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  1. It's utterly delusional! And that's all I have to say.
  2. Sorry, but I find this video extremely troubling. Martial Law? Shadow government? Special Forces secretly stealing congressional laptops during the Capitol Building riot? FCC warnings to media outlets? Troops in place to arrest people? Buy food and ammo for 30 days? It's completely unverifiable conspiracy nonsense. I couldn't write a story this far fetched! We really need to be better than this. I also find it very disappointing that this site is actually entertaining this type of over-the top fearmongering. Maybe it's time for me to move on.
  3. In my personal conduct, I always avoid using bad language. Most other Christians I know embrace the same goal. The rest of the world, however, usually doesn't share this sentiment. This makes me laugh, too, but for a different reason. In reality, and in my experiences, most of the world couldn't care less about using the "green" rule when they talk. Again, this is something that makes me chuckle. Maybe in our Christian echo chambers, and in some secular circles this rings true, but the world is unfortunately nose-blind to this. Back in m
  4. I'd still rather purchase licenses from a reputable stock photo site. Any question of use is settled, and all risk is on the stock photo company. I only purchase licenses for my book covers because I feel that it's critical to have a clearly defined license.
  5. Here in the US it depends on what state you live in. Some states are more strict than others. However, I fear this might end when our new president takes office. Speculation is that he'll enact a federal mandated lockdown for all states. I hope this isn't true, because I think it should be up to each state to decide what's best for their situation. Also, vaccinations are ramping up. I hope that by the end of March, enough people will be vaccinated to start pulling back on current restrictions.
  6. Only to the extent where it affects, or is part of the story. There are authors who love to flesh out detailed histories of their main characters. If it helps them to write their story, fine. But I personally consider it overkill, and often a distraction to the story I'm trying to tell.
  7. Happy New Year! Happy to be finally done with 2020...
  8. My post-apocalyptic novel centers around a flu pandemic. Not surprised that sales didn't take off this year.
  9. Hum, been through this too many times, so I'm about to apply what I've learned: My 2021 goal is to write one entirely new sentence in my WIP. Not a rewrite, or an edit - entirely new material. I'm sure to crush that goal...
  10. I clearly remember a lot of ridiculous dire predictions coming from noted Christian leaders at the time. Most of it had to do with power shutting off, phones failing, and banks closing for weeks while losing everyone's money at the stroke of midnight. Let's just say there was plenty of egg on faces to go around at 12:01am on 1/1/2000. A whole lot of nothing actually happened. I also worked at a large computer company at the time, and knew better.
  11. I wouldn't use anything unless you're sure it's in public domain. A vast majority of images you find are copyrighted. I'd suggest you open an account with a stock photo site (like Shutterstock). It will cost you to use those images, but that way everything is legal, and the photo content providers are fairly compensated for their work. There are also a number of royalty-free photo sites. You can try them, but I've never had much luck finding just the right image for what I needed. Maybe someone here has some good suggestions?
  12. Not a concert, but a song from my high school days. Overplayed for decades in malls and stores across the country, but heaven help me, because I love this song in all it's cheesy glory!
  13. When it comes to writing, these are great rules to keep in mind.
  14. I usually enjoy good Christmas symphony music, and recently ran across this concert from the London Symphony Orchestra. I think they perform some great arrangements on old favorites. A standout is their version of "The Little Drummer Boy" (starting at 5:05). I really love their orchestration; subtle while slowly building with a noble undertone. For some reason this really moved me. Anyway, great music to have playing in the background:
  15. I do this, too. And for long work. I think this is necessary because I could tweak something that has ramifications for something I have yet to write. After a few chapters, I go back and have the Adobe read-out-loud function read it all back to me. There's something about hearing it that helps me find errors, overused words, and awkward sentences. Then, after I'm all done, I hand it off to a real editor.
  16. Sure, I can send you whatever eBook format you use. Just PM me.
  17. If anyone is interested, my novel "The Juncture" is currently free on Smashwords through 12/31. Gary Olstrom got a miracle he didn't want. His reward for a heroic deed transports him back to an obscure day in his high school past. Trapped in a typical, long-forgotten day in 1981, he soon learns it's actually a key juncture in time. Now he has only hours to rise above his awkward high school existence to stop something that will irreparably damage the future of everyone he knows and loves. Link: The Juncture on Smashwords
  18. Perfection is the enemy of good. (Voltaire) Not a bad aphorism, but on the other hand, pursuit of perfection often brings better results. Balance is key. I've come to the realization that in writing, stories, characters, and dialog will never be perfect. However, spelling, grammar, and punctuation demands perfection.
  19. All I can say is... WELCOME TO THE CLUB! It's much bigger than you think. I can't say if your book is something people want to read or not. That's something every author has to come to terms with. But if you ever reach a point that you're absolutely sure it's something that everyone would LOVE to read, then watch out. You're probably trapped in some sort of delusion. Learn, write, edit. Then learn more, write more (or rewrite), and edit more. That's generally how it's worked for me. And one parting truth...
  20. I'd have to disagree with you on this. I think self-publishing did a lot more than merely run some interference. It ushered in a new industry paradigm. Three things occurred back in 2007 which reinvented and propelled self-publishing into a major industry force. 1. Amazon rolled out Kindle. 2. Amazon started Kindle Direct Publishing, which allowed individuals to publish and sell their eBooks on Amazon - competing side by side with traditional publishers. 3. While Amazon purchased Createspace in 2005, they introduced expanded distribution. This allowed self-pu
  21. Very true! I attended an author agent presentation about 20 years ago. He summed up the publishing industry as a slow moving dinosaur, which was in reply to a question about how long it took a book to get published. That was well before Amazon & eBooks transformed self-publishing. So it's no surprise to me how the publishing industry was caught off-guard, and gutted by the self-pub revolution a few years later.
  22. If you want to catch any of the newer Star Wars movies, skip 7-8-9, as well as "Solo: A Star Wars Movie," and just watch "Rouge One." It was the only one that really felt like a Star Wars movie, and it didn't ruin anything. It's a lead into episode 4 (New Hope), and explains how the rebels got the death star plans. There's a super cool end battle. Brought me back to Star Wars in 1977, and my childhood love of X-wing fighters. I also hear The Mandalorian is good, too. But I can't bring myself to subscribe to Disney Plus just to watch that.
  23. I'm pretty boring (and thrifty) by comparison. I use LibreOffice Writer for writing. I've found it to be as functional as MS Word, particularly for formatting print books. Best part? It's free. I use Calibre 64 bit eBook Management to create epub files (for ebooks). Another free resource. I use GIMP to create book covers. While free, it's rather comprehensive to learn. But there are numerous Youtube instructional videos. I'll post new book covers to Cover Critics for constructive feedback. I also get a lot of inspiration from Lousy Book Covers on
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