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  1. I am in Kansas. We have a governor that moved here from New York and her ideologies don't work in Kansas. Plus she has ruined our economy with illegal mandates. I have had people ask me to run and with God's help, I will.
  2. That I still have hope that those who love the Constitution will continue to restore what has been stolen from us. I am also thankful that God has carried me for so long.
  3. I sent you a pm that is pretty long that explains why I am doing this.
  4. Not pleased with the outcome of the stolen election. I have decided to change what I can in my state and local governments. I am running for governor in my state in 2022 with the No More Career Politicians platform, along with a few other things that will attempt to bring back what is good in the Constitution of my state. I realize I may be censored or even picked up by the Gestapo but I will nonetheless continue to fight for what God gave us and laid our for our Founding Fathers to give birth to. Censorship is real. I've been shut down many times by social media. I have pray
  5. I WANT AN OLD FASHION TYPEWRITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for one. I want to use it instead of this devil beastie computer. It has way too many distractions for this ADHD adult
  6. Twitter and facebook are about done, so not having an account with them wouldn't worry me so much. Those two social media outlets are bullies and their stock is going to plummet very soon.
  7. My problem is that Mom is of sound mind. She is smarter than me and she told me she knows what she s doing. My children have executor and powers of attorney over her and they have limited her spending power to groceries and a few incidentals. But she still sends money to him. I am just the caregiver and no one in the family listens to me. So I have given them notice that I am leaving if they can't get this matter under control and Mom agrees to counselling. Without me, she goes to assisted living. I am tired of the family brow beating me every time they don't like something I do o someth
  8. I wrote Mom a 4 page letter (typed up) and am leaving it on the table while I go do chores and work outside. Pray it pricks her heart.
  9. I think her pride is what is keeping her from admitting her idiocy. I have gone to AMAC (the conservative alternative to AARP) and they have things as well. I've even gone to the VA for help since she is a veteran. Until she admits she needs help they can't and won't do a thing. I've talked to my legislators and they can't do anything either.
  10. Mom is now threatening not to eat until I give her back the computer. Her problem is that she loves sweets. ANd she is constantly feeding her dog treats so she goes to the refrigerator all the time. So I am not worried about her staring. he has a kindle and has already opened a new email and emailed this guy. Just my luck I have a tech savvy mother that knows more than I do about computers
  11. Appreciate the prayers. It is my children and I dealing with Mom since my two younger brothers are out of the picture, one refuses to associate with us and the other we don't know where he is but we do get a Christmas card occasionally with no return address
  12. My 82 yr old mom has been having an 'affair' with a scammer for about 8 months now. Earlier this month, my children, who have Power of Attorney and access to her bank accounts took control of her finances to a certain degree, with the hopes she would stop sending Albert money. This morning, she took off to the bank early and said she was also going to go get milk. Well, she did go grocery shopping but in the mean time, I got her password and checked her email and sure enough, he asked for money and she said she'd send some. So, I changed her email password, set up a new email (playing to b
  13. I did know about the alphabet thing. T he rhythm thing is there, I noticed in how each verse is longer or shorter but didn't recognize it for the rhythm itself.
  14. I am learning disabled in reading comprehension, even though I taught myself to read at age 4. IN college, I wrote notes in class and audio taped lecture. Then the night before the next class, I listened to the tape and re-wrote the notes. Before a test, I re-wrote all the notes for that section. I could close my eyes and see the page I wrote, then find the answer I needed.,. Killed a lot of trees but it helped e learn. Copying things down makes my brain absorb things better since i is a slower process than reading.
  15. I despise anything virtual with meetings, it is very much a human-less thing that we have all become so complacent to accept. Just like the election, they expect us to be complacent and believe what they say actually happened in spite of fraud. Virtual things allow for evil to slip in and make things unattached from human emotion, interaction and the like. Can I raise livestock virtually and actually feed the world? I think not. Computers; they warned us about years ago, that they would take over our lives and sadly, I am addicted to this beast due to my business and needing to keep up
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