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  1. Well the Sears guy came out and ordered a part for the stove so we have another week until we can use the oven. I took all the bread and buns that thawed in the freezer and started making bread pudding in my air fryer, until my air fryer died. The guy across the street from me replaced the blower in my car for $20 labor and $120 parts. Now I have to get my uniform patches on for the fair in August. I bought 6 new shorts and they all need patches.
  2. Ya it is under warranty so that will be taken care of tomorrow. However the list of things to be done is never ending anymore <sigh> I wonder where all the time goes. How is it even June all ready, the county fair comes up in just over a month and I don't have my entries ready.
  3. Well the stove is still under warranty with Sears and the freezer is also. My thought was unplug it for a while and see if it reset it, but my mom called the repair people and while talking to them they could hear it and they told her to unplug it for an hour and let the ice around the compressor melt. It turns out that my dad left it open overnight and the compressor froze trying to keep it cool. We did wind up tossing a lot of items, but at least we cleaned out the freezer finally. And I made $10 from the apple butter that thawed. A guy at work bought 2 quarts, one regular and one cranberry. I told him eat it fast as it is natural, no preservatives. The other 4 quarts went to family members.
  4. Looks like Booksneeze, Booklook is rebranding again. They wanted the last review submitted by the end of May and they will be back in August under a new name again. This is the review site for Thomas Nelson publishers. I have been reviewing kids books for them so I have something to send to my grandkids and also the Amish love stories by Amy Clipston and and such as my mom likes to read those (great way to save money) I actually heard about the site from here a while ago.
  5. First I had to replace a new tire because the hole was too close to the sidewall, then the computer went. Now I am replacing the blower on my car because it decided to go and the oven keeps setting off the carbon monoxide alarm. Then this morning I go downstairs and the freezer thawed out so for breakfast we had pirogi, BBQ meatballs creme puffs coffee cake donuts and burgers.
  6. Nope each has a different password and so does my bank account and facebook and my other facebook and my other facebook and the million other websites I visit. I have 5 emails because one the email address is on the dark web, another I use just for Mystery shopping as I signed up with 60 companies to do that and they all send daily emails. The other three are personal.
  7. LOL, these are so true. I am working on my second novel, I have up on my first.
  8. Our local radio station had a lot of patriotic music between the talk yesterday for D-Day, along with historical broadcasts bites.
  9. Only 2? I have 5. One is just for SPAM any more. One is for mystery shopping that address only goes to those companies. One is the the one I give out to companies who want an email, the other 3 are for more private things, they are not being SPAMed yet
  10. Better than the lady with a pin in hip, they would not let her through because it set off the metal detector. The whole visit was not that good as we had to wait an hour to even get in and then the visit was cut short on the other side also so a 4 hour visit turned out to be 2,
  11. Well to make it worse, I donated $20 to a charity for my birthday through Facebook payments using paypal. They did an instant transfer from my bank account instead of the payment method I usually do so I wound up -$3 and and got a NSF fee. been a long time since I had one of those. And I lost a fairly new tire to a puncture next to the edge where the sidewall is. So now it is time to start hoping for overtime at work, but not the bad areas like the apartment building the police call a living hell.
  12. The FAA is now looking into Chic Fil A controversy to see if 2 airports violated the law by banning Chik Fil A because of religious beliefs of their founder. One is Boston and the other is in Texas.
  13. I will have to look for some of those, might be easier when I visit the prison as last time I had to remove my boots because the metal eyelets for the shoestring set off the metal detector.
  14. After 3.5 years my computer has bit the dust. i am having multiple boot problems with it and when it does boot it is nothing but blue circles. I lost a lot of non-essential files when I tried a factory reset which wipes the drive. My important files I have backed up to one drive, but learned I forgot to back up the drawings for one book. I ordered a new computer off Amazon overnight delivery and love how much faster it is. But now I have to download all the software I use, like gimp (windows installed my copy of office during setup) and I will have to reinstall my printers and scanner.
  15. I like Bagrock myself. I have a channel on Amazon music set up for that, The Red Hot Chili Pipers is my favorite of the Bagrock groups.
  16. I forgot it was Palm Sunday until one of the kids coming to visit their parent at work came in with a palm leaf.
  17. Another way I saw on a video is to take a phrase you will remember and use the first letter. The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog. tqrfjotlbd replace your o with 0 and add upper case where you can remember. TqrfJ0tlbd new password.
  18. Have you ever thought that telling someone "Have a nice day" sounds nice a friendly? But if you say the same thing in different words such as, "Enjoy your next 24 hours" It just sounds menacing. ? Enjoy your next 24 hours everyone.
  19. A woman in Thailand was visiting the grave of her mother and had 4 sweat bees crawl into her eye. She thought it was dirt and washed out her eye but when it was swollen the next day she went to see the doctor. The doctor pulled the bees out which had been drinking her tears. Now we know this woman had true beauty because everyone knows that beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.
  20. New memes are coming out now as Chuck Norris the spokesperson for Glock. Their facebook post announcing it got a ton of replies about Chuck Norris. One was he died 8 years ago, Death has been too afraid to come for him.
  21. How do you get youtube to show on the post though?
  22. I passed the shooting test with an 80% on some of the targets. My first shot went bad and the 50 foot I missed one shot. My sister is home, they will be seeing her again in 3 months when they figure out what to do.
  23. https://youtu.be/Nq1Uv-qFls8
  24. Someone has money to burn. ? Much better than the Mythbusters episode where they filled a drum with matches.
  25. My sister is home, they are postponing the ablation for three months. She has no veins, and blood clots. Also her they can't fid her port. Myself I have been outside all week and not feeling so hot. This morning I was dizzy when heading to work and extremely tired. Fridays I usually sleep in to make up for the sleep ost during the week.
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