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  1. Oh yeah. lol!! Guess we can remove it now.
  2. Welcome, Sara! 🙂 It's great to have you here.
  3. Rebecca

    Hi There

    Welcome, JukieJ! 🙂 It's great to meet you. Sounds like an interesting story!
  4. Fixed. You can view the critique rules here.
  5. Welcome, from one Rebecca to another!
  6. Agreed. I'm closing this topic to give everyone a chance to cool off. It's the New Year, let's start it out right. 🙂
  7. Ok, I think I figured this out. It sounds like you toggled the layout option. At the top of the forum list, Do you see the blue and white buttons? Toggle so the one on the right is white and that should fix the issue.
  8. You're the second person to mention the new layout... but nothing has changed. 🙂 Are you using a different system?
  9. Not sure, as I haven't changed anything in the system.
  10. I've heard of Dr. Who and caught bits and pieces of the show. I have to admit, it never quite clicked with me or caught my attention enough to keep watching. I do really enjoy sci-fi and fantasy in general, though. Maybe I should give it a legit chance and sit down to watch a whole episode at some point. I believe the Tardis is the phone booth they use to travel around. And Dr. Who is the main character. But I'd be hard-pressed to tell you more than that. At my old job, my boss's husband used to sit around and watch marathons of the show. So I know there are plenty of hard-core fans out there.
  11. LOL!! That is such an INTJ answer. 😆 (I'm one too. 😉)
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