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    This is a great reminder for me not to be concerned about riches on earth when I will have treasures in Heaven!
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    Yes, this is so true. Praying you rely on the Holy Spirit for all your future decisions.
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    I enjoyed this very much; a pithy poem! And I know the characters...
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    Hi, and appreciate your instructional comment! Even though gratitude comes most difficulty during the trials, it carries most meaningfully during the "hardness" (2Ti 2:3); as it always hurts least and teaches us the most in patiently waiting it out, by "casting" it on Him" (1Pe 5:7).
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    I was very much a teenager and deeply in love with the stars and anything--science, science fiction and space comic books. My first writings were space novels, at eleven, but I was never more in joy when I got to high school and was looking up the definition of this word you reference. Its history changed so much in me as a writer and as a maturing youth. One word when its meaning is found can do many things...and so I write now about the many other words which ever shape and augment our musical souls. I love being in word...maybe you can tell. Anyway, I enjoyed your use of the word consider. May I share what enlivened me so many years ago regarding it. (Consider: "to look at closely, observe," probably literally "to observe the stars," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + sidus (genitive sideris) "heavenly body, star, constellation" (see sidereal) [a term we astronomy lovers use to navigate the stories about God in the heavens.] Thank you for your expressions, and the courage and maturity to advance your needs to people you don't know. So good of you.
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    Thanks for the story. During difficult times, this verse keeps me going: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you." Isaiah 43:2 NKJV
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    Oh my! The same happens all over the world, really.
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    That brought a story to my memory as well This big church was receiving a new pastor. They prepared a meal, the choir dressed to impress, and everyone attended on this Sunday morning. This man entered the building wearing old worn out clothes covered in dirt and filth. His hair was greasy and his skin was dirty. The people looked upon him with judgmental eyes. He was seated in the back by the ushers. Not even one person welcomed him or approached him. When the deacon approached the pew to make announcements, he said, "Today we meet our new pastor." He called his name, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the stage in anticipation to meet their new pastor. This man, from the back row, with greasy hair, and dirty skin, wearing old worn out clothes, got up and made his way down the aisle. Everyone stared at him and gasped, "What is he doing?" He walked up on the stage, and the deacon said, "Excuse me sir, you are going to have to get off the stage and take your seat." The man removed his coat, and everyone was amazed to see he was wearing a suit and tie. He pulled a rag from his pocket and wiped his face off. Everyone was in complete shock, "What is happening here?" He approached the pew, took the microphone, and said, "Good morning church. I am your new pastor. The one you have prepared all of this for today. The one whom you treated poorly and made feel not welcome. The one you seated in the back row hoping no one would have to deal with. Nice to meet you all. I am dismissing service today, and we will meet again next Sunday to discuss what the church looks like today. Dismissed! Can you imagine how those people felt? Oh my gosh! And this is a true story: this really happened. I would have been so terribly convicted of my wrong doing, and so ASHAMED of myself.
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    Praise God, glad that it was helpful!
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    Great lesson. Through times like that in my life, I am trying to learn to hear that still, loving voice say, "Be still and know that I am God!" Psalm 46:10
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    Congrats on 7 months!
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    Chris I appreciate the encouragement and I am so grateful to the Lord that it ministered to you. I believe this is one way that the Holy Spirit uses our gifts to heal the body of Christ. To God be the Glory!
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    I think this was beautiful written. It also spoke truth! Praise God for your journey! A good reminder for me also.
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    @SpecFictionGuy I myself have a y.e.c. view. Yeah I was thinking how much healthier the food would have been then with none of the preservatives added and how much cleaner the air would have been to breathe without all this pollution in it. The water was probably sparkling from superb freshness 😊 Good answer man - I like it
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    In the beginning the tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and if, Adam and Eve had made the correct choice they would have lived forever. We know that, that tree represents Jesus Christ. I believe that the lifespan of that generation was shortened because the wickedness and the corruption of mankind grew worse, and worse in the earth. In the six chapter it is revealed that God was grieved and expressed His sorrow that He created mankind and decided to destroy them. He said "my Spirit will not always strive with man." Sin always brings forth death and inevitably cuts short the life that God has given us.
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    What the Bible tells us is Adam and Eve were created perfectly healthy—no diseases, illnesses, genetic mutations or such. The world did not suddenly leap to conditions of today where, due to inward and outward conditions, life is cut shorter. Today, a few people reach 115 years old or so. If this happens to a few today, how old would people become in near-perfect living conditions several thousand years ago with sin’s curse only beginning to affect their health? Of course, this is a young earth view. 🙂
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    What a wealth of memories from another time, I felt almost as though I were participating. The fourth of July is celebrated much more than we Canadians (or I) celebrate Canada Day. I hope to experience it one day, when the world is in a better place.
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    Chris, thanks for the great devotional today. The passages you quoted reminded me of the basis for my own faith and the cornerstone of my wife's and my ministry - Faith On Every Corner. Our company motto is "We live by faith." Craig
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    So when I read your instruction that we should obey the "don't" command, I was tempted to disobey. 😊 But then I resisted the temptation....😉 Good advice!
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    That is awesome Sometimes we are so distracted that we miss these valuable moments that God speaks to us. I am a routine person myself. If i am busy or late, i want to put things off to the next day - even reading my Bible. I am always reading now. Anytime I have a free minute I am pulling Logos up on my phone. Thank you for sharing.
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    This really made me think about something - thank you! My name is Chris, but for 3 years it was 414734 because I belonged to the state of TN. I had to memorize that number because when they would call me they did not call me Chris. I had lost all of my rights and I still cannot vote or own a firearm. The wonderful thing is that through that horrible time, God still knew my name Thank you for your devotionals - I enjoy reading them. Blessings
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    Great piece, Chuck! Yes, convicting. Thank you! 🧡
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    Wow, this is very convicting. I believe this is something we all need to take note of. It's self-examination time!
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    A gem of a devotional and yes, let's enjoy the adventure!
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    Not to worry. It's under Forums. Scroll down to Meets & Greets. Here.
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    "We have to see God in everything." Yes! I agree. Some may think I see him too much, but I don't care. Even the bunny hopping across my lawn is God's way of saying "Hi" to me. I like your story. You may enjoy a kind of similar walking story where I talked to a woman on the side of the road - it's a bit crazy, but also joyful. (https://saralivingfree.com/2019/10/27/why-youll-never-regret-obeying-god/)
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    I enjoyed this, Sara Jane. Always good to remember the Lord sees us, is with us, no matter the circumstances. I, too, have written a devo on this. Remains one of my favorites. we're glad you've joined us. I hope, though, that you'll hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you.
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    LOL Awww, thank you, Rebecca! 🧡
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    Hello writer. Your words are most encouraging but of little signifiance. You speak as one who awaits the Holy Spirit, not believing he will come. From your dialogue you spend your days hoping and writing encourgagement for others like yourself. You do well. But you are the seeker not a finder. You are a hoper not a believer. You are under works. Your works are promises you believe in, that may bring suceess for others and lead them to salvation despite your own hopes? What can I say from my experience and walk with God unto you. The hope and promise you seemingly believe in will equate to freedom. What you must do is believe he exist. Tell him openly and boldly... I cant believe this unless you, Jehovah God reveal your existeance. My blessing to you and your house, is this petition, and dont let go, for we have nothing to lose and everthing to gain, say it in your personal closet. Standfirm and dont let go1
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    Amen! Love really is the center of it all.
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    Yes, it is only via the Word of God--through the Spirit of God--that one is reborn, redeemed, saved. Thus it stands to reason that it's in constant learning of the Word of God that provides to the believer what and how to "walk in the Spirit," which walk is not in the life of the Spirit but the "life" of the Lord Jesus (Col 3:4), via the power of the Spirit; and the primary evidence to me is demonstrating what God works in us the most, which is a love to all in the manner Jesus has loved us (Jhn 13:34; 15:12). I believe all who are reborn will eventually be lead by God to sufficiently occupy themselves in His Word (esp. the Epistles), it being the sole source of direction of His Spirit; and I find that an all important thing to remember is love first in all things because this is the end purpose of the "Word of Truth." God's blessings to your Family, and God be blessed!
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    " He won me when I was in the most unattractive state." I'll take time to read the others. The Lord empowers you more, in Jesus name, Amen!
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    Thank you all for reading. God bless!
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    Please pardon me, I was going through what I just wrote, only to find out each lines were not symmetrical even though I edited it. I don't know why this happen at times. I'll try harder next time.
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    I've asked Rebecca for suggestions. I'll let you know.
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    I think Facebook changes the size to fit their window. So sorry.
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    “Before Spitting, Be Prepared” – An Informative Sequel When I authored “Before Spitting, Be Prepared” for my family, Ancestory.com aka Ancestry had provided me with information about 159 possible 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cousins. Because more and more people are having their DNA collected and added to the database, I was recently provided with an updated list of 414 matches for 4th cousin or closer. When including potential 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th cousins, my list of people with common DNA is now well over 6000 long. This past week, a new 1st cousin Susan K. in Texas sent me a message trying to figure out how we were specifically related to each other. I told her what I knew and sent her my family story and my included Christian testimony. After a few exchanges, we had a very long and congenial telephone chat. Susan is 65 years old and both her father and mother have passed on. Ancestry’s results indicate that she is not genetically related to anyone on her father’s side, but she is closely related to me. In fact, except for my grandson who is in the database, Susan is closer to me genetically than any of the other 6000+ matches. Reviewing the Ancestry data together, it appears that one of my deceased brothers on my dad’s side impregnated her mother. Susan had already determined from other sources that both of our families had strong roots in Brooklyn, New York City at the time she was conceived. Susan was understandably bewildered. The loving man who raised her over the years was, according to the DNA data, not her biological father. I helped her absorb the DNA results but it was obvious that she was already several steps ahead of me. I previously sent Susan my family story and testimony, and she not only read it, but told me that she also shared it with one or more family members. I took the telephone-call opportunity to remind Susan that the new DNA information did not change who she was before God or before every good human being. She is a bright business lady and understood that. I invited her to contact me again if she ever wanted to. This follow-on story is another reminder that when we spit for a DNA test and database, we may be very surprised at what is uncovered. However, that is not the reason why I am providing this brief update. I want to pass along that I am so glad I put my family story and testimony in print. I am getting an increasing number of inquiries about my family’s history and heritage because of my inclusion in Ancestry’s database, and every one of these contacts has enabled me to pass along my family story and the included Christian message of faith and salvation. For those of you contemplating DNA testing and research, you might consider preparing your family history as you know and want to provide it, and weave your Christian testimony into the story. I have found it very easy to pass my family history to those inquiring about it, along with a Christian message and my testimony. Food for thought. Steve McEvoy
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    Wow! That's quite a story! Amazing, really. That sounds very interesting about you looking like both your biological and stepfather alike. What do you mean your mom and dad became those things? Weren't they already doing that? Or were they busy with other jobs/careers? Here: <<why till years later. My stepfather, on the other side>> I think you could end the paragraph with "years later" and start a new one with your stepfather, since they are two different people and it's kind of like you're changing the subject of the paragraph. That could just be me, though...
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    Tia, I'm not sure you'll get too many who will click on your link. It's best to post the full text.
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    This is something I wonder about. The US Constitution clearly states, "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free practice thereof." In Britain, on the other hand, I thought that one of the Queen's titles was "Defender of the Faith"; and Parliament is "The Queen's Government". Wouldn't that make your Government responsible for maintaining the Church of England, instead of dismantling it? This morning, I watched the televised live broadcast of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and his bride Meghan, in a fully packed Church. I think they were wed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Then there was a sermon about love, preached by a black American pastor. This gave the impression of a Nation strong in the faith. Were they all just putting on a show?
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    I haven't just out and out cried over a piece in I can't tell you how long. BRAVO Sir! Bravo.
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    I hope it does become a children's book one day. Thank you for the encouragement. @Peggy Bodde
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    So creative! This sounds like it could be a children's book... Many lessons gleaned from this cute poem. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hi there Njoku. Thanks for sharing your faith with me. I'm grateful God crossed our paths so we can rejoice together about Christ. May Christ continue to grow stronger each day and may Christ be with you always.
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    This one of the greatest master piece I have ever read. It is a life changer. Please change it with the world.
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    Most of the world religions feature common themes within. A deity is worshiped, a problem with the world is observed, and a solution proposed. While these features are present in biblical Christianity, the differences between it and other religions are vast. Biblical Christianity has its founding, salvation work, and conversion in the Creator God. What distinguishes Christianity from other faiths is that it is not man discovering and developing, but God disclosing and dictating. God is the founder. Whatever the specifics, salvation in the world’s religions can generally be categorized as accomplished through man’s exertions. Christianity is not fundamentally a religion of external improvement, but internal re-birth. In this way, biblical Christianity is the photo negative of the world’s religions. Salvation is God’s doing, not man’s. This is a major difference between Christianity and all other world religions. Excepts from: https://www.crosswalk.com/home-page/todays-features/3-key-differences-between-christianity-and-other-religions.html
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