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    I just spotted a review on one of my books (I don't have very many, about 10 total) that does a better job of describing and explaining it than I can. This is for my book called Blessings and Trials (I'm giving it away FREE next week as part of my school's summer reading program): "As a fan of Peretti's "Darkness" duology and others in the same vein like Hudson's "On the Edge" and Beale's "War in Heaven", but also a fan of Tolkien, Sanderson, Eddings, and Salvatore, among others, when I stumbled on this I was immediately excited to see a genre mash-up that took a biblical worldview that included vivid imagery of spiritual warfare and weaved it into an epic fantasy setting, with plausible reasons for the existence & use of magic-like abilities & powers. The moral compass here is strong, the bad guys are clearly bad, and well-personified; the good guys are clearly good, and well-differentiated from each other; there are arcs of repentance & redemption as well. I just finished book 2 and had to come back here and re-review the first one since it had been re-published with a new cover & date. Can't wait for book 3!" I literally have chills from reading that guy/gal's opinion of my book. I'm floored. I can just say wow. I'm on the verge of tears. Somebody totes gets me and that book! I just wanted to share this moment of authorial excitement and triumph with my fellow Christian writers here. There are people out there that want to see Godly stories. Well, at least a couple. Don't give up! Never surrender!
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    Yes, one. Just one, but it makes me quite ridiculously happy. I hope whoever bought it really enjoys it.
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    This is so clever. If you can't read it (from let to right), make your screen view a little bigger...
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    Here's a video from Derek Doepker on the importance of identifying your purpose for writing. (Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to insert the video, so here's the link instead). Toward the end, he issues the challenge of sharing a little of your why, and this is something I'd like to do here (once I've figured it out). Anyone else keen to join this challenge?
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    I passed my test after a few reshoots. I used the max tries for the 50 foot shots and had to redo the tik tac shoot around the barricade. I called the place where I was originally scheduled to test and they are sending me a refund for the $100 I paid for test that cancelled when everything closed. So now I am not out an extra $100 for testing.
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    Hey, I just thought I'd mention that anyone who wants to have a mention or a review of a book they've published mentioned on my blog, just give me a shout out on this post, or message me.
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    Ran across this hilarious gem:
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    This one is good for writers at least
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    You know, I get plenty of authors who ask me the same question, so you're not alone. But yes, make it a practice to write a 1,000 words per day minimum, 5 days a week! You'll never regret it.
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    I'm not a morning person. I also want to get the needs done, so I dont have to stress over them. For me, writing is my favorite thing. I would rather write than watch tv. It's how I relax and unwind. Personally, my writing is done at night after kids go to bed. It gives me a couple of hours to relax and do what I enjoy. Although, if I get a chance to write while they play outside, or while everyone is watching a movie, I will take it! 😁
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    A warning for caution if I may. In registering with several "reviewer" websites, Goodreads, BookBub and the like with the goal of trying to get reviews to bolster sales, I suddenly began receiving unsolicited emails. Four to be exact at this point. Two requested a book file (epub,mobi), one wanted to talk in private because "she" couldn't navigate my author webpage (the menu is in the top right of ALL pages). And the last just sent this; Hi, I am a 23 year old student of English literature. I love reading new and exciting books from all genres. If you want to get your book reviews, please contact me. Regards, This doesn't look right. Point being is that we all need to be careful in responding to the emails we get in trying to get our books out there, especially those like myself doing it for the first time. I've decided to take the position to NOT respond unless they're asking for a book file. I get in enough trouble on my own when I brush the edge or step off the side of the path with one foot and then beat myself up while I get back on the path, I don't want to jump off with both feet. Be Careful!
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    I also got a warning from Facebook for trying to spread false information about COVID 19 cures and it went against their community standards. (I found the photo on Facebook) I posted a photo that said: First it was Alcohol kills the virus Then it was heat Then it was sunlight. So if you see me laying drunk, naked in the sun mind your own business I am conducting important medical experiments.
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    Writer's block can be your friend. I can hardly churn out a page or two without getting stumped. A few days ago, I got to a new chapter on finding purpose in life. This is part of a section of my book that was supposed to be a single chapter. Now it is six! My book is becoming unbalanced (in my mind) because I found too much to say. I wanted to be done with it and get on to the part of the book that I am longing to write. The new chapter was supposed to be about the human lust for power. You could write whole books on this. I could wing it and make something up and sound intelligent, but as soon as that attitude crept into my conscious mind, I rejected it. I prayed and stopped writing for the night. I GAVE UP. The next day, I was listening to Christian worship songs while I was programming for my day job. Something in a comment on Youtube caught my eye. I don't remember the song or the comment; I just saw the name Hagar. My mind then made a wrong connection - that is the getting it wrong. I forgot my genealogies and mistakenly thought Hagar was a direct ancestor of Job, which got my attention. In my mind I made up this whole story explaining how her suffering and the lessons she learned somehow were carried down through the years and taught Job a useful lesson. So I began to read about Hagar, and only then realized my mistake, after I began digging into her life and the wonders God did for her. Hagar is not a footnote in someone else's life. I never liked her. Now I know why: self pity nearly killed her and her son. She is so much like me. That is why I hated her. Now I know Hagar better. If I had not given up, listened, heard wrong, researched, found my mistake and admitted it, I would not have a perfect example of a powerless person and what God can do through such a person. God gave Abram a new name (Abraham). He gave Sarai a new name (Sarah). Also Jacob (Israel), Simon (Peter), and Saul (Paul). He gave them a new identity, destiny, a promise. The greater person (parent, king) gives a new name to the lesser person, who humbly receives it. Hagar gave GOD a new name!!! The God who sees me. And God humbly accepted that name and wrote it into His eternal word. What a privilege! What dignity and respect did God accord to a runaway slave with a bad attitude, self pity, and despair. So as you write, do not be afraid to give up, get it wrong, admit your mistake, and finally get it right. Do not settle for "winging it" solely from your own imagination when you could find something REAL to say. If I hadn't admitted my emptiness and frustration at having to write this chapter on power, I would not have seen this small gem that I had overlooked. Who knows what you will find?
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    They actually sold tickets. It wasn't quite as thrilling as the reviews said it was. 😄
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    When I first fixed on the idea of self-publishing, I thought I’d offer my stories for free; why not? I didn’t need the money and I love giving things away. Then coronavirus shot the economy full of holes, and my shui lost his job. He has another one now, so we’re not in financial crisis. I am thankful for that, but it means we can no longer support many of our friends and former colleagues who still work in parts of the world where we (for various reasons) can no longer be. I shed tears when calling to cancel those gifts and decided, never mind, I’m selling my book. And then I’m going to write more and sell them too. So we’ll see how this goes. I may never make a penny, but either way it’s going to be interesting.
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    Some words of wisdom by the great Ray Bradbury: "Zest. Gusto. How rarely we hear those words used... think Shakespeare and Melville and you think of thunder, lightning, wind. They all knew the joy in creating in large or small forms, on limited or restricted canvasses... they knew fun in their work." Sometimes I think that as Christian writers we forget God's magnificent sense of beauty, and we only write of drab, dreary things. We need to infuse out work with a little of God's loving touch, his magic, don't you agree?
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    Ron Grasmick and I just published a new Christian science fiction book entitled The Jesus Road II. It's up at Amazon now. Wish us luck on sales!
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    Yes, he does go a bit woo woo at some point. I just ignored that bit. Threw out the chaff and kept what was useful.
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    Hi! My name is Regina Walker. I have loved Jesus for many years and I have been a writer for even more years. I have felt very called to write on more than one occasion and have abandoned the calling nearly as many times. I am working hard to obey the Lord and write for His glory. I blog, and I also have a debut novel releasing next month. While this isn't the first book I've started, and it is the second book I've drafted, it will be the first book I've completed and shared with the public. I am both excited and scared to death. I found christianwriters.com on a Goodreads discussion and thought I should check it out. I am excited to be here. In Him, Regina Walker reginawalkerauthor.com
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    I've tried them, but they haven't helped my writing significantly. What has made absolute sense to me is C. S. Lakin's approach to characterization: 1. What is the lie s/he believes? 2. What happened in their past that got them believing that lie? 3. What do they need that the lie is keeping them from? Lastly, to quote Orson Scott Card: "Characterization only begins when there’s a second character and you can show the relationship between them." Basically, you need characters interacting with each (or the world) to be able to see who they are. Answering characterization questions doesn't always allow you to see this.
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    When you do, let the rest of us know! Most of us feel that way. You're in good company. Neat! I do, and there are a lot of great people that do that on here. Give it a little time. People like to get to know each other (as much as you can on a computer) and when they are fairly sure you will not drop off the face of the planet like a lot of others who join the site do, they tend to reach out to you. My advice is to interact and get to know people. Stop off in the critique section, even if you are just helping others, and not ready to get your own work out there yet. I know from personal experience they will start asking after yours if they can't find some. Romantic Historical Fantasy. I did not not know that. Nice to see more of us!
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    I try to write something six days a week, and word count varies based on my schedule. I've found it helps to have a couple scenes plotted out before I start writing. That way I don't sit there and stare at the page for a long time Also, I always read/edit what I wrote the previous day. That helps me get in the mood to write more. And that's great you homeschool! I was homeschooled all the way through and loved it!
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    Writing buddies and accountability partners. Someone who can't wait to see what you write next is great too! 😊 I don't think I asked: What genre do you write?
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    My first novel, I went through 17 drafts or so. There wee so many problems in my writing, so many things I needed to learn. It is impossible to learn all the skills at once, so each of my editing passes, I fixed one or two things. This was years ago, but I remember some of it: - one pass for dialog tags. Remove them when they are unnecessary, not get fancy, and use right punctuation. - one pass for authentic dialog - British slang for the English woman, prison slang for the prisoner, etc. - one pass for addding a better villain - one pass to make the chapter beginnings and endings flow - one pass for dialog / narrative balance - not too many pages of dialog without narrative and vice versa - rewrite the beginning and ending - one pass to conform to 4-Act structure better (a key plot point was too short and needed to be expanded) - several passes to make it shorter and remove boring stuff During my first book, I realized that writing scenes with many characters was hard, so I started with small scenes and worked my way up until I could handle battles with dozens of characters, then thousands (not all named, of course!) All through the process of that first novel or two, I read books about dialog, setting, structure, character arc, self-editing, scene-sequel, cliches to avoid, you name it. You can only learn a little at a time. Then, as I went from book to book, I identified weaknesses. My first book was a mess with a timeline that stretched out for 25 years. So I wrote a short story that lasted a day (really a novelette of 20,000 words.) My next novel spanned a period of a single month. Thus I learned how to manage the timeline better. My current novel will last a whole summer and into the Fall. My first novel didn't have much romance - I knew I couldn't handle that. To grow myself as a writer, I wrote a Fantasy Romance. I also edited a few romances for others here at CW. That helped me see how they do it. My current novel is a YA fantasy. Why? I never wrote any stories with teenage characters before, so something else to learn. My first fantasies were in a fantastic world I created. My novelette was set in the town where I live. Making a "normal" suburban town seem interesting was a challenge. It helped me to improve my command of setting. My current novel is set in Cambridge and Boston, where I work. It is fantasy, but I make extensive use of real places. My goal was to take a dingy corner of town where the bridges and railroad tracks and warehouses are and make it completely magical. Another trick - read poetry by the masters. I am not a very good poet (though my daughter is - she is an MFA grad student) but reading poetry helps me to loosen my prose and improve my vocabulary. It really helps me with description and capturing mood. My desire to write began in high school. In college, I suffered depression and all creativity left me. I tried taking writing classes, but dropped them in despair. After college, the Lord helped me recover. It was slow. Write a letter to the newspaper. Write an article for the church newsletter. Learn how to write business proposals as a management consultant. I went on a mission trip to Romania with a church choir. When I returned, I was able to write Christian songs and poetry. Ideas for novels came to me, but I couldn't get started. Still no confidence or discipline. Got married, had kids. Then one got sick and at the same time I lost my job. I spent every night in the hospital with my daughter for a week. With nothing to do, I got a notebook from the gift shop and thought, "This may be the last time I have this much free time for awhile." I decided to outline a novel, right there in the hospital. It took nine years to finish. It was twenty years after the idea came to me, but I finally got it down on paper. That week in the hospital was about 16 years ago. I have not stopped writing since. In my twenties, my best friend said I'd never finish any of my stories. That was hard to swallow. You may have similar voices in your life. You have to decide who you are going to listen to. Here is another voice: Don't give up.
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    Wow, that's really extreme, Claire! I usually write 2,000 words per day and finish 1 book every three months. I hope to accomplish more, though. I think I can get up to 6 per year.
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    Someone just sent this over to me this morning. I thought it was worth posting.
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    My writing is like speeding down a country road winding through a meadow, windows rolled down, trying to catch a butterfly with my left hand... while illegally texting with my right.
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    Lol! Still looking for the $20 and three left socks, the dryer monster ate! 😄
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    Student of English lit, indeed. 🙄 Most of these are attempts to get a copy of your eBook to pirate, or to sell you something. Or worse. A very wise strategy, but I'd even be careful about those who ask for a book file. Make sure they're prolific reviewers on Goodreads, and don't dole out one-stars like popcorn. There are some nasty people who enjoy taking authors down.
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    Actually, I don't think that what Bob says will change their minds. A committed deist is someone who is committed to living alone in the universe. You can't prove that there is a loving,caring God to people who aren't open to it. But most people are open to the way you live your life. You can show them the way best by living your life in accordance with your faith, and let them draw their own conclusions. When they see the fullness of your life in Christ, they will be attracted to it, and want to become part of it. But do remember, that not all will welcome your closeness to Christ; some will reject it and some will be out and out repelled by it. But some, that precious some, will come.
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    Here's a first go at mine (I have a feeling that this is more the "surface answer" than the real reason): I see stories in much the same light as parables - vehicles in which a deeper truth about the Kingdom of God is carried. So then my "why" is to write stories that carry a deeper truth about God, life, and the spiritual realm, and to seek out those truths in writing the stories.
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    My mother was taken from me a few years ago. I miss her, somedays more than others. 😔Happy mother's day mom.
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