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    I hope it wasn't a violent death.
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    I just listened to it again, and I loved it!
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    That is amazing! But since they found this church, where are they going to put the playground for the children?
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    I believe that's the purpose of this group (at least, one of the purposes).
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    As the ending is the destination, then I'd say everything I write is about the journey to that ending. My writing philosophy is simple: How do I know where to take the story if I don't know where it's supposed to end? Sort of like planning a trip. It helps to know the destination, but that also doesn't mean there's only one route there. There are writers who simply write and figure out where their story will end later. Pansters? Not sure if all Pansters don't know their endings ahead of time. Overall, however a writer gets to the end, you absolutely need to stick the landing!
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