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  1. Mom is now threatening not to eat until I give her back the computer. Her problem is that she loves sweets. ANd she is constantly feeding her dog treats so she goes to the refrigerator all the time. So I am not worried about her staring. he has a kindle and has already opened a new email and emailed this guy. Just my luck I have a tech savvy mother that knows more than I do about computers
  2. Appreciate the prayers. It is my children and I dealing with Mom since my two younger brothers are out of the picture, one refuses to associate with us and the other we don't know where he is but we do get a Christmas card occasionally with no return address
  3. My 82 yr old mom has been having an 'affair' with a scammer for about 8 months now. Earlier this month, my children, who have Power of Attorney and access to her bank accounts took control of her finances to a certain degree, with the hopes she would stop sending Albert money. This morning, she took off to the bank early and said she was also going to go get milk. Well, she did go grocery shopping but in the mean time, I got her password and checked her email and sure enough, he asked for money and she said she'd send some. So, I changed her email password, set up a new email (playing to b
  4. I did know about the alphabet thing. T he rhythm thing is there, I noticed in how each verse is longer or shorter but didn't recognize it for the rhythm itself.
  5. I am learning disabled in reading comprehension, even though I taught myself to read at age 4. IN college, I wrote notes in class and audio taped lecture. Then the night before the next class, I listened to the tape and re-wrote the notes. Before a test, I re-wrote all the notes for that section. I could close my eyes and see the page I wrote, then find the answer I needed.,. Killed a lot of trees but it helped e learn. Copying things down makes my brain absorb things better since i is a slower process than reading.
  6. I despise anything virtual with meetings, it is very much a human-less thing that we have all become so complacent to accept. Just like the election, they expect us to be complacent and believe what they say actually happened in spite of fraud. Virtual things allow for evil to slip in and make things unattached from human emotion, interaction and the like. Can I raise livestock virtually and actually feed the world? I think not. Computers; they warned us about years ago, that they would take over our lives and sadly, I am addicted to this beast due to my business and needing to keep up
  7. I have started handwriting the Bible as part of my Bible study. I have copied down Revelation, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and Jude. I am working on Lamentations now (although it is kind of depressing). I'm just curious if any of you do this as well. I know that there are some who journal and copying the Bible is part of that journal. I find that by copying the Bible, I retain it better as I have a hard time remembering Bible verses. Another reason I copy the Bible down in a notebook is that I believe that a time will come when our Bibles will be endangered and to have a
  8. I don't know what to do as I need a winter income and things are looking grim. I have a large following with my Barnyard Weed Warriors..com page that is my business page. I was considering selling t-shirts and the like but that sales tax thing is a big hang up.
  9. Mom doesn't have alzheimers she is just lonely and got tricked into believing this guy. She is sound mind enough to make decisions but she got hooked into this guy asking for money. We changed the music at church so we had a song I could play without messing up terribly. Mom didn't go to church, wasn't up to it. Mom and I did talk a little and she wants me to live here after she passes away, my son is to inherit the land and I am to live here. BUT he wants to sell land asap after she is gone. So that will tick him off. It is such a mess I just pray I can get a piece of pr
  10. No I just can't play that one song at all. She is not threatening me. She can't hurt me in any way. I just wouldn't be able to save my self it my life depended upon playing that song correctly...LOL
  11. My daughter has already consulted a lawyer and she has enough authority and with both grandkids working jointly my mom has little to say. The kids gave her the right act and if she won't comply they will petition the state to put her in conservatorship. I don't think she is as upset about them taking control of her finances as she is being told she can no longer communicate with albert and that He is not coming to Thanksgiving because he is lying to her. I am out of the picture as far as having any control...Thank the Lord. She still isn't talking much to me and she has told me that I hav
  12. I cannot stand family drama and yet I am in the middle of it because I stood up to my Mom ( I am her caregiver). For months my 82 yr old mother has been sending money to a scammer against my wishes and her grand childre3n. My son recently was put on her bank accounts and he went through the roof. I called yesterday to talk to my daugher (POA and executor) to tell her that I caught Mom buying another money card for this guy called Albert (who according to Mom is coming for thanksgiving...right Mom). Anyway I yelled at Mom and lectured her the whole way home from store (20 minutes) on how I
  13. I am the sparrow that is lost in the wind. The Lord knows my needs and he provides me with them. I fear no evil, for my eyes are upon Him, I live each day hoping to see Him and then, forever no needs because He fullfilled them all. Oh how I wait for the Master's call. This world is not my own, I am passing through, fear of elections I give tothe Lord to get me through! I am not worried for He will provide. In the Lord, will I hide. Didnt' mean for it to come out that way but hey, it is how I feel.
  14. I have a political opinion blog that I am starting to get quite a following and I was wanting to do a basic animal husbandry blog to help those getting into small farm animals so they can understand what is and isn't normal behavior, how to give vaccinations and trim feet as well as information on birthing and breeding.
  15. I've been told I need to blog about raising goats and animal husbandry. Do you know of anyone who blogs who actually makes money blogging> I've even thought about doing video blogs as well to earn a few extra dollars. What say ye?
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