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  1. the nativity story based on a scene from the movie "the perfect gift" by Kelly Film studios. also available in spanish.
  2. Christians take some lessons from Daniel on navigating the everyday world of business and politics and the faith.
  3. c taylor

    Year of the Silence

    after another tragedy, a church decides to become a "good Samaritan" by doing good without fanfare and the neighborhood begins to change....
  4. c taylor

    Grandkids in a Box

    grandma is missing her grandkids. she dreams she receives a special delivery which turns out to be her beloved wee ones. they spend the day having a blast and then she has to return them .
  5. c taylor


    Four of us have been praying for and supporting each other through issues each of us have been dealing with for some time. We have each questioned why the answer or promise is so long in coming while enemy attacks are like machine gun fire. It appears now, however, that the final leg of each journey is unfolding, and as we carry that hope – expectation – we’ve seen some things. Each of us has a different gift of the Holy Spirit and that gift has been most often used for the others in their time of need. We have discovered the best place in the middle of all this is in t
  6. It appears in these last days that God is moving quickly to correct the theology of His children - those who claim Christ as Lord and Savior. Is there anything more in prayer when you've run out of words? When you've quoted every Scripture you know? When you've rebuked the devil and pled the blood of Jesus until you're drenched in it? God has given Abraham and Sarah the son *He* promised them – Isaac (which means "laughter"). But, the laughter leaves as God speaks to Abraham and requests the "son of the promise" as a sacrifice. Ishmael and his mother have been sent away – there is
  7. Contrary to popular thought, we were not meant to live the Kingdom Life alone. We are the "Body" of Christ. Different personalities, different giftings, diverse administration of those giftings, but the same Spirit works in us - the Holy Spirit. We cannot operate apart from one another. You have what I lack and need - I need you in order to survive. I may be your answer to prayer, your next miracle - you need me in order to survive. It is God's will that every need be supplied, but not apart from the Body and certainly not apart from HIM. In trials and tribulation and testing, don't leave the
  8. I just finished Matthew 13 in my Bible time this a.m. The last line is verse 58: *And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief*. Why? The answer is in verses 54-57 – He’d come home for a visit, taught in the synagogue, they were astounded at His teaching and their reaction was: “Ain’t He the carpenter’s kid? Who does He think He is? He grew up around here. We know His family.” I see this from two angles. First, those of us who’ve been followers of Christ for a minute sometimes think we’ve got this God thing down pretty pat. *We know God.* We’ve seen Him bu
  9. c taylor


    I was in that season of seemingly non-stop dreaming. This particular time I dreamt I walked into a hospital room. A private room. A woman was lying in the bed, eyes closed, unmoving. I walked over to her in the darkened room with just the bed’s overhead light on. I put my hand on her stomach and she arched violently and dropped back down onto the bed. I woke up. “Go to Faith Temple.” That’s all I heard. It was Sunday morning. Honestly, I’m not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I didn’t make the connection between the dream and the instructions.
  10. c taylor

    WHY ASK?

    I have a rare disorder (lymphedema) that causes swelling in the affected limb – in my case, a leg. Because it’s so rare, it’s categorized as an “orphan disease” which are code words for *not enough people have it to justify spending money on research so that the health industry can profit from it*. Anywhooo ... I was told that the best that can be done is to manage it. I stopped being a guinea pig for curious doctors a long time ago – poked, prodded, invaded and wrapped like a mummy. LOL I also stopped asking “why me?” At one time, I’d actually convinced myself that God let this
  11. c taylor


    A notification was sent to me concerning whether anybody had ever *seen* God. Some folks were having a debate concerning this issue. I did some fact checking and discovered that indeed it is recorded that at least one person saw God face to face: Moses – Exodus 33:11. Later, in chapter 34, Moses asks God if he may see His glory. God consents and appears to say something contrary (v. 20) – that Moses cannot see His *face*. The Hebrew word *panyim* means “face” and is used in both statements by God. So, what’s up? Moses has asked for infinitely more than the face of God. He has a
  12. c taylor


    In my powder room reading this morning, the Queen of Sheba visits King Solomon (2 Chronicles 9). She’d been hearing all this stuff about King Solomon and finally decided to make the trip to check out the legend for herself. She loaded up the camels with spices, gems, gold and who knows what else and headed for Jerusalem. Solomon received her graciously, gave her the key to the city and answered every question she had. By the end of her stay – with all she’d seen and been a party to – the wind had been knocked out of her sails. She was stunned. Breathless. The half had not been told to her
  13. c taylor

    Fruit Of The Loom

    No customers again in the nursery last night. But, the orchestra was in to rehearse and a new member showed up. I stared in awe. I remember *her*. I remember when she was a “baby bump.” LOL I remember when she was brought to the nursery and threw tantrums. I remember when she began walking. I remember when she hit preschool and moved from the nursery to Children’s Village. And now, here she was sitting with the other members of the orchestra rubbing rosin on her violin bow. And, checking the sheet music for violin. And, helping a fellow member (keyboardist) who was just learning violin, t
  14. My godmother, who lived in Gary at the time, had a word for me – “God says get your driver’s license. He’s going to give you a car.” “But I don’t wanna drive. I’m okay with public transportation,” I protested. Honestly, I didn’t want to drive. Walking was okay, the buses were okay, the subway was good. At twenty-eight years old, I’d been traveling without a car – I was all good. She sighed. “God’s got things for you to do and places to go and very soon, you *will* need a car. Uh-huh, uh-huh – get your license, honey.” Shoot. I told her okay, but really, I had no intention of followin
  15. A few days ago, I watched the *Man Power* conference sponsored by TD Jakes Ministries and a little before that I watched a session from *Promise Keepers*. There was something special about seeing thirty to sixty thousand men worshiping God together; hands on one another’s shoulder, in prayer for one another; and, belting out sacred songs without holding back. You know I’m a crybaby. I cried. I thought how these guys would go back home to their states and countries fresh from the presence of God and pour into their families, their neighborhoods, their churches and so on. I thought abo
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