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    Copied from their website, About The Upper Room The Upper Room® is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual life of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully. From its beginnings in 1935 as a daily devotional guide, The Upper Room has grown to include publications, programs, prayer support, and other resources to help believers of all ages and denominations move to a deeper level of faith and service. It looks like The Upper Room publishes its own materials. The important thing is that they are Christian, and they are reliable.
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    Let's discuss author platforms. This is a huge topic, so I'm starting a series with different themes/questions for each one. Part one! What platforms are you on? Facebook, Twitter, your own website, Youtube, Pinterest, Wattpad, etc. Let's rank them from your favorite to your least favorite. I am just starting out on mine, but so far... 1) Pinterest (Learning the ropes) 2) My own website (In the making process) 3) Youtube (Have a writing channel planned, but one thing at a time.)
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    Let's discuss author platforms. This is a huge topic, so I'm starting a series with different themes/questions for each one. Part two! What parts of each platform you are on do you like best, and help you best reach your audience?
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    Saw another good one: I feel like this is played out at all supermarkets these days!
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    That is a cool idea @Claire Tucker! Let us know how it turns out.
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    Writers Write has a great cheat sheet list for writing body language.
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    The Upper Room Reason I'm asking is because they accept submissions (and apparently pay too), and I am considering doing it. Partly for fun, and partly as another source of income. But I don't want to be hasty and have the wool pulled over my eyes. Thoughts?
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    WoW. So we just had our first online prayer meeting with Facebook live. I have to say it was very nice to not have to get all dressed up (well, not like I do for Sundays) in order to attend. I have a cold (donut worry, its a REAL COLD, not COVID--19) to be there. It went fairly well. More people were able to attend.
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    LOLOL Where'd you find that picture of me? Darn that person with the phone!
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    😄 I'll start a whole thread about how important your platform is. Sound good, everyone?
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    I'm on Facebook, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and post occasional guest blogs on Indie writer sites. I've taken a pass on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and others. AGREED. I would take this one step further. We've all been hearing the drumbeat of platform, platform, PLATFORM for years. I agree it can be important, but I've also come to learn that its importance can vary depending on the genre you write. For instance, if I'm writing non-fiction cooking books, then platforms such as YouTube can be very effective. I could post short videos on cooking that link to my books. It's even better if I'm a chef who works at a five-star restaurant. I can leverage that credibility to my platform. But here's my reality. I write fiction, usually thrillers and mysteries. I have no professional creds that would tie into this - like law enforcement or government intelligence experience. I'm just a storyteller with a vivid imagination - like thousands of my fellow authors. So how can I build a platform? I think by concentrating my initial efforts on generating content, and visibility to my books, rather than on me. Obtain reviews and sell through book promotions. Then as sales build, and more books get released, I can build a platform on name recognition. Getting to this point is a perplexing challenge. Knowing what's effective changes constantly. But publishing more books, which provides additional sales opportunities as readers discover you, is probably the best use of my time right now.
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    I don't often disagree with you. Although I know I'm in the minority in thinking this, as an independently-published fiction author, I don't see the harm in focusing on getting the book (or even books!) written before focusing on social media. Books have a very long shelf-life. Big launches matter to traditional publishers because in their business model, a book only has a tiny window of opportunity to prove itself. If it's not performing after a few months, it's considered to have failed. But as an indie, I know that even if a debut book is released with very little or no social media fanfare, it will always be there for people to find, and for the author to promote. Joanna Penn made the New York Times bestseller list with books that were several years old. Even if they weren't technically new, they were new to the readers who had just discovered them. And I don't count myself as a success yet, but I've just had my best sales month ever on a book I released back in October. Readers don't mind that the book is five months old. Building a social media presence can take a tremendous amount of time and energy that is better spent writing the next book. Back before I released my first book, I needed all my mental resources and time to focus on finishing the book and publishing it. If I'd been trying to cultivate a fan base at the same time, it would have been way too much for me to juggle. Now as I work on finding readers via social media, I have things I can show them. A new reader who finds me today with my two books is no different from the same reader finding me today if I'd started social media platform five months ago. The one thing I do wish I had started earlier is a mailing list. But even that would have required a finished book. This is from my perspective as an idie fiction writer. I know that things are very different for non-fiction, and for people who are hoping to be published traditionally.
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    It's a clear violation of grammatical distancing guidelines. I can do it because I have a "vital services" waiver from my employer.
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    Thank you everyone. Your responses have given me the confidence to submit something
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    (Hanging my head in shame) I have my own website, but it's all about punctuation, not about my writing. I have a Facebook account, but I haven't been on it in months. I have family in Australia, but she's too busy to read books. Besides, I would give them to her. So ... I have ... no social platform (except here).
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    I'm on my own website (blog), Facebook, and Twitter. #WritingCommunity on Twitter is a little like screaming into the void - very occasionally someone will hear you. Facebook is good if your demographic is 30+ I've heard Instragram is the place to be, but I can't really speak to that myself.
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    Our church received a new pastor last s\mmer. During this time of self-quarantine, he uses a phone system feature to give a message to us each day. He had been taping his messages to be shown on You Tube since shortly after he and his wife came to us. Last Sunday's message was recorded on Satuday night with a few people in the pews-less than 10. This week, he contacted those in the congregation by email and his wife assisted him by contacting those on Facebook to institute a "shepherding" program. During the prayer group confernce call. She told us that they received 21 responses to their plea to have some people "shepherd" other members of the congregation-check on them once a week and relay the needs to the church office and they would find someone to take care of that need. We will all have lists of who we are to check in on. I have been making a few calls to people who are aged and have medical conditions for about nine or ten days, God brought us a caring pastor and we are beginning to feel like family.
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    I thought we could all share some worship music to enjoy and honor God. 💜😊
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    Keep those bears busy!!!! You never know what mischief they will get into.
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    Such uplifting music, I enjoyed them all! I will add my favorite hymn that just sets my soul at peace, and one of my there favorites!
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    https://projectpure27.wixsite.com/projectpure This is my new site I have been working on for, like, ever. The first two blog posts are set to be released at 6:30 P.M. this evening, so be sure to check back a little after then. Hope you enjoy and are blessed immensely by it! I still have a lot of work to do to improve my domain name and SEO, but it's out there. Be sure to share this site with people you know; it's ministry more than it is anything else, and I hope to impact many lives in a positive way through it, Lord willing. 😊 Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to share my world with everyone!! 🤗🤗😀😀🐼🐼
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    Welcome to our writing family, BJW. Glad you joined us. Think of writing as most anything else, such as the piano. Only practice brings out the best. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    1. I am on Facebook, haven't done anything with my book's page. I got very discouraged about the processes. 2. I am inactive on Good Reads. Because of the discouragement. 3. I have a blog. Since my fall and injury, I have not been active about posting to it. Since I have had to think on this topic today, I realize that my discouragement is deeper than I thought. I thought it was due to some events that happened in real life. But a lot of it is related to not being ble to get the attention of some Christian magazines and editors. .
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