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  1. Actually, I did some further research. Heroic fantasy fit the bill best.
  2. Yes, I've had similar experiences—though it does happen a bit in non-fiction. Usually when the Spirit gives me a new revelation for my life.
  3. I guess I do it backwards. I write the story I believe the Lord wants me to write. When I'm done I ask Him to show me the audience. He does all my marketing anyway. Like I said, that's a bit backwards I guess.
  4. OK. He starts at 12 in book one. She starts at the same age as he is, 5-6 years later. But it doesn't really matter.
  5. Of course, it just occurred to me that the two lead characters are barely 21 winters old. So, I guess it's a YA Fantasy. That solves that. Huh?!
  6. Yea, I actually wrote a lot of the back story. I would call it spirit-filled fantasy but that might freak out too many going in. So, I guess I just call it fantasy then?
  7. My new series is hard to name. I see it as an urban fantasy, but it's a completely invented world with unique measurements, weights, currency, and calendar/time. It generally has a medieval feel, but there's some technology. There's one dragon, but nothing else fantastic. There's some nasty demonic stuff, but nothing Hollywierd. The Lord does the normal miraculous things He's known for in spirit-filled circles, plus one type of thing that's never been done that I know of. http://radiqx.com/2013/06/ferellon-gazetteer/ give you a feel for these things. But what genre do I use? For me, it's a fantasy. But I don't know if readers will find what they expect. And I don't know if the best readers will be attracted.
  8. There's also a collateral problem. I have a son-in-law who graduated with a business degree. He can read, but he hates it. So he reads nothing. all videos. What do we call that? I can think of a few, but not here.🤯
  9. I'm not sure about dumbed down. I tend to see it as terminally ignorant. I'm amazed at the things they've never heard of. I tend to write it off as the exceedingly small amount of actual content in the public schools. I mean, no geometry?! And it goes on from there.
  10. It depends. On cigarettes, my wife both agreed He directly ordered, "STOP!" In those cases, it was easy. I mean, it'd be sin to disobey. But many times, it on a "eemph" basis. \In that case, the skills are still there to resurrect, if need be. But the bottom line for me is if He asks.
  11. For nearly a decade now, I've felt a strong call to share the Christian Walk of Faith with my readers. Increasingly my belief is that for many, if not most, people who consider themselves Christian, the born-again faith walk is pure fantasy. What I mean is: the daily walk with Jesus, conversing with Him, observing miraculous interventions in your life regularly—usually more than once a day. Now I'm not putting myself forward as anything special. My walk just seems to be very different from many of the people I talk with both inside and outside of the church. I'm not a rabid, Bible-thumping Jesus Freak—though that label has been used to cast aspersions on me. Yes, I'm Pentecostal, filled with the Spirit, tongue-talking, and all of that. But that's not so unusual any more, is it? So, I've been working in that direction. I started with non-fiction because I just didn't grok the requirements of fiction. I'm not sure I do yet. I do know that as I've been writing my latest fantasy novel, I've regularly ended up in worship—simply praising the Lord for His love and wisdom. He gives me ideas that simply blow me away as they work out in the story. It's enough so that my tagline for the book is now: When's the last time a novel led you into worship? I've read quite a few over the past decade. But they're still really rare. My concern is that it seems obvious that we're going to be headed for our wedding with Jesus soon. I want to bring as many people along with me as possible. Of course, only the Holy Spirit can bring that about. But I suspect you understand what I'm saying. So, how is your ministry going? OR, is your writing only a means of income? But in that case, it might as well be a clean read—the so-called non-religious option. I'm just curious.
  12. Hi Lynn,


    This is like meeting an old friend whom I haven't seen in years. Many things have happened to me, but the site looks great!

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    2. lynnmosher


      Oh, David, I'm so sorry about your wife. My heart truly goes out to you. Praying for you.


      Your tagline sounds intriguing! Good job!


      I don't think any rules have changed. If there is one, it escapes me at the moment.


      You are welcome to put your book in Plugs & Promos. If asking for reviews, I would soft pedal it. Sounds great! If you'd like to send me a copy, that would be very nice. However, if a review needs to go on Amazon, they won't let me do it. I don't BUY enough to qualify. Very frustrating indeed!



    3. davidbergsland


      NO, I'm not looking for reviews. This is the standard Peter Younghusband and I use when reviewing Christian Speculative fiction. What would you like for a book? Kindle, ePUB, PDF? I'm not sure I have it available inprint yet, but I'll be doing that when I reedit for the fourth edition.

    4. davidbergsland


      Actually, I'm hoping for a discussion about the topic. I can just do posts about the content. I'll give one to anyone. KDP just required a price, so I think it's 99 cents there.

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