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  1. I guess I won't worry about it. I don't see how I can stop someone from reposting my book reviews as their own...
  2. I got to know the owner of the website before it closed down. I actually emailed him to see if he knew how the fake WordPress got a hold of my book review, but he hasn't responded. (Of course, at the time I didn't know it was a fake.)
  3. I don't think my name was on the reviews I posted on the Chrisitan website since I had my own blog within the website. So someone else could pass the reviews off as their own, which would definitely matter to me! I worked hard on those reviews!
  4. I'd be careful about using the name of a real town. There are bound to be readers who know of the place and will think you're describing it all wrong. That won't happen if you can say the town is in a particular state, like Wisconsin. But people who live in Wisconsin will say there is no such town in their state and you should be better at research. Are readers such sticklers for facts like this??
  5. Hey! Should I be concerned that someone might be re-posting my book reviews for their own use??
  6. Good advice, Lynn. If I had hovered over the email address, I would've known it was a fake. I'll have to keep that little trick in mind!
  7. You're right, Amosathar. I once got a notification from "Amazon," saying they had received my order for over a thousand dollars (which I never placed). After freaking out, I notified the real Amazon. They replied that there was no pending order. I guess the fake Amazon was hoping I'd fork over $1,000 to them...
  8. It definitely worked. I didn't have a single email from that address. I'm so relieved it's over! 😀
  9. You're right, Lynn! After I changed my password as a precaution, I opened the Chat feature at yahoo.com. It was recommended that I block the sender, which I did. I was also able to delete every email I had received with the push of a key! Problem solved! Thank you to everyone who gave their suggestions. I really didn't know what to do about this problem. Hopefully, it will help others in the future who come across this same problem. 😊
  10. Thank you both. I've probably received 25 email messages from them in the last hour. It's getting way out of hand. Do you think yahoomail could do anything about it, like blocking the messages?
  11. Hello, Lynn! When I hover over the email address, it says Wordpress@(the old Christian website). When the old website closed down, it didn't say that my book reviews would be found at a new website.
  12. Hello, fellow writers! I come to you today with a strange problem. I used to post my book reviews on a Christian website that has closed down. Now I'm receiving emails from WordPress asking me to please moderate one of my book reviews. I wasn't posting my reviews on WordPress!! I don't know how they got a hold of my book review, but they are driving me crazy with dozens of duplicate emails making their request. If any of you know how to deal with this annoyance, I would greatly appreciate your help. I can't seem to find a contact number or email address so I can make my own request...that they stop sending me requests! Thanks for your help. 🙂
  13. We definitely want some peaceful times to give the hero -- and the reader -- a chance to catch their breath. This also makes the tense moments even more stressful. I was told to think of a story like a rollercoaster ride. Peaks and valleys. 😊
  14. I really like this advice, PenName! It makes so much sense! It's sort of the "cliffhanger" idea, but I like the way you put it. Thanks! 😊
  15. Thanks, EBraten and Nicola! These are good ideas. I'll keep working at it.
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