with multiple cliffhangers. Not every reader needs a story like that.
  10. I have attended state conferences from two different states. Both were very helpful and informative. This last year, what with COVID and all, they offered virtual sessions. I see that several conferences are now being held with the virtual option. That is a money-saving feature you might consider.
  11. I like this thought: Accepting your limitations is not the same thing as giving up—it’s giving yourself a break. It’s allowing yourself to be where and who you are. Appreciating what you’ve got. It’s about enjoying life no matter what, and embracing opportunities that present themselves, even if they look different from your original expectations. It may also mean checking your ego at the door before entering a room.
  12. Yes, we are delighted to have you (and the other young writers) aboard. Y'all (no, I'm not a Southerner) definitely add to the group. I've been here longer than a year, but let me also share my appreciation for this group.
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