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  1. Well put. I've sent several authors back to the drawing board to start their manuscript almost from scratch, but even then I could point out how I connected with a character or two. And even the best writer I edit for has more "Well,"s than is healthy or forgets to add enough paragraph breaks. There is a reason we are told to speak "the truth in love." Lies aren't loving and brutality isn't loving either. So, like @suspensewriter, I think this poll is worth asking but terribly poorly worded.
  2. My husband and children find me one of the most uncomfortable people in their lives when necessary. Because I'm unloving? Quite the opposite. If I made everything easy on them and coddled them in their immaturity they would never grow. And none of them knew what adventure was until I came into their lives. Oh, yeah. If you are evil, Christians are your intractable foes.
  3. It doesn't look like it will answer your question unless the response is no, but this list from the NYC Library might confirm your worst fears: https://www.nypl.org/books-more/recommendations/best-books/teens
  4. "To get a book, kids first go through a parent, a teacher, or a librarian." This is something I hammer home to writers from baby board books through this early YA market. It's even true for adult books meant to be gifted. You might write a gift book for Father's Day, but it has to appeal to his wife and adult daughter to get sold. It is sad to see how much "adult" material is tolerated in YA. Yes, they are dealing with adult issues, but since when did that mean we need smut on our pages? I still hang out in the kids' sections because this has been true at least since I was a teenage
  5. This multi-sensory approach to writing was something the Institute of Children's Literature hammered into us. There was a whole assignment just describing a place with extra points for each of the other senses we could bring in besides the visible. A few carefully chosen smells and textures can pull us into a place better than anything I know.
  6. Oh, my, I've totally got to do this, but first I'll need a chunk of change to rent a booth and have physical books on hand!
  7. Oh, I love this! It rings true, and I can ask my kids to find me some of these TikTok kids to promote my teen book I'm putting soon. Yes, if you want to write for kids and make a decent amount of sales, write something kids like and their homeschool moms want to buy for them. They get that *anything* that doesn't destroy their virtue but gets them to enjoy reading is a very good thing. To be a homeschool mom is to spend an extraordinary amount on books. You should see my house
  8. Interesting. I always assume this section is going to be the equivalent of the "best movie of the year!" blurb on a movie poster. BTW thanks for the reminder about this guy. I used to follow him when I was putting together my first eBook, but then I had a baby and time passed...
  9. Well put, @pale, I usually word it along these lines: Since God is real and his testimony is true, science, history, and every branch of learning will always affirm his claims. Has the church been majorly wrong on verifiable evidence? Oh, yes, but only when they get pulled away by secular assumptions and apply these interpretations to the Bible. Two examples of this: The belief that the solar system had to be "perfect" since God made it "very good" and therefore church leaders resisted the discoveries of Galileo with his telescope. Ditto for the notion of "f
  10. Jumping in late: First, if your editor isn't giving as good advice as your beta readers, you need a different editor! Second, I'm using beta readers right now but mostly just as a subversive kind of marketing for my book that is in a totally different arena from the one I've been building for years. I'm back to square one with a prophecy Bible study when I usually talk creation science! It's way easier for me to ask for 'help' on a book that doesn't cost me anything to email than to say "Buy my book!" to strangers but, if they like it, they might help me down the road. Oh, yes,
  11. This is not Christianity. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Science is not. It is a tool for us to examine the created world and understand its functions better. If I understand the Bible's account through "science" I am no longer a Christian but a scientist filtering a religious text through my "empirical" worldview.
  12. I was going to suggest Master Books to you, @pale, but that isn't going to be something you or they are interested in with the way you take the Bible's "science"! If you accept the secular timeline of creation but not its method, Reasons to Believe would be up your alley. Or, if you think secularly about all of science, but add in God as overseer, you might check out Biologos. Of course, my bias is showing, but I'm going to show it most strongly on this next point. What follower of Jesus believes God punished Eve for seeking knowledge? Genesis 3 has been interpreted
  13. I've been blogging and involved with online content creation for nine years so far. It makes a huge difference once you find your community. And these meta-communities of fellow content creators are often the most fun and encouraging. Surely you have paid attention to why you keep coming back here day after week after year, @suspensewriter. For me it is a place to help others they way I was (often on CW, which I joined when I didn't even know which blogging platform I should go with) and to just hang out with people who care about the same things I do that few people IRL are even aware of
  14. Thanks, Lynn! I'm already planning on producing an audio book for my Bible study and this method would work great, especially if I can host it for free. Now I want to check out the website he's using. BTW I think this is going to be a lot more powerful for nonfiction, but if you have a fancy version of the story that turns it into theater of the mind even more, I can see it working.
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