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  1. How to help prepare the bride. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. John 3:20-21 NIV If Jesus is supposed to be coming back to earth to live with us again how would the bride of Christ go about preparing herself? Is this a mystical process? Is this a secret endeavor that no one will know about.? No, the whole world will know and the whole world will believe in the Messiah. Is this beyond our comprehension and ability to help prepare the bride? If this is at all possible within human capability what is all involved? Do we set back and wait for someone to start the process even if someone or some denomination did start the or a process who would really listen anyway? Does there have to be some divine intervention or would that be too late, that only leaving the wrath of God? So what do we do and where do we go and how do we begin the greatest time in all of history? It is believed that a good place to start would be right in our own backyard. Start with ourselves our own family. If we do start with our own family or self what would that look like and how do we or how would we begin the process of preparing the bride starting here at home? A good way to look at it would be from two starting points. One and probably the best place to start from would be from Gods point of view, that would be the Gospel and or the Good News. That Jesus came to earth 2000 years ago to die for our sins that we may have eternal life. Two would be from a human perspective and that would be from the brides point of view. It is not easy to speculate what all goes through a females mind throughout her years of anticipation of marriage even at a young age. So from an outside point of view trying to look in what can be observed. The first and foremost seems to be the whole idea of living with the one that she loves and that forever. Just thinking of the place that they would live and the house or dwelling. The kinds of friends and children that they would have, just the whole environment that is involved. It is also believed that there is a desire and possible drive to be pure and stainless as much as possible for her future love of her life. Not only her reputation but her heart as well, a clear conscience. These things would seem to be very important to her. So how do we try and help prepare the bride? Just leave her to her own demise or do we try and guide and give a hand to the most cherished and beautiful thing in the whole universe a or our bride our counterpart our help our pride our joy our wife our bride our daughter our mother? How do we help prepare? One thing for sure that if we push too hard they will rebel and wander off. If we do not do anything as we have sense the 1960's she will look she has been up all night at a drunken party and put her car in the ditch because no one was there to help her and guide her. She has cuts and bruises and mud all over her from trying to pull her car out of the ditch by her self. Look at the Laodicean church, as some believe that it is a representation of the last church age before Jesus comes back found in Revelations 3:15-18, “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see.” How do we bring her the church the bride, back to a former state of a resemblance of Godliness? It seems sense Darwin and discovering of the beautiful dinosaurs, that the church became obsolete and useless. And with our Darwinian theory of only the strong survive and our quest for finding comfort for ourselves it seems that we do not have time for anyone or anything any more church and God included. So what do we do and how do we fix the dilemma we find ourselves in in this day and age? Do we kick the ball down the road and hope that one-day society and mankind will fix itself. Forget God that is a thing of the past a foregone conclusion a memory of old and a tradition that has gone by the wayside. God is not relevant anymore and we do not need God, because we have our credit card and our medical doctor, what more do we need except a government that runs everything else and that at a deficit. What possibly more do we need? We as a society as a nation as a world are depending and resting on mans creation and those that built our utopia. What if by chance one of these pillars that our ancestors created fall where will we be then? We easily forget Who guided our ancestors to create these great endeavors in the last few decades. Was it God or man that invented our modern day conveniences. Such as our washers and dryers, our cars, and airplanes, our banking system, and factories or companies, schools, and education system, our universities, even peanut butter was invented by a black man from a dream what about the light bulb and telephone electricity and computers. We also forget Who is coming back and Who will judge us all of us, we might say O' well we are doing so well why worry about things that do not matter that are so far removed from us and that in the very distant future who cares really. Those things are all fine and dandy but what if there is another side to the story. What if there is a Creator that is intimately involved with our society His Creation? Where do we stand? What is our involvement? What is our responsibility if any at all? What are we suppose to do and when and how do we do it if anything at all? Do we just set by and let things go as they have been going for a few decades now. A meaningless existence with no leader at all just a dog eat dog world. Let me get mine before you get yours or I will break you in two if you get in my way. Have you driven a car in a large city lately or worked for a corporation? Have we thought about how it is going to be like when Jesus does come back? Just briefly but might it be like no one hurting each other anymore and that financially as well and that we are to care for each other as we see them on the street and in their home and in the shopping center or at their job. The Bible says that in the last days that love will grow cold (Mat 24:12) and it has and it has sense the 60's but is this how it will always be? What is it going to be like when Jesus comes back to earth? The Bible says that God is love, well why can't we start caring and loving people now instead of waiting for Jesus to come back to our beautiful world earth, His creation actually. So where and how do we begin the process of getting back to the basics of life? Can and should we begin with ourselves? And if we do can we start with the very basics of the core of our existence and that is our relationship with God and that through the forgiveness of our sins and that by the life and death of Gods very beloved Son. Let us start by asking God and Jesus to forgive us of all of the things that we have done all of our sins and that to make us as white as snow, as pure as a bride preparing her self and waiting for the Love of her life. May we be washed clean from the inside out. Make us whole Lord, make us whole. May we be pure as a bride waiting for her Groom. May God forgive us of all of our sins, those that we have done and those that were done or have been done against us and that since the beginning of time. Sins those in the past that influence us so greatly, even generations ago, even societal sins of the past and present that influence us so greatly passed down from generation to generation. We might be thinking how can the sins of the past even societal sins affect us at all. They say that one apple corrupts the whole bunch. Does our environment influence us in any way? Well look at God's chosen people and their past sins. They have wondered in the desert for 40 years when it only takes two weeks to cross over from Egypt into the promise land. They have been exiled out of the promise land twice and the last time for 2000 years now. The Temple Gods dwelling place here on earth has been destroyed twice and it still has not yet been rebuilt. Why? A great majority of Gods chosen people still are waiting for their Messiah and that for 3000 years or more when they were first told that a Messiah was coming. And we think that sins of the past do not affect us at all? OK let us keep thinking. What about Stalin and Hitler, what about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. What about communism which does not believe in God in a God at all and will take all of your possessions and will kill you if you do. We need to come to know not think. If there are any sins in our life that we need to address bring them out in the open, bring them to the light and bring them to the One that wants to forgive and wants to help us forget. There are those in the church that animately hold that it is even a sin to address issues and sins of the past that we are a new creation forgiven. It has been said by an evangelist of our day, “do not deal with that crap from the past”, and it seems that every talk which is given by the evangelist that they physically cry with real ties and real unresolved emotional pain. Some good advice to say might be to “turn that crap into fertilizer and the more crap we have the bigger garden we can have to help other people”. If we have not experienced different issues in our life we can not really help other people too much emotionally, however if we have experienced similar situations or sins in our life we can learn to help other people with similar if we do not forget the pain and empathy from our experiences. We seem to have short memories when it comes to empathy. It is also worth noting that some of those in the church that chose not to find or deal with their internal pain and avoid it at all cost and influence others too, run from their pain hiding from it because it is simply too painful. However, those that chose not to address their pain from past sins in their life that have and is influencing their life so greatly will have those blind spots that they do not see but other people see them very clearly and loud and clear. We are restrained held back from being all that we can be all that God created us to be and desires that we be if we do not free ourselves from past sins in our lives. If nothing else to help others find joy and freedom from there past crippling sins and or ways of life. These devout men and women of God keep hurting other people in their lives not even seeing it or knowing the full impact of their sin against Gods children all because they are afraid to deal with their pain. It is said that hurt people hurt people, that includes Christians as well. If this is not a lifelong process and that to be Christ-like then why do we not know the Bible backward and forward the second we are saved? Why are we not sinless the instant when we become a child of God and saved for eternal life? Could it be that becoming Christ-like is a process that takes a while to achieve and that you have to do things to understand the Bible like read it and study it and go to bible studies with other people so that you can learn to walk closer to and with God and Jesus. Or stop sinning you have to do things to become more Christ-like not just set a home watching our television and Christian programs. It is believed that we not only pray for the forgiveness of the sins that we have done but the sins that other people have done against us that have influenced our lives, even sins that we have no knowledge or understanding of but that have and is still influencing our lives. Pray about it. Be free be whole be all that we can be all that God created us to be. The truth will set us free free indeed. Jesus died that we may be healed as well as our sins be forgiven. Through His stripes, we are healed. Through His death and resurrection we have life. Would it be wise and prudent to even go back to the beginning of time and that do some house cleaning and maybe address issues and sins that may not have been addressed thoroughly? One may ask what on earth would we need to go back to the beginning of time to address and ask for the forgiveness of those sins as well? What good would it do? The whole things seems to be a little archaic, but is it that the sins of the past have greatly influenced our lives more then we will ever know. But does it have to be that way and will it always be this way? It might be argued that no it will not always we this way. Two points are to be noted. One is it is believed that in heaven that there is no sin. There is no pain of remembrance of sin and what people have done against us. Two it is also believed that when Jesus comes back to earth during the millennium reign that it also will be a time of no sin and hurting each other the lamb will lay with the lion. Can it be that we can ask for the forgiveness of the sin in the Garden of Eden that started this whole mess and that when this curse is addressed as it seems to be in heaven and in the Millennium reign of Jesus that a lot of the influence and burden carried along with this curse can be some what lifted or alleviated. Can the power of this curse be lessened by asking for the forgiveness of that sin. If we bring this sin out in the open and to the light and to God and Jesus that the strength of its core deception be rendered powerless. Is it true that when Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil that it gave humanity the ability to not only know good and evil but to participate in such activity and to be influenced in that act. Satan now has the ability to influence us to do evil when possibly before satan tricked Adam and Eve into believing that they would gain knowledge that they did not have the knowledge or ability to even know or do evil at all. Is it that they were ignorant or did not have the ability to do great things and invent stuff. It is believed that they had the ability to do great things just without the knowledge or ability or drive or even be influenced to do anything evil such as kill or steal or lie or covet. Is it possible that they just did not have the knowledge to do evil only good? Is it possible that in heaven this knowledge and ability is not there as well. Is it possible that during the Millennial reign that people will not have satan there to influence them and possibly that we will be changed in a twinkling of an eye and we not have the ability or be influenced to do evil as well, not to sin. This is all pure speculation and of what possibly could be apart of what will take place when Jesus comes back. Could it also be true that if we pray for the forgiveness of our sins all of them even the worlds and that since the beginning of time beginning of creation that God would hear us and alleviate some of the evil that is plaguing our world today as it did in the time of Noah. Is it possible that if we ask for the forgiveness of past sins in our life that we can be free from evil passed down to us that past generations have not dealt with if it be our parents or our grandparents or great-grandparents or even since the beginning of time all the way back to Adam and Eve. Is it wrong to pray big? Is it wrong to think? Is it wrong to address all sin sin that might not have been brought before God and man. Will it change and that possibly soon. Is it to late now to turn back? Is there even a way to turn back other than to put our head in the sand like the ostrich does when they feel threatened. The sins of the past are not good they have greatly influenced our society our world in devastating ways and still do. Can we break the power the devastating influences of past generational sins and curses with our Lord God and Jesus. Can we bring before our God all sins both great and small both now and in the past. Even great sins throughout history. For one example look at the sin of God's chosen people. They have been kicked out of the promise land that for 2000 years now. The Bible says that God will bring them back to the promise land Israel and He has. The Bible also says that God will save them and forgive their sins in one day. The cures of the sin done 2000 years ago still plague them to this very day. They have not found their Messiah yet they have been separated from the living God for 2000 years now. Will they one day and possibly soon ask for the forgiveness of their sins and God forgive them and bring them back under his wing as a mother hen desires to have her children under her wing. Will God save Israel? Will the Jewish people be brought back into the vine Romans 11. How is this done and that through the forgiveness of sins? Should we be afraid to pray big should we be afraid to ask for the forgiveness of all of our sins both great and small and in the past and here and now from generations gone by and in our current generation. How do we help prepare the bride? Is it through the forgiveness of our sins and cleansing ourselves of all unrighteousness. With a clear conscience and with open arms looking up wait for and seek the coming of the Lord. So how do we go about trying to prepare the bride? Can it be through the forgiveness of our sins, making her pure, pure of heart pure of mind and pure of soul, forgiven, made new made whole? We do not want to hurt anyone anymore. We want to be free to be able to love, to love both God and man, free to be loved. Free to have God in our lives free to have love in our lives for God is Love. Some of us are empty we only have darkness and loneliness. How do we fill ourselves or have God fill us with Love with Himself? Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment and what did Jesus say, “to love the Lord God with all of your heart soul and mind and love your neighbor as your self”. To love both God and man and in that order. How can I love if I do not know what love is. If I and many many others do not have it to give. You have to have something before you can give it away. How can I love my neighbor if I only have pain and defenses and hurts even have been crushed in life? Some of us have not only not received love God in our life but any and every part of your person was taken from us we are an empty shell. With no internal personhood personal identity just an empty puppet that people have pulled our strings all of our life or no individuality at all. God loves individuality or why is each person so different. We are and our children are defenseless to the wilds of satan and all of the bad things that are out there in this day and age. When our personhood is taken away our individuality is stripped we have no defenses no internal strength. Let us stop the vicious cycle here and learn to love God and man and stop hurting other people. And that is by dealing with all of the sins in our life be they our own or others or history. Is this how we start to prepare the bride of Jesus. When Jesus comes and that maybe soon, we will not be hurting each other anymore. We are going to learn the true nature of God and that is LOVE to be loved and to learn to love. To fill the empty holes in our life with the very presence of the Living God and that is Love. Love is the most powerful and strongest and most enduring thing in the whole world the whole universe. To be honest, this is something to look forward to this is the true promise land this is the true Jerusalem. Yes, there are other things such as growing in the knowledge of the Lord with the Bible and praying and church and fellowship and teaching our children and world the ways of the Lord but might it be that we need to start here at home with ourselves. Get us ourselves right then we can work on other people that would be our neighborhoods and our societies and nations and churches and the world. We need to start here start at home with thy self and thy family. It is not a bad thing to work on the sins in our life and the influences of society and history, be it our own sins or others sins that have and are influencing us more than we will ever know. It is a special thing to be free to walk with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be honest it is a joy it is special it is freedom it is being whole it is Christ-like it is being all that God created us to be. It is not a bummer to be free from past sin it is honestly the greatest thing in life that we can do as an individual and as a people. Free ourselves from darkness. This is how God created the world to be lived in and this is how the One that loves us desires that we live. Read the Bible and talk to God if you do not believe these words. Pray that God guides us back you Him that we can once again put God first as a nation as a society as a world. See how enjoyable life is when we put God first. Both God and man can be united again. What joy for God when the prodigal son comes back home and what joy for the son when he sees the Fathers outstretched arms and a new coat to keep him warm after being away for so long. God fill us with Your presence that being love so that we may be able to stand when You honor us with Your presence. That we may be spotless as white as snow that all of our sins may be blotted out. That we will have a clear conscience as a bride dressed in white may stand before her Husband to be. May we not only be looking up when you come Lord but that we may be ready and anticipate the born King coming to reign with joy and happiness looking forward to living with Your bride forever.
  2. Is it all about us. We as Christians during this time in history possibly are thinking “Why is God waiting. What is God possibly waiting on, before sending His Son Jesus back to earth to straighten out the mess the moral dilemma that we have found ourselves in in this day and age.” It all seems to be getting worse and life seems to be getting harder for everyone here on earth as well. We think to ourselves and sometimes some of us say it out loud with such complaints as “God what on earth is happening and why for your names sake aren't You doing anything about the situation that we are in”. We might say “why not even a revival” nothing is happening, God seems to be silent at this point and time in history. But is it possible that we could ask the question “why is it happening this way and when are things going to start to happening on a Spiritual level with all of the passages in the Bible about many things happening in the end times or later days. God for heaven sake do something do not let us just set here silent with our hands tied, when the world is following apart around us. Maybe with God there is a reason why things are getting so bad before they can possibly get better. Could it possibly be that there is a code of honor God's Laws at stake. A morality clause in the balance in the by laws of creation. A stand and standard for righteousness and honesty and integrity and Holiness. What about fairness and love. Now instead of looking at this through the eyes of man humanity the creation lets try and look at it through the Eyes of the Creator, through Gods Eyes if that is at all possible with our limited knowledge and ability. Just speculating with human understanding and with an endless possibility of reasons one possible explanation could be that God through His love and His justification for the use of correction and or punishment or chastisement or wrath or judgment has to allow the sin to get to a specific point or level then God has every right and more to make a judgment call or to judge someone and ultimately use punishment. By law we can not prosecute or punish or even judge someone if they have not committed a crime. We may want to because we know that they are and will do a specific sin crime or braking of the law. Or a child we can not spank them or correct them if they have not done something specifically wrong yet, the same even with our pets. We know that they are going to cross the road or what ever it maybe burn their hand on a hot stove. We can not really discipline them until they actually do something wrong. It would not make sense to us or them and it would not be morally right. The same with God really. God cannot discipline us or do any correcting if we have not done nothing wrong yet. And with God God knows when enough is enough not like us. Or how far to let a person or a city or a society or a nation or even a world go before it is enough and they corrupt more and more people and get progressively worse. In an obscure passage but stated in a profound way God tells Abraham and us why God let His people or part of the reason why God let His people stay in the land of Egypt for 400 years. This is seen clearly in Genesis 15:16, “And they shall come back here in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.” God had to wait four generations or 400 years to allow the Amorites to get bad enough before God could with all honesty and moral integrity and righteousness and legitimately had the moral right to judge these people, kick them out and give the land to another people, His chosen people. There are other passages in the Bible about the end times that could be seen as to the reason why God possibly would decide to wait for a certain level of corruption, immorality and or sin to prevail or reach or peak before God can morally ethically and honestly make a correction, punishment, judgment or wrath. We see this with God sending a people into exile twice and the last time for 2000 years now, as God did with His chosen people Israel, but loves them enough to bring them back. We see with such passages in these as to why God might be waiting to make a correction in the end times. In Romans 11:25, we find “a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in”. Daniel 12:7, ”When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed." Matthew 24:12, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold”. Luke 21:22-24 “For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written”. Romans 2:5. "But after your hardness and impenitent heart treasure up to yourself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation”. 1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Is it possible that Gods reason for waiting in this time in history is not all about us as Christians but possibly might it be about giving an honest shake to those that chose to resist the Love and Heart of God. We might be thinking to ourselves why O why O God are these things happening and why O why God are You waiting and not doing anything about it. Well can it be possible that we can set back and relax and know that there possibly might be a very good reason why things are happening the way that they are evolving. God seems silent at this point in time, but is God really that silent. In reality the world is speaking loud and clear with the level of transgression reaching the Ears and Eyes and Heart of the Lord God. So good advise is to see and learn from History that God does get involved and that when it is the correct time as seen all throughout the Bible.

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