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    May you feel the blessings of the season and share them with everyone you meet.
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    "Alexa--reckon I'm frustrated!" "The closest car towing company is Jerry's Jalopy Junkyard at . . . and Merry Christmas anyhow's".
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    I'm searching for writers/readers who would like to receive an Advance Reader Copy of my novel, The One Who Rocked Away, and to join my launch team. Preferably, I'd like writers/readers who enjoy my genre (Christian Romance); this way, there's a greater chance for me to join your launch team. As a writer, this could be beneficial to you if you want to see how someone runs a launch team. My launch team is through a Facebook Group. If interested, click on the image below: If you have questions before joining, feel free to reply to this topic.
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    Merry Christmas from the Middle East!
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    Merry Christmas! Hope you all have a joyful holiday season.
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    Thank you , Erin. Even on your disagreement, you are a sweet person.
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    Oh no, you'll have it finished it nine! 😀
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    So last week I came up with a beginning sentence and paragraph which works (after nineteen failed attempts), and this morning I came up with a hard Twist ending which also works. This is the very last thing that happens in the novel in the Resolution section, the very last thing the reader experiences before wondering if there will be a sequel. I dreamt the idea this morning and it's been kicking around in my head as I puttered around house in the beginning of my Christmas break. As you may know, Linda isn't a reader and doesn't care for genre stories as a general rule, so getting any kind of feedback from her is an accomplishment. Most of what I get is disinterest, and that's fine. It makes getting a genuine response all the sweeter. Linda got home this afternoon and I told her this ending. She's guarded when I talk to her about the novel these days - she just wants it to be done - but when I told her this ending, her jaw dropped Wide Open for a good four seconds. Her eyes were wide and I haven't seen her this astonished in forever. "Oh, that's GOOD. Yeah, that works," my little hostile witness said. I will remember that look for the rest of my life. So, yeah, making headway, still aiming to get the novel out to Beta readers in time for Christmas.
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    That's great to hear Johne. As EBraten says it is a blessing to have someone who is honest as well as supportive.
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    Awesome! That's such a blessing. My husband isn't keen on romance, which is what I'm writing at the moment, but he is my biggest support in my indie-publishing venture.
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    Hahaha No. (We have an agreement - I don't bug her about not reading, and she doesn't bug me about not learning how to crochet.) I love that she has her passions, and I love that she supports me with mine. I don't push my luck beyond that. (I read her my best snippets over lunch a couple of times per week when I take her out to eat and her unbiased, unvarnished feedback is golden. If something's not working, she's really candid and that's super helpful. It's good when I can make her laugh, and great when I can make her gasp. Making her cry is one of my favorite writerly moments ever.)
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    Me too. I find it helps to pray for the doctor/ nurse administering the procedure as well as thinking happy thoughts while you are going through such things. If you can visualise a lovely place you’ve been to that can also help ( or listen to music ! ) I remember singing and chatting to my daughter when she was going through a painful medical procedure and she said it helped !! I have been trained in hypnotherapy for medical and therapeutic purposes ( not “ entertainment “ ) and have found it very useful in my career.
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