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    My two cents worth: write both endings. Get a few beta readers. If you have enough, split them into 2 groups (one for each ending) and see how each one gets received. Or share both endings with your beta readers and take a vote from that.
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    Can I ask where you got that?
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    Thanks, but I don't know about JUST like me. The hair is actually more gray than that.
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    Recently a pastor sent out a letter to his congregants requesting suggestions as to what topics his people would like to have him address on Sundays. Another church felt the necessity to highlight the recent racial divide in our nation. To address the issue, they brought in two individuals who represented an ethnicity different from those of their own congregation. They discussed issues that needed understanding and even correction. I guess the purpose of the interaction was to bring people out of their comfort zones and into the reality of racial division. It seems that there is such a quickness to respond to societal problems that we fail to understand the true reason for racial conflict is SIN and BIBLICAL DISOBEDIENCE. When we fail to address these root causes of racial conflict, we will never find the solution to racial disharmony. When I see churches walking away from Biblical principles in favor of carnal analysis, my comfort zone is in jeopardy. Churches are becoming responders instead of initiators. We tend to react to issues instead of acting on the principles of God’s Word. We tend to bend over to the whims and actions of others instead of standing firm on the infallible, inerrant Word of God. If we continue to bend, we could face the danger of breaking and becoming ineffective for God’s usage. People are having a difficult time hearing God because they tend to limit Him by their wants instead of their needs. True Believers want unfiltered truth that speaks to their spirit. Selective topics tend to enforce complacency or to satisfy “itching ears.” Christians do not need to be lectured on interracial issues, for they are taught not to be a respecter of persons of differing social/economic and physical characteristics. All people are created in the image of God and are to be loved and accepted no matter what their physical makeup. The Church needs to continue to promote the teachings of Jesus and not enter the carnal arena that involves social issues that tear down instead of build up. When Christians leave the principles of Biblical truth, we have lost our way. Satan wants Christians to fight by his rules of engagement. We must never take the bait. Always remember the brighter the light, the more the darkness will be dispelled. We must stay focused on our calling. The Church must display love. The Church is not to be a judge, but a witness of God’s Grace. The Church must not enter the “colosseum” of conflict, but stand on the foundation of Truth. The Church is not to be integrated with the opinions of the world, but to display the Truth of the world’s Creator. When people have a hard time hearing from God, it is usually the result of frequency interference that comes from hearing interpretive truth instead of Holy Spirit inspired teaching. People have a hard time hearing God when they act outside of the Biblical framework. LET CHRISTIANS STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT GOD WANTS FROM THEM INSTEAD OF WHAT THEY WANT FROM GOD.
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    LOL Bob, I agree! Thanks so much, Chuck and Carolina!
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    Oh, Z! I loooooooove your new avatar! Looks just like you!
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    Lol, I’m glad you ended it with the r’s and e’s. I thought I was going to have to call a vet.
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    And many mooooooooorrrrreeeeee!
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    Happy, happy, happy birthday, Lynn! Make it a great one!
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    I've done limited beta reading (I'm working on getting better at it). I try to read as a "regular reader" as Lana said, and I try to limit the tendency to proof-read, as that should come later. Please do give a synopsis of the book, genre, length of book, estimated time you want comments. (Sell the concept: If it's not the type of book I would enjoy reading, I don't volunteer- one of the bennies of doing beta.)
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    Thank you all for the great birthday greetings! Love 'em all! 🧡
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    Happy birthday 🎂 🥳
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    Author David Farland has some tips for how to grab your reading right from the outset. https://mailchi.mp/xmission/david-farlands-writing-tips-opening-well
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    If you’re not too far into writing the book, you could write from two people’s point of view. It’s what I did for my recent short story. No one died, but for your situation, it would help explain the “Disney death” from the other person’s perspective.
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    Starts out slow and then get a nice rhythm to it, I like it!
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    Little Jeffery listened well, I thought for sure he was coming back with a bat bean toy too!😀
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    I agree. However, I believe there is a difference between being beaten for being a Christian and commanded to reject Christ and being beaten just because someone wants to harm you.
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    I think a Disney Death would be practically impossible to achieve if it’s happening to your POV character...I mean, she could feel she was dying, or be sure she was about to die, or go unconscious, but to convince your readers she’s actually died? Probably not, unless, like you said, you switch points of view. You could switch to the antagonist after the protagonist has actually (or supposedly) died, but unless you’re writing other parts of the story also from the antagonist POV, I think this would be odd. Besides, once your protagonist is out of the picture, your story is essentially done.
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    Wow- you know that's very thoughtful, Claire. You should write a post on this.
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    Have you used the antagonist's POV earlier in the story?
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    Lana, that is excellent advice, maybe it will help me shut off my computer at a decent hour and go to sleep.
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    Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me so warmly, this time I remembered to click on the 'like'.
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    Mine died at the end of the story. Sad, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just death by natural causes. Probably not an example that fits your situation. 🤔
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    Nice new avatar, Z!
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    If it's "historical," does it fit?
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    Thanks everybody! Lots of good advice here, as usual
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    Ooh- nice thinking, Paul!
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    Aw! My very own cookies! 😊🥰😊
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    My first guest post was just published in @PenName's new Writer's Room. *girly squeal!*
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    So ... for congratulations ...
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    Thank you, everyone!! 😊
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    Really enjoyed the article, @AlleyGood job!
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    Glad to have you with us.
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    ***Yes, she should!***
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    Mmmmm! Cake! 🤤 😋 I feel the need to find out how many licks of the computer screen it takes to get to the raspberry chocolate cake! *Psssssst!* @PenName is making this new section on her website. I can't wait until she announces it. 😊 *cough* she should do that. *cough* 😁😇😁
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    Oh, and that goes for you, too, PenName!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! That is a great, inspiring article!
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    Yay, Alley! Great work! Congratulations!!
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    Welcome to our writing family, Connie. Glad you joined us. That's too bad about shoe boxes being cancelled. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    Thanks, everyone. 🙂 I haven't settled on one I like best, but this gives me some great ideas! 😊 (Where is a good lightbulb emoji when you need one? 😄)
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    Depending on the era you could make it some of the apocryphal gospels (e.g. Gospel of Thomas), OR make it similar to one of the early heresies (e.g. Donatism). In the same vein you could also make it the writings of a fictional early church father (e,g, take something like Augustine's City of God and change it to a fictional version).
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    One of the greatest experiences in life is love. Everyone seeks love for it, comforts the heart and soothe the soul. Yet, hate exists and some folks enjoy inflicting its venomous poison onto others. Hate is troublesome because of its negative impact on the human spirit. Why is that? Because it’s an effective sin, Satan uses to turn humans away from God. Remember, God removed Lucifer from heaven (Isaiah 14:12-13) and he uses hate to avenge his judgement. I think you’ll agree with me when I say the devil’s clever ways; he uses hate are cunning. For example, Satan uses racism to manifest hate between ethnic groups. The devil creates a hostile environment between cultures leading to death and destruction. Other illustrations of hate are envy, abortion, and self-hatred. Those sinful actions corrupt the soul, harden the heart, and lead to a life headed for eternal damnation. Some people commit suicide to stop the constant internal strife they experience. Both the New and Old Testament heightens God’s opposition to hates unfavorable existence. And when Christ roamed the earth, He exposed the world’s hate towards God (John 15:18-25). I can almost hear you thinking nothing good comes from hate. Yes, hate breeds resentment, bitterness and causes physical harm to others. It’s a way evil doer provoke wicked action. A point often overlooked is hate leaves behind a trail of physical, mental devastation. With this in mind, the devil works hard to twist the reality of Christ and he can’t tolerate us embracing God’s love (James 4:6). How do I know? From personal experience. Before God saved me, I was a drunkard and full of self-hatred. I wanted to die. As a matter of fact, I attempted suicide but the Lord protected me from physical death. His love for me stopped the devil’s plan to kill me. And for that I’m forever grateful for His affection. As shown above hate separates us from Jesus Deity. What’s the solution? God’s love! Here’s something we both can agree on is nothing the world offers matches our Father’s love. His love gave Adam and Eve a second chance (Genesis 3:22). And because He loved them His grace is extended to us today. How exceptional is that? As if that’s not enough He sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin. This selfless display of His love shows He wants to save humanity from the evil one. Amazing isn’t it? In fact, love is God’s greatest commandment to mankind (Matthew 22:37-38). Love comes from God. Once a person receives His affection a spiritual transformation takes root and the individual’s heart purifies. This supernatural conversion leads a person to extend this incredible love to others. For, loving others is God’s second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:39). Here’s the interesting part God’s love radiates through us showing those around us His powerful presence. As the result of His comfort we are able to love our enemies (Matthew 5:43-48). The best part is love prevails over sin (1 Peter 4:8). Given these points we know our Father’s love is divine, pure with an eternal destination of heaven! How do you love?
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