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  1. Thank you so much, Quietspirit! That's very sweet of you.
  2. Thank you so much!! You are all like family to me, and I appreciate you so much.
  3. Shh! You're going to put me out of business!!
  4. Hey, Wesley! It looks like this just might work. It would save me a lot of time. Thanks again for the suggestion!
  5. I do have a gmail account! I've never heard of this option. Thank you!!
  6. Hi, Wesley! I actually print off a copy and mark that up. I send daily lists of errors I have found. Since I'm a single mom, I can't afford to spend $99 on Microsoft Word. That's the only way I know of that I can track changes. If you know of a free way, let me know!
  7. Thank you so much! You were a pleasure to work with, and I would love to work with you again.
  8. That's a good question, Teddy. I'm curious to see what non-writers are saying about the book. I understand that most readers don't notice plot holes like the ones we would catch. But it reminds me of what writers are cautioned about regarding research: You never know when an expert on your subject is reading your novel. You'd better have your facts straight! A similar warning could be: You never know when another novelist is reading your book! I've noted two common mistakes to avoid in plot development. I hope that's enough for now!
  9. Nope, this author is not self-published. The editor who was assigned to this novel must have needed a cup of coffee to perk her up!! She let a few errors slip past her.
  10. Oh, you probably mean "self-published." (I guess I'm a dumb protagonist!!) I'll go take a look...
  11. I'll have to display my ignorance again and ask, "What does SP stand for?"
  12. I don't think I can keep reading this book. I picked up where I left off, and I already found a flaw. Three people went into a heavily guarded building to rescue someone. Although they planned on how to get in, they didn't plan an escape route. So now they can't get out. I can't help seeing this as just a way for the author to bring on the drama and suspense. It shouldn't be so obvious that that's what you're after. And I'm seeing the Dumb Protagonist Syndrome at work again. The protagonist is one of the "rescuers."
  13. I will accept this request, Teddy. I think it would be a good learning experience for all of us. I'll let you know what I discover.
  14. I'm rather embarrassed. I discovered how easy it is to get back to the beginning of an ebook. Earlier, I said I didn't know how to do that. Anyway, I tried to locate the scene I've been discussing, and I couldn't find it. But I know it's there! It changed my entire attitude about the book.
  15. I think it boils down to what one of you said. If the character is going against character, watch out. That's what happened in the scene I've been writing about. If the reader thinks, "That character would never do that," you've lost her.
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