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    Yesterday, I posted my 100th devotion on my author site. I'd love for you to check it out at https://chuckkralikauthor.com/. If you begin now and read one devotion per day, you'll finish right around Thanksgiving. I challenge you! You can even subscribe to receive new devotional writings straight to your email inbox!
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    David Farland's on a roll this week. https://mailchi.mp/xmission/using-the-right-tools-for-the-right-writing-job
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    This is my Achilles heel! Otherwise called As You Know, Bob. I'm working hard at pulling out those weeds from my first chapter.
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    You know, I'm getting pretty taken with David Farland. Thanks, Johne.
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    I name each chapter after a song. And that is the name of this chapter.
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    When Rich Mullins was asked this question he sang "Jesus Loves Me."
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    These book covers are from from quite some time ago. But I saved them (for some reason). Not sure why I'm sharing this photo with anyone who cares to look at it.
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