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  1. Lynn I received something that said it was from your phone this morning, that didn't seem right. I copy and pasted it to below to verify with you. Unfortunately I clicked on it and then I knew it wasn't from you, Hello sonyacontreras http://ecosib.com/family.php?anyone=u9qv5gpxbsq70 mosher_lynn@yahoo.com Lynn Mosher Sent from my iPhone When I replied by email, it couldn't be delivered.

    1. lynnmosher


      Sonya, I'm just seeing this. Please don't ever click on one of those links. They're spam or worse. I never send out links like that. My emails will always have my signature with my site link and my latest blog post link. So sorry you received that.

  2. Lynn How do you remove chapters from the critique archive---if they've been changed so much and are no longer what they were? Thanks!

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