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    My two coppers' worth? The Lord whispered to my heart to write for Him. And I have obeyed. Continuing on in obedience is essential, whether anyone reads what I write or not. Maybe someone will be blessed or come to know the Lord in a deeper way after I'm gone. Then, praise the Lord! That's the second reason I write. And yes to your second question because I write devotionals.
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    I've been reading a slender volume that I read before my stroke, entitled, "Write Like the Masters," by William Cane. I forgot all of its teachings when I had my stroke, but I came upon this book in my shelves and I thought I would read it again, because today, like any other day, is a great day for learning. It is a compilation of writings on how to use the rhetorical device of imitation to improve out writing, going through in detail the writing of twenty diverse writers and their style. He has sampled such extremes as Balzac all the way to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Edith Wharton to Margaret Mitchell- truly a wonderful book, and I thought I'd share it to help you in your writing career.
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    It's not so much a matter of watering down out style, it's a matter of creating thought provoking, engaging prose that captivates the readers imagination. Does that make sense?
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    I think I'd write anyway, yes, but you're second question is more interesting. I write in the only style/prose/ strategies I know how, but I constantly compare myself to other authors to see if my style/prose/strategies compare with other authors that I respect to see if I will be successful. To my way of thinking, you can't write with the expectation that your work will never be read. That is a true formula for a failure at getting your message out. And if people don't read your work, well, then you are really just writing to yourself.
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    Oh, amen and amen! Love that, too! Thank you! 🧡
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    Yes, completely! I write to share the Gospel with people and to bring glory to God. Whether I'm dead or alive at the time people are reading my writing doesn't change that. Yes, imperfect as it is
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    I love that. The best reason to write, I think. One of my favorite quotes (i have many...) Eric Ludy - "The time to speak is when the Spirit of God boils the message so hot within you that it must come out. The time to write is when God Almighty presses his thumb against your heart and forces the words out like a steaming geyser." your answer reminded me of it. ☺️
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    Another week in lock-down, another week of stellar news coverage. 😄
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    A villain cannot be 77 years old? Believe, 77 is not as old as it used to be.
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    That sounds interesting, Accord64, what's the name?
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    Wood Chipper (UGH! Why did THAT have to come to my mind first?) 😣
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    Not good news, in my opinion. Amazon, as a bookseller, really needs some real competition. The kind that makes them want to treat indie authors better. But overall, I predict that post-apocalyptic pandemic novels aren't going to be big. Too bad I wrote one. 😩
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