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    First of all, welcome! We're so glad you've joined us. Our goal is to make sure your experience here pleasant and productive. We've developed this guide to help get you get started. Understanding Us - ChristianWriters.com isn't just a web site. We're a community of your brothers and sisters in Christ who share a love of the written word. You will find warmth, guidance, and lots of information and opportunity here. Introduce Yourself - Start a topic in our Meets & Greets section and introduce yourself. Tell us a little about yourself, your interests, and any of your current projects. You are welcome to post a link to your published work, but make sure your intro doesn't read like an ad. We'd love to respond with a personal welcome. Start Participating - There are many ways to participate on ChristianWriters.com site, and we are adding new features all the time. Some areas where you can dip your toe in the water are: Writing & Publishing Discussion - discuss all aspects of the writing and publishing process Critiques & Feedback - help others by critiquing their work or post your own for review Open Forum - Off-topic discussion (not related to writing & publishing) Stories & Articles - Post your stories, articles, poetry and devotions, or leave comments for other writers Blogs - Leave comments on members blogs or start your own blog for others to read Clubs - special interest groups run by our members Establish Full Membership - Once you have 5 posts in our community, a whole new set of features become available. You will be able to customize your profile, including "about me" info, avatar, cover photo, and private message system. As long as you stay active in our community, you will have access to special sections where you announce and link your new projects and published works. Advertising - Please be aware that we have a strict no-spam policy and prohibit advertising in most areas of our site. You can view our policy and guidelines here. We hope this quick start guide is helpful! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post in the support forum so we can help you out.
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