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    While the times are severe, this may be one of the best times in our lives to learn how much we need God's guidance and strength. We've lived in an age when it was so easy to presume we were in control and secure, but that was always an illusion. Yet knowing that God's will is perfect, we might learn to accept that whatever happens is always under His control. I think we might find peace in that. (Skip this paragraph if you'd rather avoid other downers not related specifically to us... This is the history buff speaking...) People throughout most of history have had to endure even greater uncertainties throughout their lives. In times without antibiotics, painkillers, or anesthetics, rich and poor alike knew pain in ways most of us never will. In most times, 1/4 to 1/2 of children never survived to adulthood. In some others, half never made it. There was one generation in Europe in which a single lifetime could have witnessed, first a famine that starved a large fraction of the people, then a wave of Black Plague, and finally, a human-caused disaster: The Holy Inquisition. (Imagine all that... in one lifetime...) Yes, our condition is severe, but in perspective, many, many, many people in history would probably trade places with us, and it would be the happiest day of their lives. With God's help, we will get through this. We might lose people we care about, or may succumb ourselves, but if we can learn to trust Him more, we will grow in Him and learn to serve Him better. This has been very hard to express properly, and I'm so very sorry if it's sounded harsh. Yet if we can come through this with greater trust in God, less focus on ourselves, and greater care for others, we will emerge with an unimaginably beautiful gift. It's just really hard to feel it, right now...
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    I have never grown accustomed to one space. It is called a hyperactive thumb.
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    Writers Write has a great cheat sheet list for writing body language.
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    Christians Unite Against COVID-19 A World Prayer Day has been called for Sunday March 22nd at 12 noon local time. All Christians are asked to pray at home from 12 noon to 1 p.m. and to cover the globe within 24 hours. Pray for: 1. Stopping the spread of the virus 2. Restoring the already infected 3. Peace for families who have lost loved ones 4. Restoring the world's economies 5. Wisdom for governments to deal with the outbreak. Never before has there been a reason to call ALL Christians around the world to a global day of prayer against a threat that affects the whole world. Please let everyone know. Let’s cover the world in prayer.
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    LOL There ya go! Good one, Carolina!
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    Social distancing in writing?
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    Now this is carrying the virus scare too far, lol.
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    Really? Sheesh! I can't find that anywhere. I wonder if it's true.
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    There's literally no use blogging on Ancient Egypt right now. At least, there doesn't feel like there is. But they knew about plagues! Draw in their expertise. In my Twitter feed, more people than ever are writing, "I need a good book tonight. Send me your book titles."
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    I believe we should take the situation seriously. But panic? Not a not a good response as it'll not do anyone any good. Watching the frog torment the dog for fun is a great image to have in mind vs a world ending image. Besides, like you said, God is in control and He wins in the end anyway.
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    Got tagged on this image. Had to share!
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    This is from Joe Bunting, and is timely as I'm editing my novel.
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    During this Coronavirus invasion, many Christians have run to their Bibles to claim every verse that might make them immune from this life-threatening disease. It does not matter whether the Scriptures are taken out of context or they were part of a dispositional section that pertains only to a certain time and age. Pastors have administered Psalm 91 to their congregations as a “Coronavirus shot.” The people are encouraged to follow up the P91 with a “booster shot” called Faith. The Scriptural medicine, if taken regularly, will guarantee immunity to the virus. I believe in the power of God’s Word, but to take one’s own mixture of Scriptural ingredients and claim it as immunity “medicine “could lead to an adverse reaction. Many Christians look at the Bible as a benefits book instead of as a training manual. There are many benefits that are recorded for the Believer, but it is also a survival manual for those who live by Faith. When we look for escape clauses instead of learning from the Word how to overcome obstacles, we have done a great disservice, not only to our Faith but also to our Biblical understanding. It is during times of crisis that the Bible is so often misquoted or misinterpreted. I love to see people walk within the guidelines of God’s Word, but I cringe when they “J-walk” by taking liberties where they shouldn’t. When one rightly divides the Word, one will experience spiritual growth and fulfillment. Misinterpretation leads to confusion by those who accept what others have claimed, but find that it is not working for them. They claim Scriptures that seem to fit protection from such things as the flu, but quickly find themselves in a potentially challenging situation. Immediately, they question their Faith, and are reinforced by those seemingly helped by claiming the same Scriptures. Whenever we take a Scripture out of context, it will not only affect our faith walk, but also the faith of others. I believe in God’s “protection” and have claimed the authority of His Word many times. I have also been in situations where God’s Grace saw me through difficult times. I have experienced battles in life, but I came out more than a conqueror. Some of the greatest learning experiences for me have been through difficult crises. If the Holy Spirit directs you to accept “protection” Scriptures, act on it. If the Lord wants you to go through the challenge, act on it. If Jesus told you He would be with you no matter what the situation, believe it. Some of the greatest “jewels in our crowns” are those that were achieved through the challenges of life. We must never allow fear to be part of our vocabulary. We must never run from the problem. We must never doubt God’s Word. However, we must never take the Scripture out of context.
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    I am tired of this corona virus cow poo! My Facebook feeds are full of doomsday poo and I begin to wonder if the Christian friends I have are actually Christian with all the doomsday posts they make or share. Am I the only one who looks at this as way overblown? Of course it can be deadly to some, that is the way with viruses. Influenza has killed over 20,000 since October 2019 and no one is even noticing the death loss from that virus. I've been exposed to the cattle strain of corona on many occasions. I think I will do okay if I am exposed to this novel virus. When the gentleman who studied small pox found women who were immune to small pox because they had had cow pox, it was a break through. At this time, I want to believe that the cow strain may help me be immune or lessen the punch, if I were to get it. I don't want to get it, because my 81 yr old mother would probably get it. Still, neither one of us fear this virus because we trust God in all things. (I am distressed that so many Christians are freaking out). I think the best medicine for this situation. We need to laugh, we need to get outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine (if we can get some). I sit out on the bench by our front pond and watch the border collies chase the ducks into the pond and then they try to herd the ducks in the water. I also watch our Giant bullfrog that likes to jump out of the water and hit Tucker (my 1 yr old border collie) in the backside. WHAT A JOKE! That poor dog goes straight up and starts looking for that frog. This happened last year when Tuck was just a few months old. Scared the poor guy. Now it is an outrright "I'm gonna get you" game. Tuck hunts for that frog every day and that frog knows it. I've seen that green thing pop up out of the water right after Tuck walks by him. I wish I had a good video camera with a good telescope on it. I have to laugh at many things as I observe things outside. Fly, my 2 yr old border collie is a nut. Her exuberance exceeds her brain function at times. She can jump into my arms from several feet away but hasn't mastered this trick as well as her aunt Jinx. Yesterday I called her to help me with the goats and she runs and jumps over the temporary fencing and hooks her front foot, sending her spinning out of control and landing on her side. She gets up and looks around for the other dogs and they aren't there (she doesn't face the embarrassment well with the other dogs around). Once she knows the other dogs missed her goof, she helps me get the goats rounded up. I laugh at the new calves across the road as they learn to run and buck. I wish I didn't have to deal with the internet, television or silly phones as the joy I get from laughter outside far outweighs the 'danger' of a virus. God help us all!
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    Just ran across this timely article: BOOK MARKETING DURING COVID-19
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    How to write body language
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    Shh! It is how we will rule the world!
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    Love it!!! I'd been musing earlier (in my own, offbeat way) that I now see further reason why editors like double spaced copy to read... same idea, but yours is funnier...
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    "Hyperactive thumb" may very well be one of the symptoms!
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    Here are headlines from some of the articles to which I posted a link: "Israeli pharmaceutical company donating millions of doses of potential coronavirus drug to the U.S." "Novartis to donate malaria drug in fight against coronavirus" "Amneal Ramping Up Malaria Drug Production to Treat Coronavirus Patients" "Bayer donates three million malaria tablets to U.S. for potential use against coronavirus" I hope this satisfies everyone's concerns about the medication's availability.
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    While recently in Spain, I was driving the "autopista" from Zaragoza to Pamplona. I passed a stretch of military convoy vehicles that must have taken 10 minutes to do so. The convoy going about 45 mph, and I, 70. I was the only civilian vehicle during that stretch, and I wished I had a Christian fish symbol on the rear bumper of my rented Peugeot. I mused about what an end-time, one-world government would look like, but this was interrupted by a huge surge of confidence that hit me. I couldn't but help think that God is so much bigger than humanity's attempts to glue the world together in its own image. Yes, the I Am will get us through.
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    It is so human to not understand the turbulence that others feel, especially when things are going relatively well for us. I must admit, God is fine-tuning my empathy meter at this time. My antennae are also up about how the God of Love is is also Creator and Mover & Shaker. This definitely makes the Old Covenant soak in more readily.
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    That's true! I'll bear it in mind. Thanks @Nicola! 😊
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    Such a happy song!
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    Are they trying to prevent COVID 19 spread in our writing. And I was just getting used to one space.
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    That's lovely! I think it's stuck in my head now. Not a bad thing.🎹🤗
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    I think different places seem to have different times. Some places say two weeks and others 21 days. A few (mostly overseas) have said a month. So, I have no idea what it will actually be if we get stuck in one.
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    I had a website or blog about the stuffies for over a decade, before I came up with an idea for a book. That's a lot of photos. One of my favorites is when they balanced my checkbook.
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    A piece of advice I was given years ago was - if you take something out and it doesn't affect the story/plot - leave it out. I have found this helpful in the past.
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    It does get downright silly and sad. There are tons of people not jumping on the panic wagon. Lots of us here! Our weather has been mostly WET. Ugh! No getting outside. Your outside sounds wonderful! So glad you have all that.
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    My husband will likely die if he catches this virus. Then again, he has the same problem with the flu and the cold. So, we're taking this seriously, physically. And not exactly seriously mentally. No idea if this will show, but here's a thread I added to FB yesterday because Spaulding, (my teddy bear and MC), and his kids dared say the two words every wife/mom loves to here, "I'm bored." And, just in case it doesn't show, here is the first in the series of what Lady (wife and mother) did about Spaulding's "problem." (And he's still working and regretting ever since. 😆)
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    Aw, thank you all! 😄
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    This is the only "doomsday" posts that I share:
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    By the way, I forgot to mention the church that I pastor. You can check it out at byersaveumc.org. My message will be available beginning tomorrow (Sunday).
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    My wife said she researched that drug before going on an Africa missions trip. It doesn’t say it in the article I read, but my wife’s research said it gives nightmares. That’s why she decided against it. (my wife’s a Registered Nurse)
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    Thanks for sharing, Nicola. I'm a pastor taping a message for the first time in a long time this week. I'm nervous about it, but think it has perhaps even greater potential than a typical church service to reach people. I'd appreciate prayers from the group. Thanks again for sharing, Nicola!
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