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  1. We definitely want some peaceful times to give the hero -- and the reader -- a chance to catch their breath. This also makes the tense moments even more stressful. I was told to think of a story like a rollercoaster ride. Peaks and valleys. 😊
  2. I really like this advice, PenName! It makes so much sense! It's sort of the "cliffhanger" idea, but I like the way you put it. Thanks! 😊
  3. Thanks, EBraten and Nicola! These are good ideas. I'll keep working at it.
  4. This is sort of off-topic, but I really need your help. What is the best advice you can give regarding the division of a novel into chapters? I'm really struggling with this. HELP!! 😟
  5. Yes, this is a sure-fire way to get readers to keep reading. If the chapter ends on a happy or peaceful note, the reader won't feel led to pick up the book in a hurry. He won't be as eager to see what happens next.
  6. You got that right, Spaulding! I think every reader has had a book they couldn't wait to pick up again. That is definitely the goal of every writer! 😃
  7. What a crazy coincidence! Lucky you! They both sound like wonderful teachers. I have great respect for successful writers who take the time to help other writers. 😊
  8. Thank you, Johne and EBraten. I was starting to panic, thinking I was going to have to rewrite my entire story because I didn't follow this pattern. I do see that it makes sense to do it this way. Who knows? Maybe I did do this without realizing it! (Doubtful!) I'll definitely read through CS Lakin's article again, and check out The Story Grid method. Thanks again for the advice!
  9. So if I didn't write my story this way, does that mean it's wrong and I need to start over? Or is this just one way to write a story?
  10. Thanks! I'll check it out. I need all the help I can get! 😃
  11. Thanks, everyone! I've heard of ending scenes and chapters with cliffhangers, but I didn't know you're supposed to build up to big scenes within the chapters they occur in. Just when you think you know everything...
  12. While searching for the best way to divide a novel into chapters, I realized one successful novelist used her scenes to build up to a sort of mini-climax scene at the end of one of her chapters. She probably did this with all of the chapters, but one in particular made it quite clear that this was what she was doing. Am I supposed to be doing this with my own scenes and chapters? Or is it just an option? Sometimes I wish I'd gotten into math instead of writing. As far as I know, there is only one way to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. There are many ways to write a novel. No wonder we're so confused!! Maybe variety would suffer, but it would be a lot easier if there was only one way to write a novel!
  13. It's true that you can pick up the skills you need for writing while doing a job. I fell into proofreading without even trying, and I've noticed how much more I pick out of my own writing that I never spotted before. It's helped me so much, and I enjoy doing it.
  14. This could be why our families don't take our writing seriously. They look at it like it's only a hobby, because sometimes that's all it CAN be. But I never intended to write these stories just for myself. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. It's always meant more to us than that. But it's necessary to bring in a paycheck, so we go to work and only write in our spare time … and dream of when we can quit our jobs and devote every day to what we love to do! Write!
  15. Good point! And if we aren't criticized for reading a book, we shouldn't be criticized for writing one!
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