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  1. Please pray for Jasmine, she is in Isolation with fever other symptoms. The judge turned down her application for parole at the beginning of the year and she has 6 months left to go. She failed to turn someone in and drove them around when they threatened her kids and family. She got 3 years for obstruction by a DA and Judge who wanted to look tough on crime. (and an ineffective public defender) I haven't been able to visit her since this virus started because the virus is prevalent in prisons.
  2. A lot of times I tend to sing more harmony than the main tune. I did that all the time when I was going to church.
  3. Decided to do John Newton's hymn as it is one of my favorites.
  4. From the police groups (private groups now) on facebook that I read Blue Flue is coming to more cities. If you are in a major city, prepare. There is talk of a July 4 walkout in New York and LA and in Colorado the police are retiring and quitting because the politicians have just made their jobs harder by removing qualified immunity (while leaving it for themselves.)
  5. My sister bought my dad a meal from the Chinese restaurant (I had to go pick it up). I splurged and got him 2 donuts. And then I told him the freezer died and everything is thawing. I don't think he liked the last part.
  6. I want to do Amazing Grace next, just need time to do it.
  7. They are charging the officer with murder and the death penalty before any investigation has been done. People are rioting and because of lack of leadership support from the city 5 of the 7 precincts in Atlanta have walked off the job. The other 2 are short staffed. Blue Flue has hit.
  8. One of my favorite films, I like the scenes where they sing Make Them Laugh or Good Morning.
  9. I like GIMP for editing photos, it is easy to use and free.
  10. Me. Singing helps pass time
  11. But those who don't agree talk about it in a civil matter here. I am currently on the night shift at a factory 40 miles from my house where nothing happens, just watch the cameras and walk through once in a while. Being a floater also I wind up everywhere else during the week. The day it 96 here I got called in to cover a shopping center that involved walking around it the whole shift outside (might be why the guard called off) then went and worked the overnight. I should have 54 hours by the end of the day today.
  12. I love the Holderness family and follow them on Facebook. Their son is a real ham in videos.
  13. I love the classics.
  14. That was from a TikTok police account, they try to humanize the badge by making cure videos. I just tiktok because I am bored at work and tell bad jokes.
  15. I was at WalMart today and bought a pound of chicken legs. I asked the cashier if they front or rear legs. She had to go ask a manager and came back upset.
  16. Yup safe and working 6 days a week then working at home on projects on day 7. Got some painting down today on the raised gardens for my dad and took down my police memorial flag from the new flagpole as people are cruising the suburbs looking for police related things for houses to target.
  17. I am now the indoor enthusiast as I can not get up from the ground. We used to go for two week every year at the C&MA campground for their annual conference. We always got the same spot at the bottom of the hill where all the water would run into the tent.
  18. Yes, thank you. It was an interesting night with sirens and fires going on. Lots of stores were damaged. The lot I was in was in a little alleyway with an apartment building so not many noticed it, those few who did left when I stepped out of my vehicle. I then had to work day shift the next day and night shift again after that so I crammed 3 days into two and this is the first I have been able to check in. Thank you all.
  19. I am working downtown and there are riots going on a block away from me.
  20. Apparently my pay has been bouncing up and down 4 hours every other week. They are supposed to pay me a min of 40 hours but only payed me for the hours I worked 4 checks ago which was 36, Since then they have been adjusting it up and down the same 4 hours until this week when they shorted me 8 hours and now they have to look into the last 3 months of pay to figure it out. Fortunately the bank put a note on my credit card account that the payment will be late this month.
  21. Thank you everyone. My driver's license expires today but I am not renewing it for a while as the BMV just reopened today and all ready the system is overwhelmed with people lined up around the block and the online reservation system crashed. The Gov stated expired licenses are good until the end of Aug.
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