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  1. After my first book was released, I read a challenging article about the under-representation of important female characters in books - particularly by male authors. The article proposed a litmus test: Do you have at least one substantial (critical to plot) scene that features two women actually talking to each other? This brought a smile to my face, because I did! I'm not sure if that's a fair test or not, but it did make me more sensitive (for the positive) about how I treated my female characters. Are they central to the plot, or just fleeting stereotypes?
  2. URGENT news for those who are currently writing:
  3. For those parents with kids at home...
  4. One positive thing I've discovered during our COVID-19 lockdown is how it brings out the cleverness in people. No shortage of funny memes out there:
  5. With all the wide-open roads, if you're not careful a new problem can present itself. I wouldn't recommend this as a solution... 🤣
  6. Here's my giggle for today. I understand that posting humorous things about this otherwise dangerous pandemic upsets some people. While I do take the situation very seriously (I have family who are first-responders), I also feel that we need to keep a healthy sense of humor. Otherwise, we'll just descend into fear. I personally don't think that's the lifestyle God wants us to live. Anyway,...
  7. I think we're all retrying things to see if anything has changed. I'm tempted to start an Amazon Advertising campaign myself. Tempted...trying...to...resist... 😵 It cost me nothing out of pocket. That's what I love about Kobo - they don't force you into a pay-to-play system. That's why I'm still hesitant to market my post apocalyptic novel about a flu pandemic. Backlash potential is high. I'm trying not to be that guy. 😣
  8. Well, I'm on day 7 of my promo and zero sales. Even my worst promo would sell at least a couple of copies. I guess people aren't in a reading mood. Or perhaps they're catching up on their reading backlog? Probably watching Netflix. This promo (through Kobo) was scheduled before the outbreak, so I'm using it as a gauge. I have another starting April 2nd. Maybe people will have run out of things to watch on Netflix by then? 😄
  9. Let's hope it doesn't last this long...
  10. Goodreads: They used to run author supported print book giveaways at no charge. Years ago they were effective at getting your book in the hands of readers, and it often generated a review. Then the scammers came in to enter giveaways with the intention of reselling any books they won. Then it all came crashing down after Amazon purchased Goodreads and started charging for the privilege of giving your book away to scammers. 😣 Facebook: After setting up pages for my books, FB came along to suggest that I pay them to boost the visibility of my book pages. Otherwise, they will languish in obscurity. Hum...😒 LinkedIn: Pretty much a useless platform if you don't write in a genre that connects professionally. Amazon Advertising (formerly AMS): Where do I start? Amazon has cultivated a pay-to-play system in order to further maximize their bottom line off the backs of their vendors. The advertising tool itself has become a complicated mess that few can master, and utilizes algorithms they won't explain. I liken it to gambling in Vegas against a loaded deck. The house always wins.
  11. Hate to break up another thing to be afraid of, but we really don't need to be afraid of this. Does China Have a ‘New’ Outbreak of Hantavirus? I think Newsweek has really lost it's journalistic integrity. Wouldn't trust anything they report unless it's verified.
  12. Saw another good one: I feel like this is played out at all supermarkets these days!
  13. I'm on Facebook, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and post occasional guest blogs on Indie writer sites. I've taken a pass on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and others. AGREED. I would take this one step further. We've all been hearing the drumbeat of platform, platform, PLATFORM for years. I agree it can be important, but I've also come to learn that its importance can vary depending on the genre you write. For instance, if I'm writing non-fiction cooking books, then platforms such as YouTube can be very effective. I could post short videos on cooking that link to my books. It's even better if I'm a chef who works at a five-star restaurant. I can leverage that credibility to my platform. But here's my reality. I write fiction, usually thrillers and mysteries. I have no professional creds that would tie into this - like law enforcement or government intelligence experience. I'm just a storyteller with a vivid imagination - like thousands of my fellow authors. So how can I build a platform? I think by concentrating my initial efforts on generating content, and visibility to my books, rather than on me. Obtain reviews and sell through book promotions. Then as sales build, and more books get released, I can build a platform on name recognition. Getting to this point is a perplexing challenge. Knowing what's effective changes constantly. But publishing more books, which provides additional sales opportunities as readers discover you, is probably the best use of my time right now.
  14. Bookmarked for future reference. Thanks!
  15. There are still too many authors trying to game the review system. I can't blame Amazon for getting tougher, but also agree they tend to exact clumsy enforcement (I really liked the Cybermen imagery). But in the end, it's their house, their rules. Back when I published my first book (in 2012), I remember coming across many YouTube eBook marketing courses. Most of them advocated getting reviews by any means possible. Some even showed you how to contract "click-farms" to purchase a set of reviews, and even how they should be worded. A couple even showed you how to set up alternate Amazon accounts so they can be used to leave yourself reviews (and one-star competing books). The whole fake review strategy seemed like it was standard practice. I was sickened by it all. But what frustrated me even more was that Amazon didn't seem to care that a tidal-wave of fake reviews was washing over their Kindle books. By the time they started to act, they always seemed to be one step behind the click-farm shenanigans, and usually made it harder for authors to get legitimate reviews. Someday another on-line retailer will knock Amazon off it's top bookseller perch, and I think this issue will be a driving force behind that fall.
  16. Just ran across this timely article: BOOK MARKETING DURING COVID-19
  17. This is the only "doomsday" posts that I share:
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