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  1. Lighthousebob

    Please, Doze Away (rondelets)

    Thank you, Christine Mitchell. I meant "doze." The image is of my wife with our daughter right after she was born and, of course, you are very, very welcome. I enjoy sharing.
  2. Lighthousebob

    Drop The Mic

    Thank you, Christine Mitchell. It was a pretty down to earth poem that came directly from the beautiful, beautiful service that day. Again, thank you so much!
  3. Lighthousebob

    Drop The Mic

    Thank you, Woman-of-Hope. I appreciate your "Beautiful' response. Thank you.
  4. Lighthousebob

    Drop The Mic

    Malita D, You are very welcome and thank you for your kind reply. You're right, His praise takes our breath away and, in this attempt of mine to personify the young woman in the picture, while she was singing on stage, His praise literally did that very thing. God bless and thank you again.
  5. Lighthousebob

    His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Acrostic)

    Thank you, Murwyn. I am so happy that you liked the poem I wrote. Though, I did a lot of thinking and not necessarily about such things, I'm thinking that the reason this poem is a bit like sing-song / thinking is, perhaps, because of the spiritual, hymnal type music that I grew up with as a youth. I'm thinking, perhaps,the music back than was a bit more metric or followed a rhythm, anyways, followed a pattern a bit more than what the music follows today. I'm thinking, Perhaps? Anyways, as always, thank you for your kind reply.
  6. Lighthousebob

    His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Acrostic)

    Thank you, I am happy to know that I am one of your Favorites, YaY, and, Yes, I also took a long leave of absence myself, but, anyways, I think you are right, I don't think this poem is an actual Acrostic, but more of a, um, Big Smiles, perhaps, Word-crostic? Again, really, really nice to hear from you, Woman-of-Hope.
  7. Lighthousebob

    His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Acrostic)

    Thank you so very much Malita D, Big Smiles, but, when it comes to real life, I really don't seem to have a knack for it. Can't even clap my hands to the music.
  8. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Acrostic) I never knew such gladness, Sing praises to His name, Because He lives within me, I’m joyful all the same, Happy, alive, and breathing, I cherish every day, Sing, "Glory Hallelujahs!” Because He came my way, I’m not the one to suffer, Free, I will always be, For His loving arms surround me, His arms are lifting me. Eye above each kingdom Is where I’m brought to see, On each day I’ve knelt and prayed, The Lord, my soul has freed. Sparrow of God, please, take me And fly, again, above, I want to soar and sail once more, Know Jesus and His Love. He, my precious Lord and Savior, Watches all that comes my way, Over every situation, Me, in whom He’s raised. Lighthouse Bob
  9. Lighthousebob

    On Earth As It Is In Heaven

    Written after last night's prayer service.
  10. Lighthousebob

    Follow Me (mark 2:1-7)

    Almost can hear their murmurings and their shamefulness here in your poem and I definitely can feel His compassion for the lost. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Written as a tribute to the many men, women and children who participated in the March of Dimes walk. Thank you. Love Saves Lives (2018 March of Dimes Theme) Forty-five years marching until the work is done, they celebrate the living and love on everyone; newborns and mothers, fathers and sons have all joined together, they’ve all joined as one; Love is Life and Life is Love and loving life is from above and everything that comes thereof; Community, Family, Friends, upon this truth depends, “Love one another.” Lighthouse Bob
  12. Lighthousebob

    Drop The Mic

    A poem I wrote after church on Sunday.
  13. Lighthousebob

    Government Closure Apathy

    Government Closure Apathy I watch the cold, cold morning break across my window sill Where frost and fog, now rain awakes the scent of winter’s chill. My comforter and quarter’s quaint preserve me dry and snug, Why shouldn’t I be satisfied so wrapped up like a bug? Should government’s now closing down engulf me in despair? For how should I but hope to save just one strand of their hair? It’s not I lack compassion for all children who abide, But, rather, more, it’s whispered prayer that keeps me warm inside. Lighthouse Bob

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