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  1. Please let us know how it goes. I'm curious how they handle this.
  2. A very dramatic statement, but while this article lists a number of potential problems for churches, it fails to (even once) refer to the specific law that is behind the alleged problems. So it all becomes what the ADF thinks could happen. I live and work at a church in Massachusetts - one of the most liberal states in the country. Not too long ago they passed a bathroom ordnance to accommodate transgenders. Churches were scrambling because the if they didn't have bathrooms that complied with the new ordnance, they could be shut down or sued. Well, the state (commonwealth, actually) almost immediately clarified the law to exempt churches, because there's no way it could stand up to federal laws. They actually did a similar thing when it came to LGBTQ employment laws a few years ago. So I very much doubt that VA would/could do something like this, and if they did, it'll likely get clarified soon.
  3. Yes and no. I've noticed that my US product sites only contain reviews from the US. However, if I go to the UK product site, it leads with UK reviews, but then also lists my top "international" reviews (most of which are from the US). I went "incognito" to my UK product site and saw it linked to my author page, just as it would in the US. So it appears that author pages are universally linked.
  4. Just checked mine. None seem to be missing, but I never kept close track of them. B&N is my worst retail performer, so I don't look at them as often as the others.
  5. A day late to the party, but here's some help:
  6. Every strength in a character usually comes with a weakness. It can be a wide variety of traits, but their weakness usually ties in with the plot. Just a quick example: Bob is a pastor, and is considered a theological genius. He can debate circles around the best minds, preach incredibly profound sermons, and write books that challenge the knowledge of Bible scholars. But his congregation doesn't like him. Why? Because despite his phenomenal theological literacy, he has a lot of trouble relating to people. He can't understand and decode feelings, which makes him a frustrating counselor. His marriage is often strained, and he's disconnected from his children. So can you see how this character would have trouble in a plot that involves dealing with a church scandal?
  7. Oh no, the commas are back! Raise shields, lock phasers!
  8. Another space station is featured on the "The Expanse." I really like this series. It's very well done. Here's the lowdown on one of their largest stations: Ceres.
  9. The most intriguing space station design I've seen recently was in the movie "Elysium." While I don't recommend the movie (interesting but very violent and dark), here's a video I found on the likelihood of building a real-world Elysium:
  10. From Wikipedia: "Music generally enters the public domain in a period of fifty to seventy-five years after the composer's death."
  11. Intriguing. Makes me a bit envious. I've written several modern military "fights" (operations), which strategy-wise are designed to be quick, unfair, and one-sided. There's no opportunity for an adversary a counter-punch, because if everything goes as planned, they're down and out after the first strike, and usually don't see it coming. And if something doesn't go as planned, the contingency extracts you from the situation before an adversary can counter-strike. So in essence, these types of fights are often over before any pitched battle erupts, because going toe-to-toe with an adversary is never an ideal strategy. Sometimes it happens, and the entertainment industry loves to dwell on these scenarios. They prefer to see a lot of shooting, and a bunch of stuff get blown up, because it makes the story far more dramatic. But in reality, military planners don't like drama. Neither do police. Drama usually gets (the wrong) people killed. So that's my challenge to make my fights interesting.
  12. Wow, bringing back the 80's. 😍
  13. It was his memoir, and in an epilogue his literary agent writes of his passing (just before it went to publication). This guy was a national hero, so his passing was a big event (parade with full military honors).
  14. Mine died at the end of the story. Sad, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just death by natural causes. Probably not an example that fits your situation. 🤔
  15. For all of us missing fireworks this year (video turned sideways):
  16. I think these types of (temporary) pandemic bans aren't targeting Christians. They are part of sweeping bans that affect many. The CA singing ban is for "all houses of worship." That means all religions. While I think there's plenty of room for debate over how restrictive/effective these bans are, I don't think it's fair to imply that Christians are being targeted.
  17. Very interesting! That only adds up to 90%. I wonder, was the last 10% "Free"? A troubling trend, in my opinion. Too many feel they have to price low to sell. I've read many viewpoints on the $0.99 threshold, a majority of them negative.
  18. I took a quick look at a YouTube recap of this movie (it's still in post-production). First, anything featuring Paris Jackson isn't going to be taken seriously. Second, the movie plot is absurd even by Hollywood standards. It's likely a low-budget indie production heading to a quick death in whatever third-rate venues they get access to. In my opinion, the more Christians rail against this, the more attention {free publicity) it's going to receive. It's probably something the producers are hoping for. Best not to give something like this any more oxygen so it withers into obscurity, like many bizarre indie productions do every year.
  19. Yes and no. Sometimes repetition works, while other times subtlety works better. When it comes to mysteries and plot twists, I've found that subtlety usually works best. Repetition tends to call too much attention to something and ends up spoiling a plot twist.
  20. I've seen raffles done, which would allow you to pool your resources into something bigger, and more attractive to get people to sign-up.
  21. A little late to the party, as usual. Yes! At just about every stage. Most of the time it's all in my head. But sometimes it really is bad. And that's okay, because that's part of the writing process. I'm most worried when I think my story is perfect.
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