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  1. Yes, you can order a print copy of your book if it is published through Amazon. The new thing, however is that if you don't want to publish it but just order a proof copy, it now will have a band across the front, spine and back that says, "Not for Resale." You can, of course, hit "publish," order an author copy (not a proof) and then immediately take it back out from publication. All depends what sort of copy you want.
  2. I don't write horror but love books about zombies, paranormal, and general creepy stuff. Evil exists and is a great subject for Christians to address in their books! I appreciated your Derrickson quote. Adding to it though, I never want to relinquish a healthy fear of evil--just place my trust in Jesus to fight those spiritual battles we can't. Do you write horror Terribz1?
  3. You've already gotten some great advice. With Jared's question about animal forms in mind, basically you could break scenes when your protagonist switches animals (similarly to switching character POV). Alternately, from what you've told us, I see natural scene breaks as follows: >storm the palace; the main group heads down to the dungeons >protag fights while 2 friends leave to release prisoner >regroup with prisoner and head back out >exit battles and regroup with the friends back at the guard station Best wishes
  4. KM Weiland is an awesome resource for writers. She's been on Christianwriters.com forever!
  5. Beta Readers are different from critique partners. They don't necessarily need to know about the craft of writing; they mostly need to love reading. Feedback you will value from them will be places in your book that are unclear or slow paced; where things got exciting; what might be lacking from a nonfiction book. Friends who have your best interests at heart can be very helpful. Less helpful are friends who respond "wonderful" to everything you write!
  6. Hi folks--I've been gone from CW for nearly 5 years, so I'm back at the Meet and Greet section to say Hi again. I write books for kids, books on writing, character studies of women in Scripture, and other nonfiction books about Christianity. VERY HAPPY to be back. Looking forward to new friends and re-upping with friends never forgotten here.
  7. Nona--are all those your books? Or have you joined up with someone for promotion? Looking good!

  8. Hi Darlene Your book sounds lovely. I know you're new to CW and I've actually been away from the forum for a few weeks, so really you don't know me. Nonetheless, I'd like you to keep me in mind when it comes to marketing ideas we might do with other folks here or other Christian writers you know elsewhere.  Although I recognize your book is fiction and mostly I write non-fiction, I have a sense we might be able to do some reciprocal marketing or something jointly, by focusing on the Christian aspects of our writing. I've set up several joint marketing groups over the past 15 years (a children's writing joint website, a speaker's bureau, a master mind group and online critique groups by genre). CW used to also have an awesome blog tour where folks blogged each month around a common theme. That was an awesome endeavor, but with too many folks involved it became cumbersome for the moderators to keep up. I'm currently gathering names of other like-minded Christian writers here at CW and elsewhere. I've worked in the past with quite a few members here, to our mutual benefit doing blog tours, cooperative blogging and reciprocal book reviews. I'm presently in the process of jotting down ideas for how I want to proceed with branding and marketing with a push to get something structured set up for 2017. I'm still not sure if I'm leaning toward just doing everything myself or inviting others to join in the fun; maybe with reciprocal book reviews, blog posting together or creating a joint newsletter. I tend to like joint ventures because I personally find it easier to "toot other people's horns" as a member of a band rather than  be a "solo tooter." That way I get to encourage and help other writers on God's writing team while giving myself a dose of courage for my own marketing, knowing that other writers are depending on my own marketing efforts. Maybe you'd be interested in exploring something like this; maybe you'd rather concentrate on doing your own thing. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting to know you better here on CW.  Stay encouraged!

    1. Darlene Pryor

      Darlene Pryor

      Sounds great! I have a  great deal to learn about marketing and I am eager. Darlene Pryor

    2. Carol Peterson

      Carol Peterson

      We all have a lot to learn...forever. I just took a fabulous online Udemy class on branding. Wow. I've a lot to do.  O.o

  9. Just saying hi. Trying to meet fellow writers and share writing adventures...I think I'd be good at writing reviews. I know how to get to the heart of a writing without pretending I am worthy enough to criticize it...if that makes sense. Anyway, hello and God bless! (){:O)

  10. Hi Carol! I wanted to let you know that I posted the final two chapters of my short cat story and wondered if you could take a look. (When you have time) It would mean a lot since you were one of the few who took time out to crit. the other eight chapters. I also wanted to let you know that my story and poem made it into the Space Kitty's Anthology! Thank you for all your feedback and time! God bless!

  11. Wow, the private message section of CW is really different now. I hope this is the correct place to send you a message. I'm all for a reciprocal review on one of your Bible studies if you are. Go ahead and email me at ... and we can figure it out. Thanks for the nudge over on the thread.

  12. it sounds like a plan, Carol. send me a pdf copy to bibleschooldropout@gmail.com and I'll do the same... to you.. it wouldn't do to send myself a copy...

  13. I just purchased your book on Esther (my daughter's name too). I'm looking forward to reading it.

  14. I would love to swap reviews. My newest book is found at http://amzn.to/1xJWc5B. If you prefer one on Psalms: http://amzn.to/1hnHdF8. I'll download one of yours. Sounds like it might be good for our women's Bible study group.

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