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  1. I did, I'm the latest entry on https://christianwriters.com/links/category/5-editing-services/ Well said. God didn't have Paul put 1 Corinthians 9:4-11 in the Bible for nothing. My kids have to survive without me while my head is in a project; they deserve to be rewarded for what I take away from them (and Israel is calling me). And, anyone who has offered the same product or service for free vs. paid knows those who pay value what they get far more. We can't help assuming what is free is of low quality. If you want to really benefit from someone, pay them. I love your story, @Spa
  2. Yael is rather a popular name in Israel today...
  3. As a developmental editor (love, love, love what @Spaulding said, she's absolutely right on) as well as a writer who learned editing to save myself money, I always offer my clients the option of a critique first. You can hire a good big picture person to read through your draft quickly and only focus on the biggest issues for around a penny a word. That way, you can correct most of the big stuff yourself and move on to the cheaper and faster grammar editing level. Someone who is a good developmental editor is wired to easily see the big picture. We usually hate to proofread the fine deta
  4. I like what @Wes B has to say about strength and do a fair amount of thinking about this myself--particularly as a female INTJ, which puts me in a rather unusual perspective on sexual distinctions vs. gender expectations. For me, a strong woman is someone whose will is higher than the resistance she faces. She may cry every day, but she does what is right even though it wrings her out emotionally. Just the other week I knew I needed to confront someone who probably didn't even know how demeaning and antagonistically she had treated me. I knew this was something ongoing, it was just t
  5. Isn't this what sets apart all villains from the heroes? Any of us becomes the bad guy when *my* needs and goals overrun my awareness and love for your needs.
  6. Thanks, @Sunset, but what if we aren't teens any more? Another place everyone can back their manuscript up is Reedsy. I just ignore their constant recommendation to get an editor through them.
  7. I haven't done it in fiction, but IRL I can tell someone is strong by what they don't do (grow bitter, quit, hurt their family, etc.) and their ability to remain gentle, honest, and loving even with people I know are difficult to handle. They probably have some pithy quotes that aren't just pat answers; they are maxims you see lived out daily. But the odds are good these concepts will be expressed in clear words to themselves and others. Just this Sunday I realized the clever phrase my pastor likes to say that we should "let the Bible mess with our theology" has totally played out in his
  8. Book cover design is a lot like singing. Those who are tone deaf are the last to discover it, but if you can look at a pile of covers and pick out the quality ones, you can learn to make your own. There's no shame in hiring it out, but I wanted to do my own since I love art and most of what a simple design needs is careful layout and color/font matching. I would never hire a cover designer unless they could talk for hours about fonts! But a few hours poking around the indie publishing world can help you find some basics if you only need something simple. BTW I used GIMP (it's
  9. I had no idea that carol was so young. I'd always assumed it was pre-Victorian!
  10. I barely said anything in the email; the article has more thoughts than the original. So it's all good!
  11. So cool! I love watching people in their creative process. And I never thought about it being easy to spill with the OT style lamp. Thanks @Wes B
  12. That's a great point. I, for one, hadn't thought about the swish of the Amazon logo not extending to the end of the word--but I only get a package from them maybe once a year! At the same time, some levels of symbolism don't need to be consciously absorbed to be effective. Your lamps are going to give a viewer a feel for the diversity of the ancients even if they have no clue each is representing a different time period. And the joined flame is something we see often enough with weddings to understand the reasoning there! Do you have a digitized logo with these lamps you can use on y
  13. I wonder all over the place with my article, but the part where I imagine what could be done with an opening scene comes courtesy of @RockyMtn Gal's amazing story-in-progress: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/set-tone-symbolism-cheri-fields/
  14. Ever watched or read something where the ends got all neatly tied up by the end like Holes? You can almost see the author working the threads backwards from the conclusion to make the outcome deeply satisfying. And, while I stopped after reading the section on his work with Star Wars (too much horror for me), I really resonated with Paul Hirsch's book, A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away. His work with movies is almost beat for beat what a good story editor helps with, except he was more limited by the footage available to him.
  15. I'm pretty sure this is what Tim Grahl's dayjob is, and considering how pricey we find his offerings here, there's probably room for a company that doesn't require as much up front from us. I know marketing is far and away the most daunting thing for most of us, especially those of us who love to hide out in our writerly hobbit holes. You could even offer nearly DIY packages where the author provides the photos they own and all you do is build the copy and post. Even that would overcome huge hurdles for busy and clueless people. Thanks for caring about covers, editing, etc. No
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