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  1. Thanks! Now If I only used Pinterest. 😄
  2. A break from our usual funny memes. This one is cute and clever, Who can resist?
  3. Not to worry - Chuck is working on a cure!
  4. So basically anything after 5pm flops. Good to know, since I'm posting this at 6:39pm. 😉 Great chart.
  5. I love how 1999 came in. The old dial-up handshake, "welcome," and pixelized image.
  6. Well, after my second promo event, I sold only one book. My take away is that while it's easy to think people would have more time to read, they aren't really buying books. Why? I think two reasons. First - people's attention are fixed on the situation. Coping and making sure they (and loved ones) stay safe is the order of the day. Second - to use an old political saying: "It's the economy, stupid." Many have been put out of work, and many more are likely flirting with unemployment. Book purchases are not a priority right now. I also ran across this article: Do This Not That: Book Promotion During a Pandemic. I've reached the same conclusion. Perhaps it's time to focus on writing?
  7. Maybe it's a simple case of everyone having too much time on our hands these days? 😏
  8. Sorry if I interject more confusion, but think of the old adage: "Never judge a book by its cover." Except I'd add "...unless you're trying to sell a book." A cover is a first impression. It quickly conveys genre, mood, and I think depth of quality inside. I say that last part because if a cover is done poorly, then it gives an impression that the story is going to be equally as poor. I often peruse Lousy Book Covers. You can find daily examples of covers that are just terrible. This, exactly!
  9. I wrote a guest-blog about this. My DIY Book Cover Blunders
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