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  1. Yesterday I swallowed a dozen plastic horses. I felt a little sick after that and went tot he ER but the Dr. says I am stable now.
  2. The problem is those pills get in the water supply. You are not supposed to flush old drugs. Take them to your pharmacy, hospital or even check if your fire department has a drug take back.
  3. I went to a funeral yesterday. The room was filled with friends and family. I walked up to the grieving widow and asked her if I could say a word. Through her tears, she nodded yes, so I walked up tot he front of the room and waited for everyone to quiet down. I stepped up to the podium and said "Plethora" then went back to sit down. The widow came over to me and gave me hug. She then said, "Thanks, it means a lot."
  4. International coffee day is Sunday September 29. So we can all drink lots of coffee that day.
  5. I ate 4 large bowls of alphabet soup last night for dinner. This morning I had a huge vowel movement. The soup was just like the soups my grammer always made.
  6. This will be my fisrt defense on the Zombie Apocalypse
  7. Howl Moving Castle is a book? I have the movie now I will have to check the book out from the library. I prefer to read a book before I see a movie. But anything from studio Gibly I will watch, My Friend Tototro is the best. First Gibly movie I saw was KiKi's Delivery Service. I was taking a community Japanese class and the teacher played the movie the first day. The rest of the classes were a little more learning but not much as we had seniors and teens and nobody could learn on the same speed.
  8. My bank refunded the money Friday. Fast action, but PayPal has a consumer guarantee also. So I had enough gas to go see the Steam Locomotive in the national park. I want to go again next week as it is a only running for 2 weeks and my dad wants to see it. Only a 40 minute drive. They sell ticket to ride the train, but the normally $15 tickets are jacked up to $25 - $75 for the Steam Event. They stop the train at a station mid route so passengers can take photos then use a diesel locomotive to pull it back to the first station. There is a meadow they go by after the last station for people who want to see the train. The park service has free parking and rangers to ensure nobody gets too close to the tracks.
  9. So should I be asking my car for forgiveness? I backed into a high curb last week and poked a hole in the muffler, I bumped a fence and put scratches on the bumper. I need forgiveness. LOL
  10. Just when I almost caught up with bills and had enough to get through a pay period, I got cloned. I have 2 unauthorized transactions on my debit card atr a time when I was working and had to call my bank to report fraud,. Now my debit card is cancelled and I have to wait for the bank to complete their investigation before I recover the money, I have $70 to last me a week and half for gas and groceries. I cashed in rewards points at the gas station for a gift card to buy gas this week. I am going to keep adding funds to that card for use at the pump as I think that is where I got skimmed and cloned. I usually grab the card reader and yank to see if a skimmer is there.
  11. Burger King plans to expand their delivery service to people who are stuck in traffic jams, They are testing it out in Mexico city right now but plan on expanding to LA. Order your meal from the app and the food comes right to your car,.
  12. But game play was mostly the same with all the new versions, this time they are promoting a view.
  13. That slogan was for Virginia Slims cigarettes. A cigarette just fir women. At the construction site I have seen no women laborers, but the female operators make more than them because of their skills. One runs a crane and drives a truck, she makes as much as the male operators.
  14. With all the It's A Southern Thing Y'all videos popping up in the General Forum we need to change the name of this site to Southern Christian Writers. 😋
  15. We had a storm at work the other day lightning stuck a couple blocks to the left of me and a couple blocks to the front of me at the same time. 3 cranes operating in the a 3 block radius and not one of the booms was struck. That was when everybody stopped working thought and ran for cover from the buckets of water coming down.
  16. They are bringing out Ms. Monopoly to bring a spotlight to the pay gap. No more investing in land, instead you invest in inventions by women. At the the start of the game men get $1500 and women get $1900. As they pass go men get $200 and women get $240. Also new tokens will be in the game like a white hat and a watch to symbolize Uncle Pennybags passing the hat to his neice and it is time for a change.
  17. Sounds like the track from Sister Act. Whoopi Goldberg is a Vegas headliner hiding out from the gangsters by pretending to be a nun and leading the choir.
  18. I like the music of Danny Elfman myself. He has done some good scores with TV and Movies.
  19. I am with Penn on this one, I don't need Pumpkin Spice everything.
  20. Even though it may feel like a good idea at the time, buying clean silverware when all yours is dirty is not. The drawers are all full and there is still silverware in the drainer. At least all the dishes in the house are finally done, only took 6 sink fulls.
  21. But cast iron can be re-seasoned. It is durable, that is what is so good about it. I have a bunch of cast iron cookware.
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