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  1. Greetings Everyone! Its been awhile.... again. It seems it is more difficult to get back into posting and what not than I thought it would. I hope everyone is hanging in there during all this craziness. Loads of things going on. I am now a grandma to a sweet baby girl named Mavis. She is so adorable. My son and his wife moved out just a few short months before Little Mavis was born. They are only 10 min. away, but we all miss them terribly. That said, I don't miss my son's tendency to see how far he can push my buttons before I explode. My oldest was sad that she wasn't able to move into the dorms of her university. We had to laugh a bit. Since we homeschooled all our kids, when she learned she would be learning online only she said, "Well, looks like business as usual." lol We did set up her room as close to what she would find in a dorm as possible and we try to be the annoying dorm mates as much as possible to try and give her some of that "college feel". My youngest is getting her room ready to foster kittens and is continually trying to convince us to let her get some other animals. She would have a whole zoo in her room if we let her! I've decided to push my writing to the side for a bit and work on a few skills; herbalism, graphic design, and reading more literature from various eras. Having great fun with that. My husband will be going back to school to get his BS in Software Engineering. With all of us going back to school it is a challenge to meet everyone's educational needs and keep the house clean. I know you are wondering about my prayer request. Sadly, over the weekend we found out that my husband's aunt has potentially inoperable cancer. She is currently in the hospital. With the Covid crisis she is only allowed one visitor who can see her for one hour each day. This is hard on the whole family. We are asking everyone to be praying for God's peace, guidance, and comfort during this time. Take care everyone! Thanks ahead of time for any prayers you offer on our behalf.
  2. Happy Birthday, Mouse5!! I pray your day and year is filled with God's blessings!

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