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  1. I agree, however looking at the source you quoted... My problem with these reports is that they generally cite data collected only from publishers or retailers. They hardly ever report on independently published material, which also includes eBook & Audiobook subscription services. These have become significant market drivers over the past few years. Amazon, the largest seller of independently published material, doesn't make this data public. It's difficult to really know the overall trends, not just those that the major publishers (& bookstores) want us to know.
  2. That's been me for the past 2-3 years. After publishing five novels in four years, my output came to a crashing halt as, well, life issues got in the way. This left me with three novels in various states of writing, as well as a couple of strong concepts in development. I couldn't bring myself to open, or even look at the files. Within the past month, I chose one novel and started moving it forward. Finally! Not sure how long I'll be able to ride this wave, but I've been the most productive in a long time. As in this Gamera?
  3. As with any large company, chains can get bogged down with corporate directives that can be tone-deaf to local markets. They're told to push books that corporate has negotiated deals with major publishers. Probably good prices, but usually not what the local market really wants. Independent bookstores have the advantage of reading local markets and reacting faster - if they're well managed. I suspect those stores that went belly-up had trouble understanding what their customers wanted. I think the future of bookstores is in-store POD. Find your book on their website (which has just about anything), or walk-in order, and watch it printed while you enjoy a cup of coffee. It's literally hot off the press.
  4. Interesting, but I also think contradicting. She said "the thing that markets your book isn't always the same thing that sells your book." I've always been taught (in business) that there needs to be a correlation between marketing and sales. Otherwise you're wasting time and money. She pumps visibility and yet cites examples of how being visible (like on Dr. Phil) never did anything for sales. Maybe spend less time trying to book with Dr. Phil and find the outlets that reaches your readers? That's the visibility that pays off. I think finding and connecting to your readers is what marketing is all about. That's the real challenge. That's what drives me crazy, anyway.
  5. I could get into that, but the scale is bigger than I'm used to working with. Can you guess this scale?
  6. I'd fail, to. 😂 But is it a bad thing to fail? I understand the reason for the test, but it seems to me that it's also making police cadets too intense. I mean police officers should be allowed to laugh (or at least smile) at something under most circumstances, otherwise they're just scary.
  7. The way it was used in the article was CREEPY. Proof that there's such a thing as too much "show".
  8. This is basically show, don't tell. Took me a little longer, ten seconds.
  9. I have a HUD (Heads Up Display) in my windshield. Similar to this, except I reprogrammed it so it doesn't display all that pesky driving information. Sort of makes it hard to see things like pedestrians, but I'm writing more.
  10. Well, not according to my police department. They tend to frown on people typing on their laptops while driving. Go figure. Actually, I found this to be well grounded, sage advice. Straight forward and free of gimmicks. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Book scammers... ..make me crazy. Thanks for the warning.
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