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  1. Well, who could argue with that? However... Yes, but you also have to contend with the suspension of disbelief (The temporary acceptance as believable of events or characters that would ordinarily be seen as incredible). If you put too much stain on this, then you'll risk losing the reader. That's a line we all have to contend with. Who doesn't like their weekly Gibbs fix? But after a few seasons, and some very strained story arcs, the producers needed a Gibbs slap.
  2. Crazy, yes, because it would never happen. Sorry to rain on your idea, but I think part of vetting ideas like this is to make sure they're grounded in reality. Could a serial killer have a prison conversion? Sure. Would one ever be called out of prison to help the cops solve a case? No, never. Maybe on TV shows like NCIS, but shows like that are so far away from reality that everyone I know who has served in the Navy roll their eyes and laugh at it. Perhaps law enforcement might (and that's a BIG maybe) consult a serial killer while in prison. But letting a convicted felon, and highly dangerous individual out of prison to partner with the police? That's a big nope.
  3. Watching coverage now. Just reported that a police officer has been shot. No details, but things are not going in a good direction. Praying that things don't spiral. Good that the NG was called. We had a large "protest" here in MA back in July near a police station. Pretty clear that they were trying to repeat what happened in Minneapolis. Watched the whole thing live, and the show of force by the police and NG working together was impressive. They had the whole thing cleared out within an hour. There was never an attempt to take a police station in our state again.
  4. I see your Operative (acted brilliantly by Chiwetel Ejiofor) and raise you another brilliantly portrayed (and acted) villain: In the end, besides making villains relatable, I think they should be equally intelligent, resourceful, and charismatic. It increases the peril, and generally makes a compelling character to engage the reader.
  5. Yeah, just watched live national news coverage. Now that the protesting is winding down, everyone seems to be waiting for the riots and looting to start. Although it seems like the PD is prepared. Was the National Guard called out? I thought I saw some Humvees in one of the live news feeds.
  6. Yikes! Praying, Also read an article from the Courier Journal. This quote from the mayor stood out: Reading between the lines, that's pretty much an open invitation for all sorts of problems.
  7. To be honest, I usually wander around YouTube, Facebook, here, check for new reviews on Goodreads, check on my book sales (usually a depressing exercise), get a laugh at lousybookcovers.com (while nervously checking to see if one of my covers made their list), and look over some writing blogs. When I'm really in a bad place, I re-read my past reviews to remind me that I'm not a terrible writer. 😏 But first I try to go back a chapter (or two) and read what I last wrote. This usually leads to some revisions and tweaks. By the time I get to where I left off, I'm back into the right frame of mind to take the story forward. It's sort of like backing up to get a running start.
  8. The report I read said no, and that McDonald's hadn't made any comment (yet). Probably spinning up their lawyers. It seems to be something that Burger King cooked up for the Finland market, but it could also be a fake. I couldn't find any reports from a larger (reputable) news outlet, so I'm trusting that the report I read was accurate. I also didn't spend too much time looking into it. Honestly, I feel like it's hardly worth the time I put into it already. Companies try to pull these types of PR stunts all the time. The more attention we give it, the more it succeeds.
  9. Three words: Corporate trademark infringement. From another account I read, McDonald's didn't give Burger King permission to use the likeness of Ronald McDonald for that ad. Large corporations are fiercely protective of their brand, particularly when used by their competition. Not sure of the trademark laws in Finland, but I think Burger King took a huge legal risk. They certainly wouldn't get away with this in America.
  10. Doubt it. Too many Mickey-Dee corporate lawyers chomping at the bit for that to happen. In fact, I wonder how long before the lawsuits start flying in Finland. Never underestimate the clout behind a corporate trademark infringement. Too much money on the line, which will even override gay pride.
  11. There's a prize? 😉 I'm in the same boat, although I haven't yet experienced the new Amazon process. Overall, there's a lot more involved in creating a print version. Formatting is far a more complex process (compared to eBook), with many interior design possibilities to choose from. Cover design is also complex, with spline and back cover involved. I got used to the Createspace process, so I'm curious if other vendors have been able streamline without sacrificing choice.
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