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    I think the word you want is "persuasion."
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    In once chapter of "Write Like the Masters," William Cane says this: " Salinger's characters are important even in his early stories, but as tie went on his fiction became even more character focused and less plot driven." I'm confused, because my novels are more plot driven. Do you find your novels are more character driven"
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    I don't think this has been mentioned before. It appears there is a new plotting software called Plottr. It's $25 and can be installed on three devices. For either PC or Mac. Or both ($37). Here's a video if you'd like to check it out.
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    Is this a word? Persuadance. Trying to use it for my book. AutoCorrect does not like it.
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    We had our first “real” church service since the quarantine this past Sunday. Outdoors, since we still aren’t supposed to use the building, but a happy day all the same. It feels like a weight off my shoulders. The library is open now too, for pickup only. I’m in a line about 20 people long right now, and it is moving very slowly...
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    All right- I'll watch it tonight!
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    Very soothing and beautiful!
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    I like that a lot, @EBraten!
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    You ever wonder how much dollars what genre makes? What books makes? Then I've never seen as useful a tool as KDSPY. It get's amazing results! And, you can populate a word cloud of keywords for Amazon. It's really cool. Which brings me to my point- it's hard to make a buck without knowing what genre you're going to write for, or in. With all of the thousands of authors that are publishing daily, it's hard to get your book noticed without proper keyword assigned to them. For Christian writers with a message to get out, I think this is vitally important that our works are read. What do you think?
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    Yes, it's what you've been waiting for- an interview with our own beloved Lynn Mosher at www.thejesusroad.com
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    Let your plot throw challenges at your characters that are rooted in their growth arc, their deep-seated fears. For example, in a romance, if the male MC is afraid of being cheated on and dumped, let the plot include a female MC who has another potential love-interest hanging around her. If the male MC is worried that he's from the wrong side of the tracks and not good enough for the woman, let his love rival be from a higher social standing or "better" in some way than he is. That fuels the male MC's insecurities and heightens the tension. Plot ties into character. Or as another example, in a thriller, the FBI agent is haunted by his failure to save an innocent child from a killer. The plot can include a killer who's put another innocent child in danger, playing on the FBI guy's need to redeem his early failures.
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    One of my favorites!
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    That's lovely, Alley.
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    Praise His Name' Our Church is still on line as of yet 😔 I'm from Arizona 🌵🌴
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    Happy birthday, Accord! Hope you enjoy a special day. Blessings to you!
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    I know it's late - Please know I hope your Birthday Day was Good 😊
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    Congratulations, Zee!
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    We are right around one hundred people at our church. I think the issue with our church is the county executive keeping restrictions up that our governor has lifted.
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    Well, our fellowship is only about fifty people on a really crowded Sunday. That’s a real advantage at a time like this.
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    That is great news! Our church is still only doing online service right now, but am hopping we can start an outdoor service too.
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    So glad your church family is able to gather together again. Because we belong to a large church, they're doing smaller groups for in-home church. And we still have online and on regular television. Hope you don't have to wait too long. Happy reading!
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    Love it!!! Congratulations! And I, too, love your newsletter! 😊
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    I usually work on three or four projects with the split 60/20/10/10 of my time, but if it starts going well for two of them, I break it down 60/40. It works pretty well for me. How about you?
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    It's based on a word people know, and it has a suffix people know, so it's understandable. Looks like it's a word! Go with it!
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    I didn't think it was either. However, I found it's a person's first name and I also found it used. Believe it or not. You can reach out to fellowship groups, therapists and rehabs, but first you have to want recovery. Of course I want recovery, you may say, but then don’t follow through with therapy appointments, attend recovery meetings on a regular basis, or follow any suggestions. So what is it that’s impeding you? Why are you resistant to persuadance? Found it used in other works as well.
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    I don't think so, Sarah, but I'd be curious to see if anyone else thinks it is.
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    Ah. Of course, you did. Sorry.
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    I built that lighthouse. 😏
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    🤣 I'm sure there was quickly a bellow heard round the world when your dad found out! 😳 🤣🤣🤣
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    No, I was born in 1764 - according to my kids, which I'm reminded of quite often. And yes, I was there for the shot heard around the world. It was me. I was near the Lexington Green fooling around with my dad's musket. Oops.
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    Happy Birthday, Accord!
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    Happy birthday a day late!
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    You were born in 1864? Wow, 156! Do we get to call you old man now? 😁😆
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    Not unless I was somehow born a year later.
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    Happy Birthday, Accord. May we now call you Accord65? 🚗
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    Belated happy birthday to ya!
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    Hope you have an awesome birthday! 😃
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    Happy birthday! Make it a great one!
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    Happy birthday Accord! May you have a blessed day
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    But don't worry! 😁
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    Yes, Happy Birthday!!
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    Happy birthday @Accord64 ! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with many blessings. 🙂🎂
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