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    I didn't look at the whole article, so I don't know if there are any Christian companies listed. The article gives a short synopsis of each company. (Or is that redundant? )
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    Money, Money, Money Where are you? I want to be rich. I want to be wealthy I must look for more money Invest in God. He is a stock broker, I am told He will give me thousands for my tens He will give me millions for my hundreds Be rich. Be rich on earth, that is the way to go Everything I need God provides on a daily basis Clothes to wear and food to eat Adding up all his provision over the years I am already a billionaire, why do I want to be a millionaire? My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills The earth is his, and the fullness thereof He owns the world and they that dwell therein His Name is the Lord of Heaven and Earth Ask whatever you want and I will give you, he says I have a mansion in heaven I am joint heirs with Christ Why do I want to be a millionaire? I am already a billionaire I live on earth, yet not I The live that I now live in the body I live by the faith of the Son of God Whatever I need I receive, if only I ask by faith Godliness with contentment is great gain Food and clothing are enough to make us content Those that want to be rich in this world Fall into a snare, temptation, and harmful desires A strong desire that leads to their own griefs Source: John 14:14; Matthew 7:7; Galatians 2:20; Psalm 24:1; 1 Timothy 6:6-11
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    (The title I make by borrowing from dumasfils' words in a Poetry Club post. I recommend reading Psalm 8:4-8 first. Well, my South Carolinian accent showed when I wrote it "divine". I was mentally pronouncing it DE-vine) What is man, the “I” in “Me”? That mindful massing of dignity Sprung on earth, in angels’ care To serve creation off the chair. Up! Grab the works of divine hands! What is written still commands A tending by the human heart of fish, fowl, sheep, foals—out of the Ark But most of all thy fellow man, Each gifted “I” from Great I Am.
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    Everything that we see, God’s fingerprint is there. It seems inconspicuous in such a big world! Take a moment, please, to stop and stare. Look at the sunset in the night Exploding with rose, orange, and violet. If you look closely, it resembles a painting With the paints accenting the twilight. Notice the strokes of the paintbrush As it glides it to and fro. Who handled this brush? It was God, of course! He overlapped each crevice high and low. Now take a look at the closest tree- Run your fingers down the bark. Feel the grooves spindle past; From up above, hear the singing of the lark. Pluck a leaf from a branch And gaze at it well; Note the veins curving symmetrically. Its rich color the season will tell. Watch the systematic squirrel Gathering acorns for his stash. If another takes just one of his, At that thief he will lash. Now gaze at yourself in the mirror Or in a pool of water, crystal clear. Look at the features God made you with! For He loves you very dear. Your sparkling eyes, your smiling lips, The hair upon your head- God’s fingerprints are marked right there! It is you He has clothed, healed, and fed. His fingerprints are invisible, Yet visible to those who stop and stare. Appreciate His gentle touch Because, my friend, He is there.
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    Ps. When I start my writing class, I must out of a good 'hunger' invite you. Hopefully, it will be here on this venue. One of the first things I have in mind to present is the single thought which makes a great writer is the love for making titles: if that love is gargantuan...so much more comes easier, and that 'I' pours forth its power —God underlying of course, as you write in this piece. Very accurate you are. (I apologize for the number of comments, but when every line of a poem has something great and lovely in it, I am astonied. And I should say, it doesn't happen very often that I cannot contain the thoughts a work is doing in me. Beautiful piece. He shows that He is teaching you well how to exalt the 'I' in your reader. Outstanding. Again, I have to apologize for having so much to say, but is it my fault that you have written so much? Thank God for you.)
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    Up! Grab the work....(fervent and true to the right task at hand; more than ever we need to arise and shine. Great line. Far-ranging thought.)
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    Superb! Superb! Outstanding and just short enough to be enough said, but what a way to say it. Wow, you show you are really impressed by our savior. Oh, that He will teach you more; allow you to write more, for to be a blessing to us who 'shine' as other facets in his jewel. Bravo! Brother. God's Speed, and please think more, write more, and live Him more. In this writing you tell He is healing lots of deep parts of you. I am happy for you, and us who have a chance to know you. Well done.
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    If your book is ready in November, it takes extreme discipline to wait until January. Maybe a long trip to Cancun with plenty of tequila will help you get through it.
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    Ky_GirlatHeart, your poem is inspiring and motivates the heart. Wow.
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    I've been trying to figure out how to get Amazon to link each book of my Hating God Trilogy to each other. That answer was to ask Amazon to create a series page for you. On this series page, not only are all your books listed, but on each individual book page it now lists the book as being part of a series. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08L4ZD87J?ref_=dbs_dp_rwt_sb_tkin&binding=kindle_edition The way to do it was simply to send a request to Amazon KDP and ask for the series enclosing each book's ASIN. You also have to have each book "series" info in KDP. This only works for the Kindle editions.
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    Sounds like a clever way of getting around the recommendation against non-essential gatherings. Is a big family dinner essential? Well...maybe not. But a turkey fatya? Can't be missed!
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    Love how they did that video. He posts great graphics on Facebook. Thanks, Sarah!
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    Hello, and welcome!! I am also a homeschooler, and I'm glad that we have similar roots there!
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    Always loved that one, Y!
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    Funnily enough I have asked Reedsy that question because the team are UK based and Martin who hosts the webliners is English. I have to say, the person who worked on my query package was super helpful and has answered all my questions as well as provided detailed feedback on time. Money well spend and good value. (And no I am not plugging just giving feedback on my individual experience - I can't say it would be the same with someone different.) Ready to rock and roll now.💃
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    This is a great reminder for me not to be concerned about riches on earth when I will have treasures in Heaven!
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    Praying for you and your family.
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    It sounds different than I expected. I remember when Amy Grant came out with a song Father's Eyes about 30 years ago.
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    Translated - kitchen-sink soap with class. 😄 I can live with that.👍
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    I'd never heard of it either. Here's a definition I found: "Upmarket fiction is a subgenre of fiction books that incorporates elements of page-turning mainstream fiction, while still showcasing the more nuanced prose and complex character development more often found in literary fiction." It sounds like a really good thing!
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    I will be praying!
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    OK - I have had some initial feedback from the editor I chose via Reedsy to look at my synopsis, query letter and MS. I need to look at the Synopsis and Query letter - and her comments on my social media platforms over the weekend but the thing I wanted to flag up here was their answer to which authors I might write like or what books 'Demons' might be in a similar vein too which I asked specifically for them to consider as it is something that agents request. Here is their answer. Thank you very much for sharing your manuscript and query letter materials with me. I’m glad that I got to work on this piece, because it’s just the sort of story that I enjoy — an epic that focuses on a circle of friends and family, anchored by a love story. For this reason, I think that your story should be classified as an “upmarket romance novel” in the vein of Liane Moriarity, Rosamunde Pilcher, and even Nicholas Sparks. I have heard of Nicholas Sparks but not the other two. Would I be right in thinking they are USA based authors? And what on earth does 'upmarket romance novel' mean in plain English? Not a term I have heard here in the UK (but that doesn't mean it isn't used - just I'm now aware of it.) PS I have just googled them - Rosamunde Pilcher is an English novelist. - Apparently according to one site which identifies writers who write like her - I write like Elizabeth Berg and Maeve Binchy. Yikes! That what we use to call 'kitchen sink dramas' when I was young 🤨
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    It's 3 (or 4) separate books. The Dragonbone Chair is the first one, The Stone of Farewell the second, and To Green Angel Tower the third. I think that the third one has been separated into 2 books, though, that's why it's either 3 or 4 books.
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    Hi, everyone, I entered a writing challenge and made it to the finalists. If you'd like to support me via a vote, I'm under the pen name "Ann Milo". (Voting ends tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. Pacific time.) Thanks so much https://speculativefaith.lorehaven.com/finalists-2020-spec-faith-fall-writing-challenge/#respond
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    Yay! Sarah, I think you won! The poll is closed and you're ahead! Yay! 👏
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