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Welcome To The Moderating Team, Johne!
Please join me in welcoming @Johne (formerly known as Phy) as the newest moderator of our ChristianWriters.com team!
Johne is from Southern Wisconsin, husband to Linda, father to two grown children, grandfather to three. He's been a Technical Writer for 18 years, has run his own Space Opera e-zine, and writes SF/F fiction in his free time. He's sold a dozen short stories to zines which are no longer in publication and has written three unpublished novels. Johne is working on his debut novel right now, a Fantasy Noir which will be out sometime in 2019. He likes God, Film Noir, Space Opera, and the Green Bay Packers.  Johne has been at ChristianWriters.com since 2005 and considers these forums his favorite writing site on the internet.
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Site Updates
As you've probably noticed, we're in the process of upgrading the ChristianWriters.com site. One of the new additions is this forum for news & announcements, where we plan to keep our community updated on, well, news and announcements.
I encourage you to watch this forum for updates. As new features or revisions are announced I'll keep you posted here.
If you encounter any issues caused by the updates, please let us know by starting a topic in the Support & Suggestions forum. We also welcome your suggestions for features or improvements in the same forum.
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Nanowrimo 2018 - Who's On Board?
Who is planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year? If you're participating, do you already have an idea for your project in mind?


Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month
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Who Wants Some Free Publicity?
I'm beta testing a new feature to replace the Publication & Plugs section. If you're an established member (more than 5 posts) I encourage you to add your books, articles, blogs, or short story links here.
Once we have some entries, I'll link the database to member profiles. Other members will be able to click a link in your profile and see all the publishing credits you have listed. Also, the database will be available to all members and visitors to view and/or purchase your work.
Like I said, this is a beta run, so I welcome your feedback!
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November is National Novel Writing Month. Will you be joining us?


*Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.
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New Site Updates
As you've probably noticed, there are a lot of changes going on at ChristianWriters.com. I already started a topic about some of the changes and new features here. However, I thought if would be better if we had a place to communicate and track all the site changes and updates.
So this blog was born.
From this point on, I'll be announcing updates and new features here, on this blog. I recommend following this blog (click the "follow" button on the black bar in the blog header) so you receive a notice when we add a new entry.
We also encourage you to leave your feedback, comments and suggestions below. This site was built for you, and we welcome your feedback!
Thanks for your patience during this transition, and I wish you all of God's greatest blessings.
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