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    This article is interesting. Do This, Not That. Offers great info for launching during the holidays. Or not.
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    The juxtaposition of the words is odd. I got "Hindus Rapture " and "Muslims Rupture " as sentences. Maybe that's just how my brain works, seeing patterns that aren't intended.
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    Toby Mac is awesome! My kids like him too!
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    Praying for positive results from your scan, and wisdom for your doctors too.
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    Details are for God. Lord, we pray that you will be with @Quiet Spirit and provide peace, patience and healing to not just her but her familyas well. We don't need to know why because you already know her needs. We know you have it all in your control. In Jesus name; amen.
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    Thanks for point those out. Probably I'd better check them out more carefully before I save them.
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    While we might like to know details, that is your business, not ours. All we need to know is to pray for you. And I do.
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    Never any need to go into details, QS. I'm so sorry you having to deal with this. We will certainly will be praying for all you need and for your husband and son. May the Lord bring the best results from the tests and may He bless you with a special touch of His presence and peace. 🧡
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    Thank you. If you felt you wanted to read the ebook after, just let me know.
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    Yeah, that's been common practice since I've been publishing. Although I've always been tempted to release something around Christmas, wondering if readers who receive gift cards (or a new Kindle, etc.) will claim them on a new release. However, over the years, most of my discount sale promotions right after Christmas haven't really generated impressive results. Readers tend not to purchase books until well into January.
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    Lord willing, I might try listening to it on the weekend, and I'll respond once I do (again, this is only if the Lord wills and nothing comes up by then). God bless!!
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    I've stood here watching For so many long years now; Watching as the world has changed, Watching to keep myself changeless for you. I've stood here watching, Wondering when the day might come That I could take your hand And dance with you to life's gentle love song. The thought leaves me breathless. I've stood here watching, Guarding the way to you heart, Watching as each day passes on, Watching so you'll know you're treasured. I've stood here watching, Wondering as the days have passed At the legacy of love that we Will leave to those who come behind us. The thought leaves me breathless. I'll stand here watching, Standing strong as life's storms rage, Watching for the troubles that life may bring; Watching to keep you safe from harm. I'll stand here watching, Wondering, as the days roll on, At how very blessed I've been Walking through life with you beside me. The thought leaves me breathless. I'll stand here watching As life carries us through the years, Watching our legacy grow wise and strong, Watching to keep our family anchored true. I'll stand here watching, Wondering, after the years have passed And I'm left all alone, At how much I've loved you with all my life. The thought leaves me breathless.
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    The sun sets low on a pink horizon, Its hues cascading o'er drowsy hills and plains. The earth swallows this glorious fire, Welcoming darkness as the daylight wains. Cooling under evening's purple cover, Slumber eases the day's many pains. Our bright star sinks low each twilight, Burning flames now shadows o'er the fading earth. Evening's hush brings rejuvenation, Calming the earth in silent dearth. Welcomed sleep covers the waiting ground, Rest arriving in the day's rebirth.
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    Don't be afraid of having more than 1 backup. Sometimes they fail too.
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    I surprised my wife with this poem in our wedding program. She has it framed on the wall.
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    Important information in case of a zombie apocalypse. 🤣
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    I know we have covered synopsis writing, but here is a short guide from Curtis Brown Associates. One of the UK top literary agents. CBC Synopsis guide
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