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    My name is Jim Shaver, I have been married for over thirty years. I have two grown children, and three granddaughters. I am a playwright, screenwriter, filmmaker and author. My wife and I have been attending the same church in Oceanside, CA for over thirty years. We have served in many areas over the years, but primarily I oversee the theater arts ministry where I have written, and staged many sketches and plays. They have been in different genres such as spoof (A Christmas Cliche), Mystery (Diamonds, Moths, & Rust), Fantasy (Less Than Charming), and Science Fiction (a la Poursuite de Roux). I write, and shoot short films as a hobby. Also I tried my hand at feature film scripts. I've written two, and one was nominated for best screenplay at the 2019 International Christian Film + Music Festival. Starting in 2018 I felt the Lord pulling me in the direction of writing books, and this year I published my first book on Amazon, Exit Wonderland. I have three more books in different states of development. Prayerfully I will be able to publish two of them before years end.
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    Hi Charlie, I too was born on Camp Pendleton at the old hospital 59 years ago. I stayed in the area all but a few years in my mid 20's when I lived in Paso Robles, CA.
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    Hi Jim! I just joined this forum about 5 minutes ago and came across your post. I was born in Oceanside CA 67 years ago at the old Marine Corps hospital. Nice to meet you in this way.
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    Everything that we see, God’s fingerprint is there. It seems inconspicuous in such a big world! Take a moment, please, to stop and stare. Look at the sunset in the night Exploding with rose, orange, and violet. If you look closely, it resembles a painting With the paints accenting the twilight. Notice the strokes of the paintbrush As it glides it to and fro. Who handled this brush? It was God, of course! He overlapped each crevice high and low. Now take a look at the closest tree- Run your fingers down the bark. Feel the grooves spindle past; From up above, hear the singing of the lark. Pluck a leaf from a branch And gaze at it well; Note the veins curving symmetrically. Its rich color the season will tell. Watch the systematic squirrel Gathering acorns for his stash. If another takes just one of his, At that thief he will lash. Now gaze at yourself in the mirror Or in a pool of water, crystal clear. Look at the features God made you with! For He loves you very dear. Your sparkling eyes, your smiling lips, The hair upon your head- God’s fingerprints are marked right there! It is you He has clothed, healed, and fed. His fingerprints are invisible, Yet visible to those who stop and stare. Appreciate His gentle touch Because, my friend, He is there.
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    I didn't look at the whole article, so I don't know if there are any Christian companies listed. The article gives a short synopsis of each company. (Or is that redundant? )
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    I’m Landon, and I am in college but not of college. I’m a homeschooler, so all college dudes seem immature by comparison. I’ve loved to write and draw comics my entire life. Writing is my strong suit, but I love the visual aspect that comics provide. I’m a cartoon connosuir and a Star Wars pacifist. I hate swearing with a burning passion because it makes no logical sense. (Part of why I’m here.) If you need recommendations for cartoons that are fun without being juvenile, I would love to give you a list. I’m really big on character development and emotion, but also comedy. I have a comic called Deforming on Webtoon, and it’s full of magic and emotions. I have huge plans for it, and the ending is gonna be a big payoff. Now I just need help building hype! Can’t wait for you to see it! https://m.webtoons.com/en/challenge/deforming/list?title_no=487922
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    Hello and welcome from another fellow homeschooler! So glad you found us
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    (The title I make by borrowing from dumasfils' words in a Poetry Club post. I recommend reading Psalm 8:4-8 first. Well, my South Carolinian accent showed when I wrote it "divine". I was mentally pronouncing it DE-vine) What is man, the “I” in “Me”? That mindful massing of dignity Sprung on earth, in angels’ care To serve creation off the chair. Up! Grab the works of divine hands! What is written still commands A tending by the human heart of fish, fowl, sheep, foals—out of the Ark But most of all thy fellow man, Each gifted “I” from Great I Am.
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    This article is interesting. Do This, Not That. Offers great info for launching during the holidays. Or not.
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    I've been trying to figure out how to get Amazon to link each book of my Hating God Trilogy to each other. That answer was to ask Amazon to create a series page for you. On this series page, not only are all your books listed, but on each individual book page it now lists the book as being part of a series. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08L4ZD87J?ref_=dbs_dp_rwt_sb_tkin&binding=kindle_edition The way to do it was simply to send a request to Amazon KDP and ask for the series enclosing each book's ASIN. You also have to have each book "series" info in KDP. This only works for the Kindle editions.
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    Hello, and welcome!! I am also a homeschooler, and I'm glad that we have similar roots there!
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    Funnily enough I have asked Reedsy that question because the team are UK based and Martin who hosts the webliners is English. I have to say, the person who worked on my query package was super helpful and has answered all my questions as well as provided detailed feedback on time. Money well spend and good value. (And no I am not plugging just giving feedback on my individual experience - I can't say it would be the same with someone different.) Ready to rock and roll now.💃
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    Praying for you and your family.
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    The juxtaposition of the words is odd. I got "Hindus Rapture " and "Muslims Rupture " as sentences. Maybe that's just how my brain works, seeing patterns that aren't intended.
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    I've stood here watching For so many long years now; Watching as the world has changed, Watching to keep myself changeless for you. I've stood here watching, Wondering when the day might come That I could take your hand And dance with you to life's gentle love song. The thought leaves me breathless. I've stood here watching, Guarding the way to you heart, Watching as each day passes on, Watching so you'll know you're treasured. I've stood here watching, Wondering as the days have passed At the legacy of love that we Will leave to those who come behind us. The thought leaves me breathless. I'll stand here watching, Standing strong as life's storms rage, Watching for the troubles that life may bring; Watching to keep you safe from harm. I'll stand here watching, Wondering, as the days roll on, At how very blessed I've been Walking through life with you beside me. The thought leaves me breathless. I'll stand here watching As life carries us through the years, Watching our legacy grow wise and strong, Watching to keep our family anchored true. I'll stand here watching, Wondering, after the years have passed And I'm left all alone, At how much I've loved you with all my life. The thought leaves me breathless.
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    The sun sets low on a pink horizon, Its hues cascading o'er drowsy hills and plains. The earth swallows this glorious fire, Welcoming darkness as the daylight wains. Cooling under evening's purple cover, Slumber eases the day's many pains. Our bright star sinks low each twilight, Burning flames now shadows o'er the fading earth. Evening's hush brings rejuvenation, Calming the earth in silent dearth. Welcomed sleep covers the waiting ground, Rest arriving in the day's rebirth.
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    They just caught the hacker!
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    Welcome to our writing family, Jim. Glad you joined us. Congrats on all your work. Sounds like you're putting all your gits/talents to good use! You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    Welcome Jim! It's great to meet you
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    Hi Jim! It's awesome that you stay so busy!
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    Hi @Jim Shaver, Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you!
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    Thank you for all the kind welcomes.
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    Welcome, it's nice to meet you!
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    Hi Jim, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you!
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    Nice to meet you! You'll find an encouraging and helpful community here.
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    Welcome to the flock
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    Hi! Welcome!
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    Welcome aboard, Jim! 🙂 It's great to have you here.
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    Hi all, My name is Eric Thompson. I live in Oregon. I've recently finished a personal project - a fiction book loosely based on my father leaving when I was young with some fantasy elements. I hired someone to do an editorial assessment and received both encouraging compliments on the work as well as constructive feedback. Now I need to continue taking further steps to bring it to life. Hoping to find some beta readers at some point but also being patient to let God's timing work itself out here. I'm new to the all of this and am here to begin my journey of meeting wonderful people, learning from others and, hopefully, offering help and friendship where I can. I'm the father of three and husband to my wife for 21 years now. Happy to share much more with whomever God brings to my path. Looking forward to meeting some of you. :-)
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    If some people would use their brains to do constructive things instead of trying to game whatever system, more good could be accomplished in this world.
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    That's why we have telephones and Skype and such. We don't have to be alone like the early pioneers out on the prairie. We have technology that brings us together.
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    My name is Rupert Daley and I am from Kingston Jamaica. I am currently pursuing the Bachelor of Religious Studies from NationsUniversity, USA and in fellowship with the National Association of Christian Ministers. Great to be here.
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    Be very careful about your review strategy. It's always helpful to first (carefully) read Amazon's review policies:
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    Ps. When I start my writing class, I must out of a good 'hunger' invite you. Hopefully, it will be here on this venue. One of the first things I have in mind to present is the single thought which makes a great writer is the love for making titles: if that love is gargantuan...so much more comes easier, and that 'I' pours forth its power —God underlying of course, as you write in this piece. Very accurate you are. (I apologize for the number of comments, but when every line of a poem has something great and lovely in it, I am astonied. And I should say, it doesn't happen very often that I cannot contain the thoughts a work is doing in me. Beautiful piece. He shows that He is teaching you well how to exalt the 'I' in your reader. Outstanding. Again, I have to apologize for having so much to say, but is it my fault that you have written so much? Thank God for you.)
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    Yay! Sarah, I think you won! The poll is closed and you're ahead! Yay! 👏
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    Welcome, it's nice to meet you!
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    Welcome Christian! A lot of writers here in different stages of writing so you are not alone!
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