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  1. Actually, if you want to sell a ton of books, it helps to be famous first. And yes, I do agree that you can sell a ton of books and not become famous. A majority of successful authors are hardly household names. I'd be very careful with this one. In fact, I really don't think it's a great idea. If you manage to strike up a friendship with a big selling author in order to get pointers and help gain access to their fandom, you're probably in for disappointment. Most are (understandably) reluctant to share writing secrets, marketing strategies, and they guard their fan base. What would they have to gain by sharing this? Nothing. In reality, it would only jeopardize their continued success. If you do happen to strike up a friendship with a big selling author, my advice is to simply keep it a friendship. Don't exploit or expect anything out of it. If you're lucky, you might get some pointers on your writing, and maybe, just maybe, an endorsement of some sort. But it must earned, and not something you badgered out of that person.
  2. I was ready to dial 9-1-1.
  3. Depending on your story, it could help to give the antagonist some redeeming qualities. Something that would make them more relateable, even somewhat likable, or downright charismatic, but ultimately wrong. Isn't that the way it usually works in real life? I can think of very few Disney-type bad guys in the real world, unless the media is spinning them that way to create a more compelling news story (aka lazy journalism).
  4. Really miss Predators & Editors for this. Although it looks like someone might be bringing it back soon. Here's the announcement on the old URL.
  5. You must have a special hate for filter words. List of Filter Words (from February) Small(ish) List Of Filter Words (From October)
  6. Big fan of the flawed (and/or reluctant) hero/protagonist. Someone who starts out on a journey/mission, stumbles along the way, but manages to pull it together to overcome the final (and biggest) challenge.
  7. Um, getting Forest Gump is the best they can do? Not saying that the production will be an accurate portrayal, but I can't think of a more accomplished actor to hand this role to. Just the short scenes in the trailer leaves me in awe of Tom's ability to transform himself into a character. It gives me hope that they'll get this one right.
  8. I pray that you'll get things sorted out. Have you ever considered using a pen name?
  9. Yeah, that's my problem. Exactly. Too busy counting my millions to write. In fact, I'm so rich I can't go out in public anymore. If only! Now it's getting real.
  10. Ah, the always present scourge of eBooks: Pirates! You can fire off DMCA notices, but new ones spring up all the time. It's like playing a perpetual game of... It might make you feel good for a little while, but most agree it's a never ending, no-win struggle. I quickly subscribed to a commonly held thought that battling pirates is a waste of time. If they do have your manuscript (many only have preview samples), they're going to give it away to those readers who wouldn't spend money on a book anyway. So have you really lost a customer? Maybe a few, but I don't think it's enough to justify the time and effort to battle the pirates.
  11. While a nice thing to apply to life, I'm sorry to report that this is not true of wolves. This picture has been floating around the internet for a while and was addressed by Snopes.com back in 2015: Do the Oldest and Weakest Wolves Really Lead the Pack? Again, sorry to be the guy to rain on the parade. 😞
  12. I just experienced this in action on Facebook! I posted a link on my personal FB page to a humorous sketch on YouTube. I don't post on FB very often, so when I do, FB tends to place my (rare) posts at the top of my friends pages - usually with some notification saying something like "hey, this guy climbed out of his hole and just posted something." As a result, I always receive a lot of likes and comments in a short time. However, my post has only received one lonely like - which is basically listening to crickets. Why? I strongly suspect it's because I posted a comedy sketch by a Christian comedian (John Crist). Although his sketch didn't deal with anything overtly religious, or about anything offensive (unless golf is considered taboo), I think his name alone could be on a filter list that causes FB to drastically pull back on visibility. Nothing I can conclusively prove, but it fits the pattern that this article is pointing out.
  13. ...or just a good laugh. Or both.
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