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  1. I've never been into video games as much as the younger generations, but we also didn't have nearly the same game quality as they do today. I've recently become fascinated with some YouTube game videos on DCS (Digital Combat Simulator). You basically strap yourself into any modern fighter-jet, choose a combat situation (against AI or another on-line player), location, weapons array, and it's game-on. Well, not really, Not right away. Everything in the simulation is exactly how it is in real life. So if I choose an F-16C block 50, every switch, screen, control lever, etc. is just li
  2. I wrote and published a post-apocalyptical novel - but my world-ending event was a pandemic. So yes, your description would pique my interest. But I'm also a bit biased. I also didn't write my novel specifically to a Christian audience. I aimed to a general audience, which has included Christian men. But I expect some won't like it. It's grim and gritty, but not gratuitously so, and most of my characters aren't Christians. They act and talk accordingly. But the message by the end is Christian. This always loops me back to my writing credo (from CS Lewis): "The worl
  3. Actually, there are four definitions of "virtual" in the dictionary: As with any word with multiple definitions, context is critical.
  4. Happy birthday! The wizards are celebrating.
  5. When you recover the birthday data, please make sure my year is correct: 1990.
  6. Good grief! Now Peanuts are tucked away behind a paywall? Good that PBS rescued the holiday specials, but the cynic in me wonders how much of them will be edited down so they aren't offensive to the woke crowd. Can you imagine Linus reading scripture ON PBS??
  7. Well, the first ever national Accord64 day is in the books. While I didn't sell a single book, I feasted on cookies and watched an F-18 Hornet take on a pair of Chinese J-15 Flankers in a beyond-visual-range (BVR) engagement (in DCS - Digital Combat Simulator). So I got my areal display AND fireworks - all without declaring war on China. (Yeah, that sounded weird, but I find it fascinating watching air-to-air combat in DCS.) Hope you all enjoyed the no-calorie count cookies! Maybe we'll do this again next year?
  8. I saw that it was in maintenance mode for a while, and figured it was an upgrade after it came back. Looks nice around here.
  9. That would be reason enough not to fly planes around fireworks!
  10. A little research shows that Wordpress was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg, and is now owned by Automattic - which was also founded (and is currently run) by Matt. Not sure of his political affiliations/leanings. Wikipedia doesn't mention any. Actually, first amendment rights really don't apply to a private company/foundation, so long as they aren't connected to the government, or took public funds. Users are bound to the terms of service (TOS) they agreed to when signing up. However, if it can be proven that Wordpress violated it's own TOS, then the lawyers will h
  11. Psst - not a birthday. Just a joke, because everyday is a national something day. We could make November 17th national Shamrock day if you want, but I suspect it might be confused with Saint Patrick's Day.
  12. Wow! Thanks! First, cookies for everyone. And I hereby decree that cookie calories consumed on Accord64 day do not count. Second, we'll have a legendary fireworks display. Protective glasses and fire resistant clothing strongly recommended. And there will be some thrilling aerial demonstrations. Hearing protection strongly recommended. Have a happy and safe Accord64 day!!
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