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  1. This is very helpful. I must seriously consider my last few scenes. Thank you, Johne.
  2. That's good to know. I always felt they were safe from our group, but I didn't realize nobody else could get to them.
  3. Thanks for your interest. There are 11 chapters, and the word count is about 13,000. For the timescale, I am also working on my blog, so I would not just be sitting around waiting, but I really would like to have the opinion of others before I proceed.
  4. The whole problem is that people believe these "news" items put out by those who are either trying to destroy their political opponent or those who just want to destroy our democracy. The "Free Speech" argument protects anything, regardless of its truthfulness. If you say it often enough, or if it goes viral enough, people will believe that the sun sets in the east and rises in the west.
  5. On the other hand, the cat probably bathes more often than the vicar does. Maybe the cat should have been more careful?
  6. So what is the vicar supposed to do when he sees what is happening? https://www.classicfm.com/music-news/videos/canterbury-cathedral-cat-drinks-vicar-milk-during-sermon/
  7. Then go with Selwyn. Most people don't read books aloud.
  8. What bothers me the most about it is the effort to enflame Christians and blame others, specifically those of a political party. I don't think the purpose is to share information as much as to spread anger and hate and blame. Like that other email, I wonder who is spreading this information (misinformation?) and why.
  9. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm just wondering how you see them differently. Obviously, the spelling, but what different thoughts do you have for each one? If the name occurs often in the book, the "v" name will take up less space, but I don't think you're concern is about that.
  10. I certainly understand that feeling. Has the group seemed receptive in the past? Was this just a one-time occurrence, or have you felt this way before?
  11. A lot like people earning their GEDs. They changed the requirements in 2014. The previous GED consisted of five tests (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies). When the test was being redesigned, we went through the records and sent out notices to everyone who had not finished them all. A large percentage of them had only one test left to go. A few came in to finish, but not as many as we had hoped. Still, everyone who finished had a high school diploma and better options ahead of them.
  12. Could you give us some background for choosing either one?
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