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    It's been a while since we've done this, so I thought I'd try to bring it back. Post something funny you've seen recently. We all need a laugh.
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    LOL Love those! Thanks, Accord!
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    The Church where I'd been attending Worship has finally reopened for Sunday Services, after being shut down since the middle of March, by the corona virus pandemic. It's the Integrity Church, located in Yaphank, Long Island; about an hour and a half drive east of New York City. Now the Regathering has begun. https://integrityli.org/regathering/ Over the past few months, they've been posting recorded videos of Worship Services, showing only the members of the Band playing their instruments and singing. This was followed by the Pastor's Sermons. There were also just a few people in attendance. Now watching recorded worship services does have some advantages. You know exactly how long the Worship Service will last. You can adjust the volume. There is closed captioning, so if your computer's volume isn't loud enough, you can read what's being said. Also, if you'd like to have a snack while in virtual attendance, go right ahead. The main disadvantage is that there is no fellowship. Now fellowship has returned. The Pastor was the one who picked me up and drove me to the Church, where I was able to meet many of my friends, for the first time in six months. Yesterday, the Service was held outdoors. Several dozen people attended, seated on folding chairs, in the Church parking lot and on the surrounding lawn. Beginning next Sunday, there will be two indoor services, just like before the shut down. There are some covid19 restrictions. We still have to wear masks, and keep a six foot distance. I consider those to be minor inconveniences, in comparison to us all getting together to Worship the Lord again. I praise the Lord for all this. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    So I write mostly sci fi these days, although I have tried my hand at writing mysteries to. I really enjoy mysteries and I'm working on making my themes clearer in my writing. My goal is to get my work published on amazon but it needs a lot of feed back first. I'm excited to meet other christian writers!
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    I want that jogging t-shirt!
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    You know, SW, I've never thought about how it appears/means/feels to men. I've always just thought collectively. But I understand your feelings. And no, you're not off-base. And yes, it is generic as Carolina said. LOL The strangest thought just crossed my mind.
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    You have no idea how many of these I have! I'll do my best to keep the number under 10.
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    How many ways can I put this? Run away. Very far away!
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    Whether traditional or self-pub/partner, when to say no to a contract.
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    I just received copies of my children's book, "Finished: A Fictional Story With Heavenly Truth". Check it out at the following link! https://www.amazon.com/Finished-Fictional-Story-Heavenly-Truth/dp/B08HRV2RK2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=finished+by+chuck+kralik&qid=1601058386&sr=8-1
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    My oldest daughter is in the third year of her MFA at UMASS. She is teaching her first class! The subject is creative writing and her students are college freshmen. Everything is online. Preparing lessons and engaging students as a new teacher is hard enough, but to do it on Zoom is even harder. Please pray for her to be confident, competent and caring as a teacher.
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    There are so many ways to clear the cobwebs or fill in the spaces. Go for a walk. Go do something else. Be creative in some other form. Read something. Listen to music. Take a shower. Play with your pet or take it for a walk. Have a conversation with someone. Make some coffee. Read some inspiring quotes. Fool around on social media. Just stand outside in your backyard and listen to the birds. Do anything that takes your mind off writing.
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    Hi everyone! I'm new to Christian Writers! Great platform! Glad to be part of it! I am currently in the process of publishing my Christian children's fiction early reader book about a young girl who has a unique love for Jesus Christ and the challenges she faces to share the gospel. Follow me on Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/mabelosejindu/. I also write poetry and short stories on Christianity and some can viewed here: https://medium.com/@mabelosejindu. Thank you! Mabel :)
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    My name is Phil and I am a novice writer. I am from Australia, I am legally blind and for the last several years I have been working on a fictional novel dealing with the supernatural. I took a break for a few years, but I am looking at getting back into it. This is my first serious piece of literature other than some poetry and I have no idea if I am actually any good or how I could improve. So I am hoping to find some help here and encouragement here. I am looking forward to meeting new people who also like writing and being a member of the community.
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    well although I'm legally blind, I have 2 monitors both 32 inch televisions as a monitors and I sit about a foot away from them and one is dedicated as a magnifyer. My mother always taught me not to let my disability determine what I could or could not do so I have always found my way around obstacles. When I was very young I used to draw pictures although I wasn't very good at it and so in my 20's I started playing around with photoshop and soon found that I could make art and after a long time and a lot of practice I became a novice graphic designer. To be honest I don't know how I do the things I do as I am also a photogrpaher and a videographer and video editor. It seems that God has a sense of humour in that a lot of my skills usually require a heavy visual element and maybe he wanted to show that in my greatest weakness there is strength through Him as I believe the only way for me to accomplish anything is these areas is with His help.
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    I love using the analogy Peter Stoner uses about the silver dollars in Texas. It's powerful. Peter Stoner - "We find that the chance that any man might have lived down to the present time and fulfilled all eight prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That would be 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. In order to help us comprehend this, we take 10 to the 17th power silver dollars and lay them on the face of Texas. They will cover all of the state two feet deep. Now mark one of these silver dollars and stir the whole mass thoroughly, all over the state. Blindfold a man and tell him that he can travel as far as he wishes, but he must pick up one silver dollar and say that this is the right one. What chance would he have of getting the right one? Just the same chance that the prophets would have had of writing these eight prophecies and having them all come true in any one man, from their day to the present time, providing they wrote them according to their own wisdom. Now these prophecies were either given by inspiration of God or the prophets just wrote them as they thought they should be. In such a case the prophets had just one chance in 10 to the 17th power. of having them come true in any man, but they all came true in Christ. This means that the fulfillment of these eight prophecies alone proves that God inspired the writings of those prophecies to a definiteness which lacks only one chance in 10 to the 17th power of being absolute." Peter Stoner - "We find that the chances that any one man fulfilled all 48 prophecies to be 1 in 10 to the 157th power. This is really a large number and it represents an extremely small chance. Let us try to visualize it. The silver dollar, which we have been using, is entirely too large. We must select a smaller object. The electron is about as small an object as we know of. It is so small that it will take 2.5 times 10 to the 15th power of them laid side by side to make a line, single file, one inch long. If we were going to count the electrons in this line one inch long, and counted 250 each minute, and if we counted day and night, it would take us 19,000,000 years to count just the one-inch line of electrons. If we had a cubic inch of these electrons and we tried to count them it would take us, counting steadily 250 each minute, 19,000,000 times 19,000,000 times 19,000,000 years or 6.9 times 10 to the 21st power years. With this introduction, let us go back to our chance of 1 in 10 to the 157th power. Let us suppose that we are taking this number of electrons, marking one, and thoroughly stirring it into the whole mass, then blindfolding a man and letting him try to find the right one. What chance has he of finding the right one? What kind of a pile will this number of electrons make? They make an inconceivably large volume." The reason Peter used eight to start with is because some people argue that some of the prophecies about Jesus could have been manipulated by Jesus to be fulfilled (like riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, Jesus made sure he did that to fulfill the prophecy, similarly he had the disciples bring daggers to the garden of gesthemene so that the prophecy could be fulfilled that said he was numbered among the transgressors...) but there are eight very specific prophecies that Jesus had absolutely no control over - such as being born in Jerusalem, dying on a tree (which wasn't even a thing when it was prophesied), coming out of Egypt as a child, being called a Nazarene, no bones being broken (on the cross), his garments being cast lots for and gambled over, etc. I think it's amazing the sheer weight of prophecies about Jesus and what that says about the veracity of our faith. Evidence that should demand a verdict. 😁
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    Time is not unlimited, though it lasts for a while. We wake up each day with a frown or a smile. Time only lasts for only so long Spent with a laugh, a cheer, or a song. How do we use it? How do we spend it? Do we squander it foolishly away With eating and drinking and child's play? Or do we value it with utmost respect And for each task set limits elect? Do we work for the Lord with our talents and skills, Or do we waste them all by following our wills?
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    A poem about the most and best true love we could ever hope to find True love is patient, true love is kind This kind love on earth, you cannot find so perfect, so forgiving, without ill intent no strings attached, is how it is meant No force or restraining, this love doesn't bind with no records of wrong, this love is truly blind it is given to everybody with no expect for reward but the cost was far greater, than we could ever afford This love never gives up, or will ever disappear it stands tall and fights, it will conquer any fear it will lift you up, put you upon the higher ground bring you comfort and peace, when you're feeling down This love never fails, the fight is never too long it is not weak nor limited, but infinite and strong it hopes for the best, gives you strength through the worst it quenches emptiness inside, with this you'll never thirst This love endures all things, when wrong knocks on the door it will keep taking the blows, but forgive all the more It seeks you as a host, a place of intimate residence to change your life and transform you from selfishness This love chose you while you were yet still an enemy of God the Father He chose to descent to earth from Heaven, how could love go any farther and while those who crucified, beat and flogged him trampled over him He forgave them and became the lamb, the sacrifice to completely conquer sin This love seeks to reunite you with God the Heavenly Father on high it went so far to prove this, that on the cross He was willing to die The ultimate goal is to change you, to see the final job done to transform you from sinner to saint into the image of God's own Son
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    The second series of books in the Diamond Books Bible based reading project is ‘The Jesus Series’. This series consists of 16 books for 4-5 year olds to read themselves. Books 1-8 (Part 1) focus on what Jesus said about himself, shown in John’s gospel. Books 8-16 (Part 2) are stories about Jesus and tell what Jesus came to do, based on Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4:16-21. In Part 1, each book teaches about one of the names given to Jesus in the Bible. For example, the first book teaches that Jesus is the light of the world. Adults can help a child to orally memorise the Bible verse and its reference, and use a replica diamond to explain that, just as a diamond has many sides, so God has many names to show what He is like. The alphabet’s first eight letter sounds are introduced, and reinforced through a variety of activities, in Books 1-8 (one per book). For example the first book majors on ‘A’ and ‘a’ letters, offering help with writing the letters, giving suggested activities, reading tips, charts to aid recall, and words that children need to read the book. The Jesus Series has been written by Carole Leah and illustrated by Floyd Yamyamin and is planning to be published in late 2020.
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    What makes a good villain? Handlebar moustache. Just sayin'.
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    Better than being shot in the back at the side of the hotel!
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    Happy Birthday, @Jared Williams!!
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    Hope this is helpful: 40 Blog Post ideas for Novelists, Poets, and Creative Writers.
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    Just posted a thread of 40 blog post ideas for writers. Maybe it will help.
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    I've been reading all the responses to your original question as theme is something I always struggle with. And I believe you've hit the nail on the head with "overthinking this".... I believe I do exactly that. Then I get frustrated or flustered and my project stalls out. I do believe you have to have a strong story but an equally strong (or impactful) theme to support the story. I think it comes down to the "chicken and the egg" scenario of which comes first... theme then story or story then theme. In then end, I don't think it really matters as long as the end results is a strong story with an impactful theme. Whether you weave your characters and story around your theme or your theme naturally develops through your character and story building. That being said, I still struggle with making sure it all flows the way I want. Of course, I'm relatively new to the process for many reasons. 🙂
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    They aren't even hiding the psychological programming any more, are they? They must really think they've won already to be trying this kinds of things. It certainly reveals the power that Satan believes stories have over people, doesn't it? That's one of the reasons I write. Stories are powerful. They shape people's beliefs and ideas about what's possible, what's appropriate, and what they should be doing.
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    Update: unfortunately, Oct. 5th is the earliest possible date for surgery. I'm currently home, the meds seem to be helping with the symptoms so far, but still very weak. thank you all so much for your prayers. Please pray that my UC won't put me back in the hospital before the surgery and that things will go smoothly as things progress.
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    I wrap as much of the scenery in action and characterization as I can. If there is a pitcher of ice water on the nightstand, it’s because the girl is in bed with a fever. If there is a loom with a half complete tapestry in the corner, the important thing is that it might never be finished, because the illness is usually fatal. Weave the details into the action and meaning of the scene. If some details are neither symbolic, nor foreshadowing, nor emblematic of the problem the protagonist faces, nor emotional tone and atmosphere, then slip them in alongside those important details. The telling details are the force that allows you to paint the rest of the picture. Every prose description must devote most of its phrases to moving the story forward.
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    Aha! You're giving a clue to the movies you watched a "few" years ago. Back when I was teaching, when I wanted to change subject, I would throw out that "Meanwhile, back at the ranch," and my students had absolutely no clue what I was talking about.
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    My name is Janell and I am a children's book writer. At the moment I am focused on writing children's picture book Bible stories. In the future I plan to move into easy readers and nonfiction picture books. I look forward to being a member of Christian Writers. Janell
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    Many of you may remember this title, Contribution Writers for Married Women's Ministry and post: "We are seeking married women writers to contribute a variety of short articles about marriage for our website. Writers will receive full credit for published articles. Writers may submit one article a month or up to 10 articles a month. A biography page may be available for writers who frequently submit and whose articles are regularly accepted. Negotiable. Most Christian genre considered. We will begin accepting submissions on August 10, and accepted submissions will published as early as August 21, 2020. What will you write? Something funny? Inspiring? We'd love to hear from you!" Here's the update. We are now accepting submissions and have been publishing articles to our site. Also, we now accept a variety of short Christian articles as long as the articles are positive and encouraging; we are open to reviewing all submissions. (This change came about because we were once a ministry for married women, but we now have a sister community for single women.) After submitting and having three articles published with us writers will be offered a bio page, however, writers with bio pages will need to submit at least one article every two months. Have questions? Please message me for more information. Thank you and God bless!
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    I haven't heard any news. I'm hoping they've all left. Thanks for asking, Rebecca. 🧡
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    MORE? OK. I have LOTS MORE if you want 'em. 😮
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    So it was recently brought up in a different thread that we aren't able to see each others' About Me sections. I'm sure there are a bunch of us who typed one up and I certainly would love to get to know people a little better, so until we can figure out HOW to see them, I'm going to post mine here and encourage anyone else to add theirs in comments as well, even if it's a small paragraph (like mine)! About Me: Homeschooling mom of 2. Other than writing I enjoy sewing, dancing (mostly Israeli Folk Dancing), and board games. Been writing practically my whole life. Some of my favorite things are Tetris, Firefly/Serenity, Warehouse 13, the ocean, lightning, and shooting stars.
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    I want to put this as generically as I can. These groups have been very vocal on racial and social issues. They're coming from out of town (in their hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars buses) in action against the B-Taylor uproar. As I said, they were shouting a few months ago that they would be back to burn the city down. Now, they say they are coming peacefully. And now, they are very vocal against the fact that law enforcement has restricted where they will be able to go. I'm glad that paid visitors are not allowed at the track.
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    Great for today!
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    If you’re writing a story, I’d say the story has to be the driving force. If your theme is the primary driver, you might get a good piece of writing—an essay, sermon, etc. but you won’t have a good story.
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    I like to preach, so I pick my themes really early. Then, I work my characters and plot around that theme. The theme is the purpose of telling the particular story that I'm telling out of the millions and millions of possible stories I could be telling. If you like the "sub-creator" idea that I've heard from Tolkien, then you might compare our acts of creation to our Father's act of Creation. The theme of Creation is God's Glory. With a perfect God, what better, more moral theme could we have? I'm of the opinion that the theme makes or breaks the story. For example, Breaking Bad, the TV show. I heard from so many people how great a show it was, so I tried watching it (before I'd completely given up on non-Christian moving pictures). I couldn't get through the third season. True, the storytelling was great. The show was powerful. The characters were authentic. BUT... There was no hope, no goodness, no beauty that wasn't covered in ashes and filth. The theme of Breaking Bad was all about the evil that exists inside even the most harmless, upstanding seeming person. Breaking Bad was about Corruption (as the title clearly says from the very beginning). That is not a theme that resonates at all with a redeemed soul unless you stretch it and constantly think how all these characters need Jesus in their lives. But, I know enough real people like that, I don't need to waste time watching pretend people be that way. All right. How was that for a theme-less, meandering post that didn't really go any
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    Great. Now I can get rejected on two platforms: e-mail and Twitter.
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    The problem is the minute to get too far away from Medieval trope, it becomes sci-fi. Because sci-fi is just fantasy with ray guns and space ships. When you start mixing magic and technology, you'll quickly discover that magic loses its allure. Magic was the "balance" for those worlds that do not have technology as a device. When you roll out technology, it is accessible to everyone. So what is the point of "magic" when something better is available? It seems to me that you end up making an unsustainable fantasy world when you go that direction. There is a mystique to works like Beowulf. A hazy past filled with heroes, monsters, and legends that were eventually lost to time. It draws people to it, and excites their imagination. Though I find this newfound criticism of Medieval fantasy to be somewhat manufactured. It's not like it hasn't been tried before. Some seventy years after the Lord of the Rings, and no one has ever written something besides swords and sorcery? I don't think so. Its just that people actually *like* the trope. I personally have no problem with someone going their own unique direction. I'm all for that. But, in my opinion, this is a concerted effort to try and push people in to wanting stuff they don't actually want. Write a good story. Build good characters. People will read it.
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