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  1. And the other Mr. Rogers movie just came out this year. Won't You Be My Neighbor. It was more interviews than a depiction of his life. I liked that movie and so did my mother.
  2. I worked 90 hours and the last day was the hardest as we were short 6 people. One of out officers had his 6 week old daughter die and his mom, aunt, brother, sister, dad all called off that day. His brother came to the party that night for the chief who retired after 50 years and they had an auction on a bottle of whisky to raise money for the funeral and the 50/50 raffle we have every year, the winners gave him the winnings. This is why I work the fair, we are family, the $600 helps also but more the family of officers we have. I gave up all but 2 people on the last day for my lots for the other lot to use for the shortage. With just 4 of us we parked 2 lots and it looked fairly good with only one complaint from people about lack of directions. 3 times this week we had EMS come through our lot to First Aid next to our gate and each time we had the roadway cleared for them, twice it was with only 2 people.
  3. It is the last day, this is the first year I have felt so much hate towards me. 2x times I have been called a racist just because I have the badge. One called me a Motherf'n liar and crook saying I hate all you cops. Another couple stood on the side of the road yelling obscenities at me about cops. The level of people has gone downhill. On the other hand I have been shown respect and been able to help a few people this week like taking elderly to the gate and helping them get transportation inside the fair. And a couple of families with young kids who look at the golf cart with the blinking lights with envy I have given them rides around the parking lot. So it evens out. I won't be out of the fair until after 1 in the morning tonight as we have our party after the fair is over. Miller gives the officers free beer at the party, for those of us who don't drink the fair provides sodas and I have my coffee maker.
  4. Worn out is right, I am up again and trying to find the energy to get out of bed and get dressed to go in. Big singing star tonight at thje grandstand so the lot will be full and people will be pissed and yelling will occur. The other lot has shoved the lot attendant they don't like off on my lot because he caused too many problems over there including parking a vehicle in mud so deep they had to be towed. I have come to the conclusion that all teenagers are named Dory and they keep on swimming. I had an elderly couple wandering the lot for 20 minutes looking for their car in the dark before they saw me and flagged me down. The asked for help finding their car so I told them hop on the golf cart we would drive around and look. I drove five feet and there was their car.
  5. Well the fair is kicking my butt this year. We are down 3 older officers due to medical reasons and less people applied. I am running my area with one other officer instead of two and 4 lot attendants instead of 8. People are not listening and the distance between the workers is far enough that people are making their own places to park, usually halfway between rows which means we lose real estate for cars. I am working 9a to 11p everyday except Friday we get out after midnight and Saturday we go in at 7. For the essentials, I have a Kuerig in my vehicle and good food in the coolers but no time to eat it. I am eating one meal a day while working. I ran out of sunblock as the kids working lot attendants can't remember to bring the things they need like that and they used all mine up. I have given rides to a few families coming to the fair in the golf cart with the red blue lights going, their little kids loved it. And received free ice cream twice yesterday from vendors we gave lifts to because we can take our carts through the crowd where they can't drive their cars. I put 16 gallons of ice cream on my cart yesterday to move to one of the vendors. I also drove 2 performers to their stage as they parked on the wrong place.
  6. I have been listening to classical when driving, it really helps my mood when in traffic jams and people keep cutting me off because I leave a safe stopping distance. When I am on the highway or feel the need for faster stuff I listen to the Red Hot Chili Pipers.
  7. Well as of now I have 2 large coolers in the back of my vehicle, I have 4 shirts with patches and 2 without that I will have done later this year. I tried to sew on some patches yesterday but it took me 40 minutes to thread the needle, the holes in them got smaller, too small to see. I have to pull my police vests and traffic wands out of the garage for after dark when we do traffic.
  8. I have internet, cable and landline. My dad is 85 and would have trouble figuring out a fire stick or some workaround.
  9. yawarakai


    Before I published my first book I took 200 recipes from my mom's recipe file that she has been collecting from friends and such. I organized them into a cookbook and published one copy with each of the different POD publishers to see who came out with the better quality. When I decided on Amazon I deleted from the other places. Surprisingly the book actually sells a few copies here and there. As for getting lost on Amazon I have my own website with links to the books on Amazon.
  10. I go on vacation from work next week and work the fair all week. Double checks 🙂 I am at a point where I am trying to figure out which bill to pay next, the fair will help with that. I am down to $900 left on my car with $350 a month in payments. If I can get that done I will be able to start paying down some bills. It is time to switch internet providers again also. They are good for a year, then the deals go away and they give you another deal for another year when you threaten to leave but not as good, I started paying $99 a month, now it is $190 a month after the $50 a month discounts. I have a cooler for the fair to keep my food in, the drain plug broke. They no longer make that model or parts for it. I bought a drain plug for a different brand and drilled the hole for the plug bigger to fit so the cooler still works. New coolers this size are over $50, a plug is $8. Someone told me it is time to toss it but it is still in good condition just that one little part. Why waste money buying a new one when the old can be fixed. I had to buy new shirts for the fair as my old ones are ground in with dirt from years of working the dusty lot. They made me a supervisor last year and were not happy with the dirt stains that will not come out. I moved from the big busy dusty lot to the smaller grass covered lot and paved lot. I also have trees on my lot for shade. No dust blowing up on my shirts but if it rains there will be mud. But buying new shirts was $100. Car repairs in the last month were another $300. That is why I need this fair check to catch up. If I work enough hours I can make the max of $599 for casual labor.
  11. yawarakai


    The ease of publishing, it will accept a couple of formats including the Word doc format now. The cover designer is easy to do also. And then the book goes right on Amazon where you can set up an Author page,
  12. I tried the traditional route before going Amazon. Got tired of all the offers from self publishing places that landed in my email. Sure get my book published for $3000 and get it in stores. Well Amazon has got it up for for free for me. That doesn't mean it is any worse, it just means I don't have a big name. You need the name to do anything anymore. I know a guy with a name, is publishing his second book and it is selling because he has a name and following. I have no following and refuse to SPAM people or do anything in advertising that is less than honorable. Will I not make any sales, no I will make 3 or 4 without big advertising and spam and clickbait, But I will have my honor and integrity.
  13. Do your people have conversations in your head in their own voices doing storylines? Or is that just something I should talk to my therapist about? 🙂
  14. That sound more like a mystery shopper. I have done audits of places where I have to take a ton of photos from every angle to get paid. It is not easy trying not to get people in the photo when the place is busy. I have a lot of photos of gas stations, supermarkets, bathrooms, food....
  15. I liked the Rankin/Bass movies the best, but then I remember watching them on TV at Thanksgiving as a kid at my grandmas house after the big meal. I still remember the scene of if Frodo reaching Mt Doom and deciding he was not going to destroy the ring. Gollum biting off his finger and laughing and dancing hystericly at his triumph until he reached the edge.
  16. Well the Sears guy came out and ordered a part for the stove so we have another week until we can use the oven. I took all the bread and buns that thawed in the freezer and started making bread pudding in my air fryer, until my air fryer died. The guy across the street from me replaced the blower in my car for $20 labor and $120 parts. Now I have to get my uniform patches on for the fair in August. I bought 6 new shorts and they all need patches.
  17. Ya it is under warranty so that will be taken care of tomorrow. However the list of things to be done is never ending anymore <sigh> I wonder where all the time goes. How is it even June all ready, the county fair comes up in just over a month and I don't have my entries ready.
  18. Well the stove is still under warranty with Sears and the freezer is also. My thought was unplug it for a while and see if it reset it, but my mom called the repair people and while talking to them they could hear it and they told her to unplug it for an hour and let the ice around the compressor melt. It turns out that my dad left it open overnight and the compressor froze trying to keep it cool. We did wind up tossing a lot of items, but at least we cleaned out the freezer finally. And I made $10 from the apple butter that thawed. A guy at work bought 2 quarts, one regular and one cranberry. I told him eat it fast as it is natural, no preservatives. The other 4 quarts went to family members.
  19. Looks like Booksneeze, Booklook is rebranding again. They wanted the last review submitted by the end of May and they will be back in August under a new name again. This is the review site for Thomas Nelson publishers. I have been reviewing kids books for them so I have something to send to my grandkids and also the Amish love stories by Amy Clipston and and such as my mom likes to read those (great way to save money) I actually heard about the site from here a while ago.
  20. First I had to replace a new tire because the hole was too close to the sidewall, then the computer went. Now I am replacing the blower on my car because it decided to go and the oven keeps setting off the carbon monoxide alarm. Then this morning I go downstairs and the freezer thawed out so for breakfast we had pirogi, BBQ meatballs creme puffs coffee cake donuts and burgers.
  21. Nope each has a different password and so does my bank account and facebook and my other facebook and my other facebook and the million other websites I visit. I have 5 emails because one the email address is on the dark web, another I use just for Mystery shopping as I signed up with 60 companies to do that and they all send daily emails. The other three are personal.
  22. LOL, these are so true. I am working on my second novel, I have up on my first.
  23. Our local radio station had a lot of patriotic music between the talk yesterday for D-Day, along with historical broadcasts bites.
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