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    Rebecca, I've been off site for a bit, but I hope you had a great birthday. And Happy Birthday next March 21st, just so I'm not late for that one. 😀
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    Okay, so obvious next question. Is Social Security customer service people "essential personnel?" I'm thinking Yes, considering our payday is coming soon, (guessing you and I have the same payday), but this shut down thing has whacked up so much. (Necessary, but wacky.) And honest honest. This is long experience with the Lord where we've been kicked out of middle-class to down to a dime (literally, once), twice. I know you don't want to go through this. You'd be nuts if you did, However, this is how God keeps teaching me patience and trust. (More trust than patience. I'm still not patient.) He gives us no other choices and then gives us what we need somewhere between right between the time we need it and sometimes even shortly after. BUT he does give us what we need in a timely way. His timing. He's Dad and keeps teaching us what is good for us, even if it isn't what we want. Hang in there. God is working on this even if it feels like he's not. Honest, honest.
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    Thank you for all you do for us! May you be blessed!
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    Beta Print with Draft2Digital Has anyone had experience with these people? I have had an account for a long time without having a book to publish. I do move closer every day though!
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    Here in the New York Metropolitan Area, most office workers are now "Working from home", using their own computers and phones. So getting through to the local Social Security customer service people shouldn't be a problem.
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    When I joined this site about a year ago, I thought it would be fun and help me improve my writing. It is, and it has. Now, several short stories and one and a half novels later, I’m starting to get feedback from the excellent people who have been beta-reading my first proper novel. It’s been remarkably positive. Unless they were being way too nice, they truly enjoyed reading it. So... I’m starting to think of self-publishing this novella as an ebook, once I’ve received all reviews and given it a final polish or two. Seems like fun, and I don’t see how it could hurt, but I thought I’d share my plan here anyway. If it seems stupid/premature/impulsive, I know I have plenty of people to stop me from taking the plunge if I shouldn’t yet...or ever. Any thoughts?
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    I feel like this right now.😦
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    My characters run the show. They are so loud and boisterous, and they rush on to the next scene before I have all the words down for the last one. They punish me if I get too far behind them. My advice is, listen to your characters, but this only works for pansters and quilters.
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