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    I enjoyed this very much; a pithy poem! And I know the characters...
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    Yeah, I know. It won't let me in there yet so I just posted here.
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    LOL Awww, thank you, Rebecca! 🧡
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    This is my novel that I've been writing... hope that's ok to post here, if not I'm sorry.
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    Hello writer. Your words are most encouraging but of little signifiance. You speak as one who awaits the Holy Spirit, not believing he will come. From your dialogue you spend your days hoping and writing encourgagement for others like yourself. You do well. But you are the seeker not a finder. You are a hoper not a believer. You are under works. Your works are promises you believe in, that may bring suceess for others and lead them to salvation despite your own hopes? What can I say from my experience and walk with God unto you. The hope and promise you seemingly believe in will equate to freedom. What you must do is believe he exist. Tell him openly and boldly... I cant believe this unless you, Jehovah God reveal your existeance. My blessing to you and your house, is this petition, and dont let go, for we have nothing to lose and everthing to gain, say it in your personal closet. Standfirm and dont let go1
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    Amen! Love really is the center of it all.
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    Yes, it is only via the Word of God--through the Spirit of God--that one is reborn, redeemed, saved. Thus it stands to reason that it's in constant learning of the Word of God that provides to the believer what and how to "walk in the Spirit," which walk is not in the life of the Spirit but the "life" of the Lord Jesus (Col 3:4), via the power of the Spirit; and the primary evidence to me is demonstrating what God works in us the most, which is a love to all in the manner Jesus has loved us (Jhn 13:34; 15:12). I believe all who are reborn will eventually be lead by God to sufficiently occupy themselves in His Word (esp. the Epistles), it being the sole source of direction of His Spirit; and I find that an all important thing to remember is love first in all things because this is the end purpose of the "Word of Truth." God's blessings to your Family, and God be blessed!
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    " He won me when I was in the most unattractive state." I'll take time to read the others. The Lord empowers you more, in Jesus name, Amen!
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    Thank you all for reading. God bless!
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    Please pardon me, I was going through what I just wrote, only to find out each lines were not symmetrical even though I edited it. I don't know why this happen at times. I'll try harder next time.
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    I've asked Rebecca for suggestions. I'll let you know.
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    I think Facebook changes the size to fit their window. So sorry.
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    I'm sorry you're having trouble. I'm not sure what to tell you. See if you can copy and paste it. Maybe that will help.
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    Sorry it was my mistake for putting it this way " the Lord said, " and thank you for pointing it out. It was never literally written in the scripture that cleanliness is next to godliness. However the Lord has always emphasized on being clean, or being washed or being in order in His scripture. For example; the book of Proverb is one book that really needs not to be read with human knowledge. Proverbs chapter 31 talks about the woman of noble character, a woman who works and takes care of her house, the Lord said many things there that when taught by the holy Spirit it refers to our heart The word of God studied in the holy spirit reveals the hidden things of God, so that only this who are of Him can have access to Him and His wisdom through His word. I used this " cleanliness being next to godliness " as an illustration, as a reference to the hearts of men. Our heart is the house of God, except our heart is put in order He cannot dwell in us. And so I said " if one cannot take care of his physical being or surroundings, then he cannot take care of the word of God deposited in him, hindering him from having Jesus. Once again I thank you for pointing out that lack of interpretation. I hope this is helpful. Thank you Jesus.
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    Hmmm...a little confused. Where in the Bible did Jesus say "cleanliness is next to godliness?"
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    Thanks for sharing. I like your ideas, "God is passionate about his relationship with each of us, and that he will pursue us to the very ends of the Earth." I'm sure it will encourage your readers.
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    Thanks for responding, Victor! It's great having you as part of our group!
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    This is a nice devotion and a very good reminder! Thanks!
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    Thank you, Nikola. I'm often reminded that we are Christ's hands and feet as we live for Him in the dark places of the earth in the midst of rebellion and violence. Your poem reminds me that we are also in those places as a longing of His heart which is important to Him. Malachi 3:16, Psalm 68:18
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    “Before Spitting, Be Prepared” – An Informative Sequel When I authored “Before Spitting, Be Prepared” for my family, Ancestory.com aka Ancestry had provided me with information about 159 possible 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th cousins. Because more and more people are having their DNA collected and added to the database, I was recently provided with an updated list of 414 matches for 4th cousin or closer. When including potential 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th cousins, my list of people with common DNA is now well over 6000 long. This past week, a new 1st cousin Susan K. in Texas sent me a message trying to figure out how we were specifically related to each other. I told her what I knew and sent her my family story and my included Christian testimony. After a few exchanges, we had a very long and congenial telephone chat. Susan is 65 years old and both her father and mother have passed on. Ancestry’s results indicate that she is not genetically related to anyone on her father’s side, but she is closely related to me. In fact, except for my grandson who is in the database, Susan is closer to me genetically than any of the other 6000+ matches. Reviewing the Ancestry data together, it appears that one of my deceased brothers on my dad’s side impregnated her mother. Susan had already determined from other sources that both of our families had strong roots in Brooklyn, New York City at the time she was conceived. Susan was understandably bewildered. The loving man who raised her over the years was, according to the DNA data, not her biological father. I helped her absorb the DNA results but it was obvious that she was already several steps ahead of me. I previously sent Susan my family story and testimony, and she not only read it, but told me that she also shared it with one or more family members. I took the telephone-call opportunity to remind Susan that the new DNA information did not change who she was before God or before every good human being. She is a bright business lady and understood that. I invited her to contact me again if she ever wanted to. This follow-on story is another reminder that when we spit for a DNA test and database, we may be very surprised at what is uncovered. However, that is not the reason why I am providing this brief update. I want to pass along that I am so glad I put my family story and testimony in print. I am getting an increasing number of inquiries about my family’s history and heritage because of my inclusion in Ancestry’s database, and every one of these contacts has enabled me to pass along my family story and the included Christian message of faith and salvation. For those of you contemplating DNA testing and research, you might consider preparing your family history as you know and want to provide it, and weave your Christian testimony into the story. I have found it very easy to pass my family history to those inquiring about it, along with a Christian message and my testimony. Food for thought. Steve McEvoy
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    Wow! That's quite a story! Amazing, really. That sounds very interesting about you looking like both your biological and stepfather alike. What do you mean your mom and dad became those things? Weren't they already doing that? Or were they busy with other jobs/careers? Here: <<why till years later. My stepfather, on the other side>> I think you could end the paragraph with "years later" and start a new one with your stepfather, since they are two different people and it's kind of like you're changing the subject of the paragraph. That could just be me, though...
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    OH WOW!! I know exactly how you must be feeling!!! I had a TBI (Trauma Brain Injury) when I was 18 and even now (more than 14 years later) it's affecting me. It will affect me for the rest of my life.
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    I'll read this ASAP. My printer isn't working right now, so I'll have to read it on the computer.
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    Tia, I'm not sure you'll get too many who will click on your link. It's best to post the full text.
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    What size are they on your phone?
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    Angelic1, unfortunately, it's hard to read. You might want to make it larger. Are you copying and pasting it in?
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    Tia, I'm sorry. I will have to lock this since you haven't posted the text. You are welcome to start another thread with the text.
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