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  1. Wow, I guess "Lord of the Rings" would never get past an agent these days.
  2. While a funny Christmas season meme, I think this can apply to writing. Steps 1-3 illustrate forming a story idea and creating a basic outline/story-line. Then a lot of writing occurs between steps 3-4 to "add fine details and shading." Like an artist, this is where an author's skill is put to the test with varying results.
  3. Not mine, but something I found on YouTube. I never record my train mishaps... 😖
  4. Oh, but there's still danger even in the smaller ones. If you have enough courage to watch, here's the great N-scale collision of 2012. Oh, the carnage!
  5. I tried that yesterday. Didn't turn out quite as well.
  6. Back to the topic, this is something I need to frame and hang up in my office (typo included):
  7. Thinking I should make it a bit more obvious with this:
  8. Not me. ** **That means I'm joking, because my sense of humor isn't always understood around here.
  9. I think that depends on what you're writing. For fiction, I think Jane Friedman sums it up nicely (for both self-published or traditional): That's been my experience as a self-published author, anyway. Others may have differing experiences - particularly in non-fiction.
  10. Here's the story on that: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tom-hanks-related-fred-rogers/
  11. Yeah, I've seen many variations of this impersonating other companies - like eBay, UPS, FedEx, etc. The only way to fully protect yourself is to NEVER click on links within an email. Always navigate to those sites using your own bookmarked links.
  12. Cool! My layout was built in plain-old block DC. This was back when DCC was gaining popularity, so DC locos were cheaper. Someday I'll upgrade. It won't be cheap.
  13. True in all scales, although not quite as crazy as Lionel. N-scale steam locos start at $250, while diesels are half of that. An expensive hobby.
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