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    It covers how Jesus commended the Church of Ephesus for their labour, works, patience, and righteousness. They seemed to do everything right. They were involved in church activities, preaching the gospel, rejecting false ministers, and patiently enduring hardship for Jesus. Yet, Jesus was displeased with them because they left their first love. Despite all their activities, Jesus warned of removing their lamp stand unless they repented and returned to their first love. Revelations 2:1-7. Individual Christians made up the Church of Ephesus. It made sense to assume majority of those Christians left their first love. What is happening to majority of Christians' first love for Jesus today?
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    Listening is one of the very important part of our life for learning, following and growing in understanding. How it helps for our spiritual growth? read this Article. I am very Thanks full for "Jennifer Van Allen" . She shared her article with us, to post on our site. We are praying many can read it and grow spiritually. Iffat Tariq Admin YRCP blogs www.yrcp.org.pk
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    This is my first book that was finally published by World Castle. It's set in the near future and stars a young female Catholic priest. It's got a lot of action, laughs and drama!
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    Hi everyone- Welcome to the Jesus Road!
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    In my blog, you will find my thoughts on growing closer to God. I am a surrendered follower of Jesus, writing to reach others.
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    Uncompromising Faith is for all who want to pursue intimacy with Jesus. The website focuses on practical faith and an understanding of how the mechanics of faith work. Drawing deep from the well of experiential faith we hope to be a blessing to all.
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    A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER. Sharing my life and faith, my writing and poetry, my thoughts about many topics, my journey with God through trials, and other various interests. I hope to brighten your day or bless and encourage you somehow.
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    Sing O Barren” stands for the travailing passion, and enlarging call for your full potential in God. Minister Guerline Reid is calling all to break out into fruitfulness in the kingdom.
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    To produce content that ignites and develops you to be instruments of God's Revival, Bishop Omaudi Reid and Pastor Guerline Reid publish books, blogs, podcasts, pamphlets, videos and more for the purpose of igniting, and equipping Christian believers, like you, for world revival. We write and speak from a God-given burning passion to equip believers to accomplish their greatest potential in God.
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    Arrows of Revival is a podcast series hosted by Bishop Omaudi Reid aka Bishop "Ball-of-Fire" and Pastor Guerline Reid aka "GateBreaker". One Word - One Prophetic Utterance - One Teaching can drastically change your life and ministry. The series includes discussions and teachings on the people of the revival, and the characteristics of the last days world revival prophesied in the Bible. God is shaping and polishing you as arrows that will hit the bullseye of Revival because one life focused on God and His kingdom can change a generation and usher in revival.
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    My Christian website has comic, graphic comic stories, interactive activities, and news about my novels.
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    Christian Devotional Site
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    Work/Marketplace 2020 is about Inspiration, inspired wisdom, and then skillfulness and motivation [See attached banner]. If I were to reconstruct the very famous words of Donald Gee (the Christian scholar and Englishman), which emphasizes ‘Inspiration’ in the context of ministry; if I were to adapt it to our contemporary work/marketplace, I would attempt, firstly, to lay a foundation. That is: that in the complexity of our troubled world, the best skillset and the right motivation are no longer enough. Not enough for either an employer or employee to keep a sound mind and remain focused on set objectives and goals. Given that, there is an increasingly high-pressured socio-economic work/marketplace environment generated and defined by a post-secular culture. So, I say no, the best of skillset and motivation are certainly no longer sufficient in avoiding or reducing physical & mental health breakdowns. I would then say that in addition to those best practices (highly required towards personal and business fulfillment), we are now face-to-face with a critical need for more and more of inspired wisdom in the 21st century. A need far beyond the limits of our humanity but which needs to be met if we are to achieve the expected end for the year 2020 and beyond. This is what Work/Marketplace 2020 is about (Paul E. Momoh - Keynote Speaker).
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    Shirley Scurlock comes to introduce you to the Lord Jesus Christ. Shirleys" greatest accomplishment in life was to find her way to the Cross where Christ shed His precious blood to cleanse her from so many sins....And today it is her privilege to share Him with the world. We write, preach, and teach His love, kindness and mercy. Those are the things we have seen, handled and tasted of His life. The goodness of God revealed in the person of His son...
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