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  1. Yes, most self-publishing sources will provide an ISBN. The publisher that is listed is then that publisher--Create Space, for Amazon for example. You can purchase your own ISBN through Bowker. They of course cost something, but then you can have your name or your own publishing entity listed instead. If you intend to write many, many books, you can buy them in bulk. I did that--wow--what a liberating feeling to know I will probably never run out of ISBNs. I can write any book I want and never worry about that part of publishing. Of course you may not be
  2. Although I began writing with a traditional publisher, I moved to self publishing probably for a reason similar to yours. After I had submitted the proposal and a few chapters of a Bible study series for women, I was told: 1. Agents generally will not represent a work under 35,000 words. Bible studies and devotionals are not that long. 2. Publishers who do Bible studies (and probably devotionals) prefer to develop projects in house and then find someone to write the books. Generally those people have a degree or two from a Christian-based college. So I
  3. Totally surprised 'that' my troublesome word didn't make the list. It's "that" if you couldn't tell. No matter how many years you've written, you must still be ever vigilent! Thanks for the list.
  4. Thank you. I'm working on a book proposal right now. Just make sure everybody--you have to research each publisher (or agent) and find out how they want it done. Mostly the information is the same, but often publishers (agents) prefer it in different order. And they want to know you've spent time researching them to find out what they want. And they want to know you can follow instructions.
  5. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this! Much appreciated.
  6. I only know about the "meek" thing because I just researched it for a book I'm writing. You'd be surprised at how different many of our modern definitions are from the original word meanings. No wonder we have such a hard time understanding Scripture!
  7. This is a good discussion folks. I appreciate the feedback.
  8. Sounds like an interesting read. Not sure how to answer your question without seeing the two covers. However, I do recommend you not tell all of the story on the back cover. For example, you say the affair ended in disaster. That makes it sound like Susan is the main character and the affair is the main plot point. Yet from the opening focus on Carl, we think maybe he is the main character. The trick is to hook the reader without telling them the entire story. Just enough; not too much I also agree with Zee that this back cover blurb makes it sound like the
  9. After many years, I'm thinking of ending my weekly blog in favor of a monthly or quarterly newsletter. My thinking is that more people might read something that has multiple topics of interest and less often than weekly. Thoughts? Thanks so much!
  10. Soooo agree with this. Husband and I are writing a study for men called "Bold Like Jesus." He finds many men who don't really "want" to be like Christ because all the sermons talk about Jesus as meek. Well...the original Greek word for meek means "power under control." That sounds a lot like Jesus, rather than our modern definition of meek as "weak." Thanks Phy/Johne for sharing this.
  11. I have queried some. Been rejected by all. Did garner several personal notes. In fact, the very first book I ever wrote got a multiple-page, hand-written rejection. At the time I was disappointed and mostly annoyed that he would detail all the things that were wrong with my perfect baby! Over time I recognized how honored I was that he spent all that time to help me become a better writer! Personal responses are priceless. BTW, that original book I wrote ultimately took me 17 years to finish. A little bit at a time, whenever I learned something new about writing! I ende
  12. Thanks for the link Lynn. I found it encouraging that the podcast thing may not be here to stay. I really hate watching podcasts because I can read faster than people talk. So I never wanted to do them. The key is still and always to get that email list. Soooo hard to do. But she had some idea.
  13. This looks great. You can endeavor to persevere. By "indie publishers" do you mean small press? Many folks who do "self" publishing through their own entity refer to themselves as "indie publishers."
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