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  1. Thanks to all who replied. Perhaps some day another book seller will eclipse amazon, but until then it is my primary seller.
  2. I have a book on amazon with 15 ratings, about 4.5, but no reviews. Perhaps this subject will interest someone here and will leave an actual review. https://www.amazon.com/FALL-BABYLON-Great-AMERICA-Prophecy-ebook/dp/B08D3GTJSZ/
  3. I have a new interpretation of Bible prophecy in four books which I indie published. They are selling OK, but I need someone who believes in my interpretation to write articles about the books and get the articles published by Christian websites, like Charisma News, or Christian Post. You can read a lot about the books and sample chapters at my website: www.usbibeprophecy.com. I am also looking for someone that believes in, and is knowledgeable in the doctrine of Eternal Security, to read my book and try to prove me wrong. The book I am writing is to prove the doctrine is false. I will then reply to the person's comments. Otherwise, I will just use quotes from books and present evidence that they are wrong. 

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