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    Got tagged on this image. Had to share!
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    Some guidelines for anyone moving their clocks back tonight... 😂
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    I just spotted a review on one of my books (I don't have very many, about 10 total) that does a better job of describing and explaining it than I can. This is for my book called Blessings and Trials (I'm giving it away FREE next week as part of my school's summer reading program): "As a fan of Peretti's "Darkness" duology and others in the same vein like Hudson's "On the Edge" and Beale's "War in Heaven", but also a fan of Tolkien, Sanderson, Eddings, and Salvatore, among others, when I stumbled on this I was immediately excited to see a genre mash-up that took a biblical worldview that included vivid imagery of spiritual warfare and weaved it into an epic fantasy setting, with plausible reasons for the existence & use of magic-like abilities & powers. The moral compass here is strong, the bad guys are clearly bad, and well-personified; the good guys are clearly good, and well-differentiated from each other; there are arcs of repentance & redemption as well. I just finished book 2 and had to come back here and re-review the first one since it had been re-published with a new cover & date. Can't wait for book 3!" I literally have chills from reading that guy/gal's opinion of my book. I'm floored. I can just say wow. I'm on the verge of tears. Somebody totes gets me and that book! I just wanted to share this moment of authorial excitement and triumph with my fellow Christian writers here. There are people out there that want to see Godly stories. Well, at least a couple. Don't give up! Never surrender!
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    It's been a while since we've done this, so I thought I'd try to bring it back. Post something funny you've seen recently. We all need a laugh.
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    My husband is not allowed to die before I do. If he does, I'll divorce him.
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    Hey all! Guess what? I signed a contract and my first book will hopefully be out this fall :)) I can't believe I actually typed those words, lol Please check out my website www.hallielee.com and here's the link to my first newsletter -> https://www.hallielee.com/extra Please share Just want to say, finding this group has been a blessing. I've learned so much - you guys are a generous and wise bunch - thanks for being patient with me. Hallie
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    Yes, one. Just one, but it makes me quite ridiculously happy. I hope whoever bought it really enjoys it.
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    I came across this today!
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    Just finished my first draft at 83'000 words. This is the most words I've managed to string together for a story. Now comes the hard work of edits and rewrites.
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    I think I've done this one before but doing it again...
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    LOL Love those! Thanks, Accord!
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    Just thought 54 years of marriage was something to celebrate!
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    This is so clever. If you can't read it (from let to right), make your screen view a little bigger...
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    Two men were sitting under a tree. One was reading a book. The other was writing a book. A lion came by and ate the man reading the book. Why? Answer: Everyone knows that readers digest and writers cramp.
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    It takes me a couple of days to decorate our tree so kind of tree decorating I could go for!
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    Here's a video from Derek Doepker on the importance of identifying your purpose for writing. (Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to insert the video, so here's the link instead). Toward the end, he issues the challenge of sharing a little of your why, and this is something I'd like to do here (once I've figured it out). Anyone else keen to join this challenge?
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    As grocery stores in my area are slowly returning to normal, and my mood lately has been rather perturbed, I saw the potential in the picture below even before I read the caption. 😄
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    I've been reading a slender volume that I read before my stroke, entitled, "Write Like the Masters," by William Cane. I forgot all of its teachings when I had my stroke, but I came upon this book in my shelves and I thought I would read it again, because today, like any other day, is a great day for learning. It is a compilation of writings on how to use the rhetorical device of imitation to improve out writing, going through in detail the writing of twenty diverse writers and their style. He has sampled such extremes as Balzac all the way to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Edith Wharton to Margaret Mitchell- truly a wonderful book, and I thought I'd share it to help you in your writing career.
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    A Blessed Good Friday to Everyone
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    One positive thing I've discovered during our COVID-19 lockdown is how it brings out the cleverness in people. No shortage of funny memes out there:
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    "It's really pretty simple..."
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    May your New Year overflow with blessings!
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    So last week I came up with a beginning sentence and paragraph which works (after nineteen failed attempts), and this morning I came up with a hard Twist ending which also works. This is the very last thing that happens in the novel in the Resolution section, the very last thing the reader experiences before wondering if there will be a sequel. I dreamt the idea this morning and it's been kicking around in my head as I puttered around house in the beginning of my Christmas break. As you may know, Linda isn't a reader and doesn't care for genre stories as a general rule, so getting any kind of feedback from her is an accomplishment. Most of what I get is disinterest, and that's fine. It makes getting a genuine response all the sweeter. Linda got home this afternoon and I told her this ending. She's guarded when I talk to her about the novel these days - she just wants it to be done - but when I told her this ending, her jaw dropped Wide Open for a good four seconds. Her eyes were wide and I haven't seen her this astonished in forever. "Oh, that's GOOD. Yeah, that works," my little hostile witness said. I will remember that look for the rest of my life. So, yeah, making headway, still aiming to get the novel out to Beta readers in time for Christmas.
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    Happy Thanksgiving. May your Thanksgiving forecast be as favorable:
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    This came up in memories on Facebook. And I thought I'd share it with you all. Maybe you're struggling with your writing today. If you'll notice, there's a keyboard in the background.
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    I found this and thought it was a great reminder to do what God calls you to, not what people expect.
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    LOL For sure on the car radio! 🤣
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    It's been a while since we've done one of these. Because laughter is good medicine... and with no co-payment! And finally, inspiration for mystery writers.
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    For those of us with varying degrees of OCD:
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    I had a really good day. I joined an editor's group and we reviewed each other's first chapters. They said the first chapter of THE BLUE GOLEM was really polished and a lot of fun. They wanted to read more! And then after that call I jumped on a call with SG Editor Danielle Kiowski - she wants to work with me on my novel to prepare it for submission to Story Grid Publishing! I asked her about yesterday's panic attack about the Middle Build - she said it sounds like what I'm doing makes sense and flows well going into the Ending Payoff. Whew. I didn't want to rewrite yet again. So I'm working through polishing up my fourth draft and then I'll send the manuscript to her for a deep scrub before opening it up to Beta readers. I have a busy winter ahead of me but hopefully the manuscript will be ship-shape in time for publication by Spring! After that, it's just a question of when they can slot it in.
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    I was once a little girl So very long ago Skating on the lakes thin ice Dancing in the snow Provoked to play on Crystal Ponds By friends I held so dear Oh the memories I now cherish As the end of life grows near Oh that I was young again What angels I'd create Laying in whitened mounds of snow Back in my childhood days
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    Thanks everyone for your prayers. They made a difference! He will be discharged tomorrow. He had a stroke in his right eye, but he is recovering!!
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    With November on our doorstep, it's the perfect time to celebrate NaNoWriMo with some memes. Feel free to post your own to this topic, as well. 🙂 Let's have some fun!
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    Katie Weiland has a new post up about how to keep slow scenes moving with tension and foreboding. https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/keep-slow-scenes-moving-with-tension/
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    I can't remember if this has been posted before or not...
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