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  1. Hi . I loved your comments on " Pentecost " in the showcase and wrote a reply to it . However , I got out out of control a wrote so much it was outside the boundaries of a reply and so became a " copy and paste " showcase . But it started because God used you to trigger something in me . So thank you . Thanks for "triggering " :-)

  2. You wrote a very good entry about the importance of communication on Married Life Goldmine , but I had started this thread in Forums . Could you transfer it to Showcase because I believe it could help many .

  3. Finally got my first Kindle! Can't wait to unbox it tonight!

  4. I'm very glad they removed the web filter so I can browse this site in my downtime at work :D

  5. Ready for a new year, with new goals! "Resolutions" are so twentieth-century. Goals are the new thing!!

  6. If there was only ONE book on writing you could ever read, what would it be?

  7. I have to stop being so busy! I miss coming around here!

  8. Next step: Amazon, and print copies.

  9. Today, I have taken a new step into being what God wants me to be. I have officially become a published author :)

    1. ChrisforChrist05


      Thank you, Jesus.

  10. Back after too long of an absence! Liking the new changes.

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