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  1. I've replied to your message. Thanks for contacting me!
  2. Yes, I am! I'm in sunny -- and windy -- California.
  3. Here at Christianwriters is the best way for now!
  4. Hello! My name is Janet Johnson, and I've been a proofreader since September of 2018. Although I prefer novels, I'm not opposed to proofreading nonfiction books. When you send me your manuscript, I read it carefully so I don't miss any errors. But I also know it's important to complete my proofreading in a timely manner. That is why I try to send you an emailed list of errors each and every day. The authors I have worked for all nickname me Eagle Eye. They are always amazed at how many errors I catch, even if the manuscript has been edited before. I don't think yo
  5. The subject line of the email says this: Roadmap's FREE Write Start Contest - Now Open. I figure since The Writer has been around for quite a while, they wouldn't advertise a contest that isn't on the up-and-up, but you never know. Anyway, the contest is supposed to be free.
  6. The Writer Magazine sends me emails every now and then, Shamrock. The one about the contest came today. I'll share more information about it if any comes in.
  7. Yeah, it's a terrible thing. And this happened to me BEFORE publishing on the web became a thing! We all have to be even more careful about what we put out there. Some people are just looking for something good to steal. I was told that I should feel flattered that someone thought my writing was good enough to steal. Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better...
  8. Well, the contest is called Write Start. This may be a play on words. They want to see if you can start your story right. So maybe all they are interested in is the first 20 pages.
  9. I'm not sure! I'm assuming they will want to see a completed manuscript, but it might just be the first 20 pages they are interested in. Maybe they will judge you on how well you hook the reader, introduce the protagonist, and get the plot ball rolling.
  10. Hello, Fellow Writers! I wanted to let you know about a new writing contest offered by The Writer Magazine. This is a FREE contest!! If you dig deeper and discover this is not a good idea, please let the rest of us know. Since I'm a victim of plagiarism, I've developed a wariness about submitting any of my writing. This contest requires you to submit the first 20 pages of your manuscript...which would be the perfect spark for a story idea if this contest isn't on the up-and-up. Please be careful about where you submit your writing! We need to guard our precious creations as if they were
  11. I guess I won't worry about it. I don't see how I can stop someone from reposting my book reviews as their own...
  12. I got to know the owner of the website before it closed down. I actually emailed him to see if he knew how the fake WordPress got a hold of my book review, but he hasn't responded. (Of course, at the time I didn't know it was a fake.)
  13. I don't think my name was on the reviews I posted on the Chrisitan website since I had my own blog within the website. So someone else could pass the reviews off as their own, which would definitely matter to me! I worked hard on those reviews!
  14. I'd be careful about using the name of a real town. There are bound to be readers who know of the place and will think you're describing it all wrong. That won't happen if you can say the town is in a particular state, like Wisconsin. But people who live in Wisconsin will say there is no such town in their state and you should be better at research. Are readers such sticklers for facts like this??
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