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  1. You need to make it realistic. I just finished a 3-book heroic fantasy series that offers strong witness to how believers walk in the real world. I just got a review this morning which says, "This is a nice piece of speculative Christian fiction. The Christian elements are strong (5 stars). The story a good one; easily as good as many non-Christian fantasy stories (4 stars). I was pleasantly surprised." In it I created new names for the three parts of God, new scriptures, a new method of sacrificial death, and made it the focus of an exciting story of cultural upheaval and spiritual warfare. Ask the Lord to show you by His Holy Spirit how to get it done. He's very creative.
  2. While being obedient to stay at home [as required by my age- makes me laugh], I've completely revamped my bergsland.org site into a biblical teaching site. I've started posting every day to try and help my readers cope with the ordeal. It's wonderful what the Lord is doing among us all. This is a great time to be alive. I wonder if the Groom will come to pick up His Bride before the crisis is over? Here's today's post: http://www.bergsland.org/2020/04/discipleship/holy-spirit/empower-bible-reading-by-asking-the-author-for-help/
  3. I don't have a different savior. I have a fictitious world where spiritual reality works the same as it does here with different names. More like a different language than anything. If you read the book, the spiritual reality will feel real. There is a savior, a holy spirit, and a father god who are recognizably the same as ours. Yet, there's not a specific hint that this world is in this universe. As far as a call of God which doesn't mention a messiah. I have one of those also. My major source of income since 1991 has been teaching how to publish books from a graphic design viewpoint. Until I retired in 2005, I had never mentioned Christianity in those books, courses, or curricula. I was teaching in a state school where that was verboten. But, it was strange, all the publishing customers I received as a result of these books, websites, and so on were all believers. But I never did and never would call it Christian design or Christian teaching. I am certainly not calling your calling into question. You don't work for me. All I'm saying is that clean reads and things like that are not neutral. According to scripture, everything fits into two categories—the world or the spirit—the flesh or the spirit—people of god or heathens [gentiles, whatevers]. In fact, it boils down to an even finer distinction: Do you have an intimate relationship with the God and creator of the universe or not. Where you walk in those issues is between you and the Lord.
  4. Kinda like I'm a Christian COF (Cantankerous ol' ****) Not a heathen, who is someone who does not know Jesus
  5. Of course not! That would be part of my point, a Christian book needs to have certain characteristics—which I'm happy to discuss. If your books to do not have them, they are not Christian books so my hope would be that we not muddy the waters by calling them Christian. It may be my fault we've drifted. I don't play well in forum pens. Sorry about that. But to continue. The entertaining reads are probably not part of a call of God to write other than as a source of income. There's nothing wrong with them, but we shouldn't put any spiritual pretensions on them. I think the real problem is that worldly books are normally strongly spiritual, on the enemy side. That gets back to that old dichotomy no one ever wants to talk about, and words which appall the politically correct. Spiritually speaking, there are no neutral books. They are all either part of the world (and we know who the ruler of this world is) or the Kingdom (ruled by Jesus through His Spirit). Since this site is named Christian Writers, I would assume our production would be for the edification and comfort of the Kingdom, or for adding citizens to the Kingdom—or both, or course. If not, then we are talking about ministering to ourselves—Christians who are writers. These are all valid, and I assume that all of these are going on. But a light, entertaining, clean read is not part of the Kingdom, but a pleasant relaxation—like a cup of coffee or tea, a sweet roll, or a warm blanket in front of the fire on a cold, snowy day—or like a beautiful drawing, a wonderful loaf of fresh warm bread. They'll all be gone—quite possibly before the day is out. Now, I'll try to be a good boy—though even Jesus refused that adjective.
  6. @Bob Leone Thank you. Here's a link for a free PDF copy of the booklet: https://indd.adobe.com/view/5087af10-6a82-4c84-82b3-0ad723122b83?red=a
  7. I, too, have no interest in offending anyone. I'm looking for discussion clarity. On my site for Christian Speculative Fiction, we've developed a spiritual rating system with 5 levels: none is better or worse. They are designed to enable easier and more accurate discussions. 1. Clean Read 2. Pre-Messiah 3. Christian —This is where we put religious faith (Bob, your definition could be 3, 4, or 5) 4. Redemptive — transformative i.e. the character's life radically changed after meeting Jesus 5. Spirit-filled — intimacy with Jesus, talking with him, supernatural signs following, and so on We rate the spiritual level of enemy content also
  8. If you're a Christian goyita, then heathen wouldn't apply to you either, right?
  9. Me either. Google doesn't know either except that it's the name os a seminal painting by a Puerto Rican master. Google translate says it means flush though it seems to be obviously be slang. But I know nothing!
  10. I agree with what you said, but to me, you're missing the larger point. As believers we are called to be witnesses. A witness shares what he or she has experienced in that life turned upside down by the Creator of the Universe. It would be ridiculous to suppose I could better the Bible, though I do have the option of letting the author of that book work through me also. My job is to share the wonders of what I, my wife, and my friends have learned in the lives of my characters. It doesn't involve Bible thumping, sermonizing, preaching, though a prophetic word might slip through. 🤩 The task is to be "real & transparent" about the changes wrought by the presence of the Holy Spirit within me 24/7/365. I no longer think the same as I did. I no longer do the things I did. My purpose and goals have radically changed. The task I've been given by the Lord [as far as i can tell] is to share in simple terms what I've learned and experienced through the lives of my characters. In my latest heroic fantasy series, spiritual Truth is presented with a different Savior, with a different name in a radically different culture on a completely created world build, who dies a different type of death and then sent his Spirt who also has a radically different name. They live in a world heavily damaged by a extremely religious church which does not allow the actual person of the Godhead to attend church. In fact, the Primate became so enthralled with political power that he violently overthrew the "please-everyone" king and took power. Of course this caused problems and gave openings to the enemy of us all because the Primate had no concept of spiritual warfare.. It's a fun ride. The hero and heroine are not believers when book one starts. They are radically transformed and grow up in wonderful ways as the tale continues through the series. I'm working on book 3 now.
  11. I do understand this on an extreme level. The first place the Lord consciously pierced through my preconceptions was when I was running my life with the I Ching [Taoist divination]. I was reading about yin and yang. While reading about what they call the Active principle, a small voice in my head said softly, "they just don't have enough nerve to call it God". Nothing more at that time, but it triggered mental changes which resulted in me being desperate to get filled with the spirit a year or so later. Actually, since scripture clearly says the Lord knew I was called before i was born.. no, we better not go there. 😅
  12. What a wonderful conversation! It's a joy to read it. We certainly all have unique callings. I shared what my focus is. As for using the word heathen, I guess I could use Gentile. But that's one of the things where the truth is so unpalatable that people who don't believe in the truth can't stand to have you mention it. But is it loving to avoid telling someone they are going to hell, when they actually are going to hell? I agree it may not be the most tactful approach—but I regularly read something in a Gospel that cracks me up because Jesus was so incredibly blunt. But I have to admit that He was a lot better at knowing what would work and when than I am. One of my faults is that my actions commonly resemble a cherry bomb in the punch approach. Mea culpa. I spent nearly seventy years using the careful considerate approach. Now I'm coming to the opinion that I may have wasted a lot of time. I'm looking for fellow travelers, and I'm pleased to read comments from people who probably fit that description. Time will tell. That valuable pearl was the most valuable thing on earth in that parable. The great thing is that we can freely share our pearl and not diminish it at all.
  13. I understand your point. I've prayed about it a lot. But prophetic realities seem to have passed that option, in my opinion. My focus is on strong Christian witness to a general audience—Christian, nominally Christian, and heathen. To take but one of your examples, Lord of the Rings. That was a life-changing series for me. Yes, Tolien and Lewis were believers. But I was stunned years later—after I came to belief and met Jesus personally—to hear believers espouse LOTR as Christian fiction. It's no more Christian than Balaam's donkey. The same people usually say Star Wars and Snoopy have Christian themes. Narnia at least has some relatively direct allegory. But I've never heard of a conversion experience from either of those series. I've also never heard them called Christian unless the reader was already a believer to start with. Granted my experience is limited, but after 75 years I've seen a few things. My experience is that there are very few books which are functionally Christian—with the power to change lives. I remember my wife's amazement [after reading hundreds if not thousands of Christian romances] when, to her joy she was reading one where a character actually went through a transformative introduction to Jesus. I agree that these things might add a little to the pile of experience leading a person to turn toward the Lord. But, my conviction is that we simply to not have the luxury of that much time before it's too late for any reader. So, my focus is writing non-fiction and fiction which might lead fairly quickly to a conversion. Yes, only the Holy Spirit can do that. But can I write something which the Holy Spirit will back up in real time? That's what I'm looking for.
  14. Even more rare is fiction which shares this level of living with its readers. Increasingly, my focus is on this type of writing for myself and for all people with the call of God to write. It's such a joy to find a book which provides this for the reader. Even better is when that book shows me a new way of drawing closer to Jesus.
  15. @Jared Williams YES! Somehow it's been kept a secret that this type of living is a large part of the normal Christian life. It's available to anyone who seeks the Lord and becomes intimate with Him.
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