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    That is awesome Sometimes we are so distracted that we miss these valuable moments that God speaks to us. I am a routine person myself. If i am busy or late, i want to put things off to the next day - even reading my Bible. I am always reading now. Anytime I have a free minute I am pulling Logos up on my phone. Thank you for sharing.
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    Praise God! I am glad that God could use it. Very true, others may not know our name or know us. God our father knows our name and loves us and that will always be true! I try to write what God calls me to write and then hope that He uses them!
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    This really made me think about something - thank you! My name is Chris, but for 3 years it was 414734 because I belonged to the state of TN. I had to memorize that number because when they would call me they did not call me Chris. I had lost all of my rights and I still cannot vote or own a firearm. The wonderful thing is that through that horrible time, God still knew my name Thank you for your devotionals - I enjoy reading them. Blessings
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    Great piece, Chuck! Yes, convicting. Thank you! 🧡
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    Wow, this is very convicting. I believe this is something we all need to take note of. It's self-examination time!
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