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  1. Welcome to CW. Nothing like a jolt to envigourite (?) the creative juices... it was good enough for Frankenstein's creation after all .
  2. My boys have decided to go against trend and delay Father's Day for a week - when the boys and their boys will all be here for Sunday dinner.
  3. Many thanks for your greetings. Nice to find some old friends still here. God bless Keith
  4. Covid was the landlord last orders passed me by the bell sounded and it was chucking out time. Leaving the room the taxi didn't come. Covid was the landlord that didn't care. But you came in golden light you came. You nursed me in the gutter until the squad arrived. And, whisked away, we parted without goodbyes. You kissed my head with little response and your love drained you in our separation. You became as powerless as I while others took the helm. Long days of hope and fear f
  5. HI LauraJo - so sorry that you have had to endure that loss. We can well understand how you felt not being able to see your mum. My wife was in a similar place - not being able to see me - and not knowing for three days whether she would EVER see me again. Fortunately we had a better outcome thanks to the hospital staff and an army of praying folk. I do hope you found some comfort in the poem. God bless, Keith.
  6. Life fell away as the inviting floor greeted me unbid. The beginning - darkest of bright days, the brightest of dark days. The confusion of thoughts in some maelstrom of peace. Goodbye wasn't possible though filling the flashing urgency of our parting. Unspoken words, un-understood and in a strange handwriting, on a trolley, waiting, waiting, waiting. This is helplessness, this is dependency deep beyond trust, this is none of me this is the beyond. This is resting in other arms an infant
  7. Hi all. I've been away from CW for absolutely ages. Partly due to going through a period of writing inactivity and partly due to life in general being far too hectic. I was an admin on this site when I was more active with my own writing. Life isn't overly hectic right now: in February I was sped off to Hospital with Covid 19 and am, even now, still in recovery courtesy of 'Long Covid'. Recovery at all was due to the hospital's magnificent attention and the prayers of friends and family. When the paramedics arrived I was unconcious. Due to the restrictions in place my wife had to leav
  8. Words & photographs (Ekphasic poetry) from an English poet.
  9. Beginning to formulate stuff for an Advent Sunday service. So this is a rough draft of a new piece: Standing on the threshold of the season Standing on the threshold of the season, waiting for the darkness to clear, waiting for the travellers on their journey, waiting for the new star to appear. Standing midst the songs of celebration, waiting for the dawn of that day when the tide of time begins returning to keep the dark of night at bay. Standing at an inn or border crossing waiting, always waiting, for relief shunned or hounded by oppres
  10. I enjoyed watching some of the Shillington gigs. UKuleles sound great! Thank you for the 2016 Poetry Challenge.

  11. There's some video of my ukulele band here: http://thesummerukuleles.blogspot.co.uk/

  12. That is a tiny instrument...I was going to say "banjo" but it's probably not, and I'd show my ignorance of all things musical. What kinds of music do you do?

    1. Keith Wallis

      Keith Wallis

      It's a banjolele - a ukulele with a banjo body. I play in a ukulele band (see http://thesummerukuleles.blogspot.co.uk/ )who raise money for charity. Elsewhere my prime instrument is guitar though I do also play banjo, banjoguitar, ukulele, barritone ukulele, mandolin, 12-string guitar. The usual instrument, it belonged to one of the other guys, mine is a vintage (1930's) banjolele !

  13. Just noticed I've been TEN years associated to ChristianWriters, (to various degrees). Made the aquaintance of some pretty unique people.

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