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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01MQ06E4D/ So I pulled the first edition of my third book from the market in 2017 for a COMPLETE rewrite, and I finally published the second edition after four years of work, and I would just like some brownies and to be reminded to breathe, please. Thanks. I'm also pushing to publish an edited version of book #2 (also for quality reasons) hopefully within the coming week, am starting online college on the 26th, and may or may not apply for a part-time work-from-home job soon, so I am just one big bundle of stress right now. P
  2. **squints at screen, questioning whether to announce her return to the forums [yet again] or just slip in and pretend she hasn't been absent for more than a year** 

  3. Yeah, in high school when I told people I wanted to be a novelist and they said, "Oh, but you aren't expecting to make a LIVING off that, are you?" I said, "HA. No. But I'm gonna do it anyway." I always figured I would need some kind of day job. So while it would be really cool to be able to live off my writing (or at least have some kind of measurable income from it), I absolutely am not counting on it. I got my books on the shelves of a local bookstore for a while. That felt really cool, but looking back I cringe because OH MY GOODNESS, THOSE BOOKS NEEDED MORE EDITING. The kicker is,
  4. Honestly, the idea of HAVING a measurable "monthly" income from self-publishing is a dream to me. I struggle with marketing, especially if I feel like my product needs work. I'm currently about to republish my third book (after a complete rewrite) and am working on post-publication edits of the two that are still on the market. However, I have known people who made good money off their books. Usually they're a lot better than me at marketing (or have recruited someone else to help them). They're also in a more lucrative genre (clean romance), but even in a more niche genre, it's
  5. I was so excited when they announced that! I used the beta for pretty much its entire run and was beginning to wonder if the official release would ever come. Did anyone else notice that the old Scrivener started getting buggy/slow a while back? Scrivener 3 (both its beta and the release version) runs so much better for me. (And the color themes and current line highlight are a HUGE deal IMHO.)
  6. God bless you and Happy Christmas Keith

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