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    @Sarah Daffy, depending on how wealthy a doctor and patient this is, I expect there's just as much chance that an anesthetic medicine would make the patient kind of loopy and out of it. I think pure "knock them out" drugs were rare at that point. Perhaps they just hallucinate the dream.
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    Whether traditional or self-pub/partner, when to say no to a contract.
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    Exodus Chapter Three Reflections from Study Moses lived the easy life growing up. He was the son of the Princess. I'm sure he was used to everyone waiting on him hand and foot. This is a really big transition here - going from a young prince to a lonely shepherd. This is an occupation that he would have been taught to despise growing up with the Egyptians. How has the Lord made Himself known to you in your life? Picture this happening. I burnt some trash earlier and the fire was blazing hot and consumed everything in its reach. Moses was definitely amazed and probably a little confused to why the bush was not burning. He had to go and see what was happening. It was the same way in my life. God out of His gracious love and mercy sent His Son Jesus Christ to pull me out of my misery. Jesus Christ was indeed engulfed in the flames of this sinful world, just like the trash I burned earlier that was consumed by the fire, so was that my sin when Jesus Christ touched my life. The sinful, fallen, burning world consumed Jesus Christ and he was engulfed with all the sins of the world, but He was not consumed by that fire. Isn't that enough for you to look further - are you saying to yourself, "I must go see Jesus Christ. I must know who this man is." I definitely can understand why Moses would cover his face. There have been many times that I have tried to hide from God, and I as well was afraid to look at Him. Have you ever done something wrong to someone you love and they find out. They are devastated and all the guilt in the world is bearing down on your shoulders. It is hard to look at them knowing what you have done to them. I have felt this way toward God. It has been hard for me to look at Him at times because of the sacrifice He made for me. I feel as if everytime I mess up with habitual sins, it is like I put Him back on that cross over and over. What I'm saying is, Jesus Christ set me free from certain things in my life, but like an animal driven by instinct rather than by reason, I have gone back to the cross and picked up some of those sinful behaviors more than once. Now, understanding that, you could see why I would try to hide my face from God. But besides all that, I mean He is the most powerful, The Great I Am - so yeah there is that shock value of hiding your face as well. Everything that has happened up until this point has been preparing Moses for this very moment. He had a superb education under the Egyptians. He was very well trained in everything. Ain't it cool how God worked all that out. Moses had everything the world had to offer for half his life. Now this next chapter he was living out in nowhere as a shepherd. Have you noticed that is how God humbles us and readies us for His service. We learn the best lessons and receive the greatest rewards enduring hardship. It is definitely hard for us to understand this when we are faced with it, but if it is happening to us right now, we need to not hide our face from God, but we need to go toward Him. "Here I am God, use me." Moses did the same thing that I have done over and over again. He looked for any and every excuse he could think of to get out of this. I always look at the things I can and cannot do. A lot of times I easily talk myself out of doing things I know God is asking me to do. This is because I forget that God is leading me, and God is going to be with me if He has called me. I always look to the resources that I have for the task - but when God has called you and is with you - you have His resources. Moses would soon realize this - and we need to realize this as well. I know I need too. Be Encouraged, Chris
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    Thanks so much for the opportunity! It was great fun and I learned a lot
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    The pavement was dry for once But all the way there God kept weeping over my soul: His rivers of living waters Ran down, ran down My neck to the nape As, all in all, On this traveler’s way, I knew it was deemed Undeserved, and under-appreciated. Two thousand years ago, On a day the Word had prophesied, His blood spilled down, spilled down, Dripping off his soiled feet, Seeking and sanguining a darkened earth: Until the cursings and the spear Brought His manhood to end In a hellish hanging— They too, in their brotherly madness And beneath His lamb’s moan, Still did not know Him for who He was And wanted Him gone from their sight. Life walks on, walks on. I now stand for a new ‘pied beauty’, Esteeming the weight of His love As it throbs against the thin pulse Of my ‘hunger for righteousness;’ My meek trembling threatens to flee, But His silent ear leans Toward the breath of my life And as I bend to bear my bleeding-cross, He restores my regretment of life, And covers, once more, my humanity With His divine, friendly fire— I kneel down, kneel down. In a renewed garden of Eden, As if on new earth, I weep bliss As I travel on through changed life, Wandering debt-free In His First Estate won for me. His grace must still Shed down, shed down; The Daily, He is, must still leap To the rejoicing of His joy, And the shouts of His singing Over my one ransomed soul— For even after my earth-time and grievings, And even after the darkness of Troubled Wrath, When DayStar finally breaks On that Second Great Morning, The torrent from His endless death, Like a be-stilled river’s rest, Will forever run down, run down My repentant neck to my nape, Undeserved, but humbly appreciated. —Dumas fils My similar poem: Elana: Tree Of Life https://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=202895
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