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  1. Beginning to formulate stuff for an Advent Sunday service. So this is a rough draft of a new piece: Standing on the threshold of the season Standing on the threshold of the season, waiting for the darkness to clear, waiting for the travellers on their journey, waiting for the new star to appear. Standing midst the songs of celebration, waiting for the dawn of that day when the tide of time begins returning to keep the dark of night at bay. Standing at an inn or border crossing waiting, always waiting, for relief shunned or hounded by oppres
  2. I enjoyed watching some of the Shillington gigs. UKuleles sound great! Thank you for the 2016 Poetry Challenge.

  3. There's some video of my ukulele band here: http://thesummerukuleles.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. That is a tiny instrument...I was going to say "banjo" but it's probably not, and I'd show my ignorance of all things musical. What kinds of music do you do?

    1. Keith Wallis

      Keith Wallis

      It's a banjolele - a ukulele with a banjo body. I play in a ukulele band (see http://thesummerukuleles.blogspot.co.uk/ )who raise money for charity. Elsewhere my prime instrument is guitar though I do also play banjo, banjoguitar, ukulele, barritone ukulele, mandolin, 12-string guitar. The usual instrument, it belonged to one of the other guys, mine is a vintage (1930's) banjolele !

  5. Just noticed I've been TEN years associated to ChristianWriters, (to various degrees). Made the aquaintance of some pretty unique people.

  6. Ciao Keith! Just read that you are from Bedfordshire - my wife and I used to pastor a church in Luton for over six-and-half years. This is a link to my video testimony - you might recognise a certain football club in particular!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwmgYSO_d_Y

  7. Hey, where's my favorite English poet?

    1. Keith Wallis

      Keith Wallis

      been AWOL but back soon

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