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    Happens a lot.
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    Thanks, everybody. I was dizzy every time that I got out of bed, but I suppose that's natural after the head-banging I got. So, anyway, back to bed!
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    Overall, I think the book cover should entice a reader to click into the product page (or look further into the book/back cover). So awards and or reviews on the cover should be instantly recognizable to your target reader. Otherwise, you're wasting space on something that could make you look, well, like someone desperate for a sale. Other awards and reviews should be used as part of the product page as product reinforcement. They help to close the deal on a purchase. Basically convincing a reader that there's a good reason they looked further into your book. That's my extent of marketing expertise, which is really just one author's opinion. I'm sure there are several other marketing strategies that would contradict my approach. The key is to find the one that works for you. I hope it goes well!
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    Hoping for a quick recovery. Late June of this year, I was sitting at a light, waiting to turn left. As the light changed I was rear-ended. Pushed my car into the intersection. Luckily, it was JUST as the light changed, or I might have been in the same predicament. But the force was hard enough to actually break my driver's seat. Only a couple of weeks before, we were considering maybe buying a new car. That sort of made the decision for us.
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    Thank you for your prayers, everybody! I'm home now and going to sleep. Boy it's good to be home! My head hurts, though, where they had to cut and pick out the glass!
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    Nothing against hospitals, you understand, but we pray you are out of there soon, better yet, as we type.
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    I'm so glad you're ok! Praying for you! How is everyone else in the crash?
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    Lynn, Come clean. There must be at least two of you. The site you linked is full of highly useful information, as are so many others you have linked or pointed us to. Where do you find the time to locate so much helpful information? Thanks for all you do for us on this site.
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    What everyone else said! Glad you're not badly hurt. We need you! And the car?
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    Lord we praise You for keeping SW safe during the vehicle crash and not allowing serious injury. We pray that You continue Your healing and protection on him. We also pray the other driver/occupants in both vehicles are safe. Guide their care to return them home quickly. In Jesus name;Amen.
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    Oh, no...that's awful. I'm thankful to hear you escaped without any severe injuries. I'll be praying they let you go home soon.
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    Mark Dawson was caught red-handed: Author loses spot in Top 10 after buying 400 copies of his own book I've heard many instances of large traditional publishers doing this to get their books into the NYT best-seller lists, but Mark Dawson? Just an awful lapse of ethics. What bothers me even more is how this is being discussed by fellow indie (self-published) authors on another forum. Many pages of comments, half of which wonder why it's such a big deal.
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    The author of a YA book called A Handbook for Mortals used a similar strategy and made it to the NYT #1 bestseller spot for 24 hours before the NYT caught on and took the book off the list. I understand that the NYT list is curated to some degree and not fully based on sales, but however anyone feels about that, it's never okay to game the system.
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    That cost him a penny or too, even at $0.99 apiece, and I doubt he was selling/buying them for that.
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    Oh, dear! I could see maybe buying 100 to give away but that? Oh, wow! So sorry to learn this.
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    So glad you are okay.
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    How are you feeling this afternoon? Is your head any better?
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    Thanks everyone for your kind words! Now, I'm off to bed. It's tiring getting in a car accident!
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    Sorry I'm late to this. Can't believe I missed this topic yesterday! I'll be praying for a quick recovery, and am glad to hear that you were released home so soon. On the up side (if there is one), you now know how to write about a car crash. 😩
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    So I know it's not Mother's Day, but this is a funny video.
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    Like everyone else said, I'm glad that you're alright and back home again!
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    I am so sorry to hear of your accident, but glad you are home recuperating!
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    Praying you have a very restful night.
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    Hey, yes, I am healing- thanks be to God!
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    That sounded rough, but you are right Praise the Lord! Glad to hear you are home and recovering. I am praying for your continued recovering.
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    Yep- I agree with @Accord64. Use it sparingly.
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    I have read Writer Beware for years. Their posts are not consistent but they are always worth reading. Scams abound. I would highly suggest subscribing to their site. There are at least two of their latest articles you should read. The second one is after the first one. Also, be sure you check out all the "Philippines-Based Publishing & Marketing Scams Targeting Indie Authors" list in the sidebar.
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    LOL Not even close! But I do a lot of scanning. And sooo many don't get read.
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    And you must be a speed reader!
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    Brother, I'm glad you are well on your way out the door!
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    Oh, and you're welcome! I appreciate that!
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    thank you for always sharing this kind of information.
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    Oh, dear! SW, I'm so sorry. I'm so thankful you're okay. Praise the Lord! I know you are or will be very sore. Praying it passes quickly and praying there's no residual effects. 🧡
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    Wow. So sorry to hear that and grateful to the good Lord you are safe. Still nasty to experience. Take care of yourself SW.
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    That's horrible! I'll be praying for you!
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    Father God, I lift up Sarah to you and I ask that you touch her throat and stop the pain. Please heal her Lord and allow her to sing to you, sing your praises sooner than she thinks she will. Thank you in Jesus' name.
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    Welcome! So glad you've enjoyed your time here, and we look forward to seeing you around the site. Blessings on you and your project. 🙂
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    Welcome to our writing family, kcs. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    Thank you Donald! (and Jared, for the boost 😀) My daughters listened to DC Talk, and "Colored People" has always been my favorite. I'm concerned that many believers are politicizing belief and not leaving space for this confession in front of the world, as voiced by Andre Crouch, "Through it all . . . I've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God".
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