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  1. Celebrianne

    List Of Editors/add Your Name

    Thanks, Rebecca! I'm not seeing a place to add services to a directory, or is this thread the directory itself? Plus, I'm going to add that I've now joined the Christian Pen and attended PENCON this year so I'm much more confident as a developmental and copy editor. I'm even working as a VA with lots of editing responsibilities and have done some curriculum proofreading for Master Books. I've got to be careful with my time, but would love to work with kids' books of all sorts (except sentimental) or serious, biblical nonfiction.
  2. Celebrianne

    Tutorial: How To Start Your Podcast

    I don't know how to do very much (one $65 mike, free software, cheapest hosting plan), but I *do* know the people who know the best practices and can save you a headache and a bundle!
  3. Celebrianne

    Tutorial: How To Start Your Podcast

    It's not a bad overview of getting a podcast up and running (no SoundCloud or Blue Yeti), but they are rather biased towards Blubrry (There's fine, but I love the extras my host, Libsyn provides). And you don't have to spend as much money as they are suggesting! That player is lovely, but Libsyn provides me a pretty one without extra cost. I could keep ranting, but if anyone wants an active podcaster's advice on who to learn from, just let me know.
  4. Celebrianne

    Audiobook Recording Equipment Advice

    They do it to your specifications. I've only used the browser based free side, but I know you can set the volume and amount of noise reduction. But the only thing I've ever done is moved the volume from -16lufs to -14lufs for Spotify. I just looked up "acx specifications" and, yes, Auphonic would be perfect for plug and play meeting the consistency requirements. It's amazing at helping your files "be free of extraneous sounds"
  5. Celebrianne

    Happy Birthday, Celebrianne!

    Thanks everybody! I didn't even know this place had a birthday announcement. Glad I checked in for a few minutes! 🙂
  6. Another way to look at this excellent list is that "revision" is something your developmental editor (whether you or someone else) does and "editing" is something the copy/proof editor does. These keywords might help you find what you need. 🙂 I try to read all my material aloud to my children. They've learned to expect lots of pauses as I catch things!
  7. Celebrianne

    Audiobook Recording Equipment Advice

    That's sounds wonderful, Nicola! Someday, when my house is quiet, I'd love to record audio books it is so much fun to read aloud. 🙂 I move in the podcast community and will tell you, if you have a soft space--like your closet--all you really need is Audacity, a decent headset (I upgraded to one from a pawnshop last year), and an Audio Technica ATR-2100 (with a clown nose cover). I've spent <$200 on all my equipment! The other thing I would look into is http://auphonic.com/ for leveling and sound processing. Everyone I've ever heard who uses it talks about how much better it is than even their pro level work. Have fun!
  8. I laughed so hard watching this. For a year I lived in my husband's house in SC and it was hard not to be scared almost everywhere you turned. The couple's attitude about the guy dying of sheer ignorance it the funniest part for me. BTW Give me snow any time, a southern ice storm is terrifying!
  9. Why I like paper copies of books. You can't pick up a used eBook at the thrift store...
  10. Celebrianne

    Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Site

    That produces a wonderful and timeless effect. A photo would be worth adding (I love old fashioned typewriters for writing websites), but you've got something great already!
  11. Celebrianne

    Choose The Best Color Palette For Your Site

    Like Lynn said, it depends on the shade. If you are sending out earthy, relaxed, warm vibes with your writing, a soft taupe or putty color could be perfect. I've been seeing some cars in these colors and they are striking because they are unexpected. I'd just find whatever is current this year to avoid accidentally looking like the 70s! Blue is popular because, yes, most of us can see it, and it sends out trustworthy signals. It's also many people's favorite color. Here are my colors. I knew green was good for nature and life. I love water. The navy blue blocks and black line were part of the theme I chose for other reasons, but I've incorporated the black line in my podcast art because it adds a touch of professionalism to a lighthearted site while being easy to make in Paint! The green I made in a hex picker and carefully saved all the info for from pale to dark. I don't do much with it right now for branding as it's mostly my picture pulling things together, but it is part of my signature style.
  12. Thanks, Phy, that's what my intuition told me would happen, but I know when my turn comes Resistance is going to fight the tediousness of the process. Now I know it will be worth all the toil.
  13. Celebrianne

    The Font On Your Book Cover

    You do that. I'd love to help, but can be very opinionated (handwritten scripts are so 2017).
  14. Let me know if the grid is worth the trouble. It makes sense but sounds so involved!
  15. Celebrianne

    The Font On Your Book Cover

    I love fonts! I love letting the feel of one wash over me and love checking my email every Monday to see what new one is free on Creative Market. I've got about a dozen I've collected over the past few years waiting for a kids' book cover. Even more fun than an individual font is finding one that complements the main font with a contrasting style. It's one of my favorite things to obsess over.

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