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    greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord. my name is Jared and Jesus came into my life 3 years ago. i created this account a year ago and forgot about it.. but i want to write and have this as a platform to share and also that i may be able to help others though i don’t think i would be much help but to encourage and support others that are in the same boat as i am even though my boat may be smaller lol. because i have difficulties when i write sometimes it’s like i have this fire in me writing but most of the time i’m left dumbfounded and discouraged but i am encouraged to press into it.. maybe i have a gift in it but it is something i do enjoy doing if i could just start.. so might as well start somewheres but anyways hello glad to be here and hopefully i can press into it and lo and behold that i was able.
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    O God of the living I am living because of the living one i walk and hear the sound of my footsteps and remember Christ has saved me from death. I am living i see the road ahead and it may be long it may be weary but i behold great things to come to pass. i feel the hand of the living God upon me saying trust me. I AM LIVING. and I embrace the love of God which saved me, I breathe because He had mercy. O God of the Living. I am alive because in Him is Life, the old is receding and the new is coming. thank you O God of the living.
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    Welcome, back! It's great to see you around again. I think we all feel this sometimes. As in, every writer ever! I've found the biggest obstacle most people have is making writing a habit. Ok, it sounds weird, but stick with me. Write! Do it every day, a little, a lot, whatever you have the time for, but do it. It can be good writing or terrible; it doesn't matter; all that matters is that you do it. You can fix it later. As everyone here will tell you (ok, they told me a lot and were right), you can't edit a blank page. It takes 21 days (so I'm told) to create a habit. I recommend making a point to do so. May God bless you and your writing.
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    I've been a subscriber to CS Lakin's email list for several months, and I've got almost every craft book she's written. Plus, I've also bought her self-editing course and the new one coming out next month on emotional mastery. (She had a 50% off discount). In short, I'm a huge fan. She's a great teacher, and I'm learning so much from her. For myself and many others, as @suspensewritersaid, she has made her expertise available at much cheaper price points, first through her books, then her courses. However, I realise that some people are just wired to benefit more from one-on-one coaching rather than learning from books. Not everyone is able to apply what they read in craft books to their own writing, and if that's the case, although $300 is expensive, it could be a good investment in a person's growth.
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    No, that's just one month's instruction- she takes it month by month- you don't have to continue on past that, though. But personally, I think you would do just as well, Z, to take her course titled The 4 Foundational Pillars of Novel Structure for $49. Just my 2 cents.
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    New goal! Become a coach! 😏 😄
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    Scrivener can be a bit of a learning curve, but I went through the tutorials that come with it (Go to Help>Interactive Tutorial in the program) and haven't had a problem.
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    LOLOL Oh, that was toooo funny, Alley! The laugh of the day. 🤣
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    300 for a class. Might be worth it.
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    If you see my steps are slower Or Im stumbling on my way If it seems my burdens heavier And Im facing darker days If my voice is so much weaker Or Im praising in softer tones if you see me in the distance And you think I stand alone Don't believe, what your eyes see. Its not the truth , He is carrying me Don't count me as forsaken, rejected or abandoned. Don't believe, what your eyes see, he is carrying me If you think I'll never make it Or this time I'll surely fall If it seems my heart is broken And I have no friends at all If my body's sick and aged Or it seems I've lost my way Don't worry about me brother This is all I have to say Don't believe what your eyes see Its not the truth, He is carrying me Don't count me as forsaken , rejected or abandoned Don't believe, what your eyes see he is carrying me
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    This is a fantastic website I just came across. My wife and I co-pastor a church in Ventura California. Looking forward to meeting some great people here!
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    Steven Pressfield, the author of THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE and GATES OF FIRE, learned something new this summer. This is a ... deep subject and one that, even now, I have only the sketchiest and most tenuous handle on. Bear with me please. I’m gonna try, in the next few posts, to plunge into this topic and see if we can extract a kernel or two of wisdom. What does it mean, “The female carries the mystery?” It’s not hard to see in a movie like Chinatown, where the character of Evelyn Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) is literally the woman of mystery, or in Double Indemnity, where Phyllis Dietrichson (Barbara Stanwyck) fulfills the same narrative purpose. In both films—and just about every other film noir or detective story you or I can think of—the female lead has a secret she is hiding from the male lead (and from the world in general, including, at least partially, herself.) The story is about finding out that secret. Only when that secret is revealed does the movie deliver its knockout dramatic and thematic punch. But the idea that the female carries the mystery can be applied, I believe, even to novels and movies that literally have no female characters. In Moby Dick, the female is the ocean. The unplumbed, unknowable depths of the sea, into which the whale plunges, taking Ahab with him. The eternal, unfathomable sea is the female. In Seven Samurai, the flooded rice fields are the female. They are the well of fertility, the source of life. They are in fact what all the heroism and slaughter were about. They were the stakes of the story. They were the mystery. Remember the final scene of Kurosawa’s all-time classic, when the villagers, to the beat of the communal tom-toms, replant their now-preserved fields while the surviving samurai can only watch and move on? That’s the mystery revealed. Even in a story without human female characters, like Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai,” the female still carries the mystery. In my book, 36 Righteous Men, the central female character is a defrocked rabbi named Rachel Davidson. In the first version of the novel—the one that crashed—I had Rachel indeed bearing the mystery (in other words, she knew all the details of the occult understory) but I had her trying deliberately and passionately to reveal this mystery. Huge mistake. Only when Shawn pointed out the error was I able to regroup and reconceive the story, at least as far as Rachel was concerned. The change I made was to make her carry the mystery and hang onto it for dear life. In other words, I turned every scene with Rachel on its head. Instead of having her seek to reveal, I had her seek to conceal. It worked. It made the other primary characters—two NYPD homicide detectives, a man and woman—dig deeper and harder. It made them do real detective work. It tripled the power of Rachel, and it supercharged the villain, whom Rachel was now covering for instead of trying to reveal. I’ve been working on a new book for the past year—a totally different story, in another century and another genre. But the principle "The female carries the mystery" remains foremost in my working mind. I have stayed hyperconscious (and conscientious) at every stage—conception, construction, and the scene-by-scene writing—of who the “female” is, what mystery she carries, and how I can maintain that mystery and enhance it through Act One, Act Two, and Act Three to build to its maximum emotional impact in the climax. https://stevenpressfield.com/2019/08/the-female-carries-the-mystery-2/
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    I have been trying to write that all important first line for my new WIP. Below is an article I came across while looking for inspiration Greatest first lines in books So far my opening line is: When the gunshots rang out, the boy switched the ignition on and revved the engine, just as his mom had taught him. And that was the 8th attempt😀 What is your favourite opening line? Mine is George Orwell's 1984 (it in the link). It is so simple and uses something so familiar to us that you almost miss the quirk at the end.
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    On one of the other threads, there was a discussion about what to put on an author's website. I'd forgotten about this so here's a thought: *interview other writers Hope that helps.
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    Hi, everyone! I just want to thank you all for your prayers, and ask you to please keep them coming. In the last few days, I've gotten a little worse, as I've had a few stressors. I'm resting up and not using the computer much to stay as well as possible. A few years back, I had Lyme disease. God healed me, but we think it could have gotten stirred up again when I was dilated. Added to that, I had a very stressful and scary event several weeks before the dilation. That ran me down and started a cold for three weeks; the cold ended right before I was dilated, and I was taking an antibiotic that gave me severe nausea, which I finished the day before I went to the eye doctor. The antibiotic can take 5 days to get out of your system, so that also could've set me up for getting sick, as I was run down. So I've had a lot going on, and I would appreciate your continued prayers. Thanks!
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    Hey there, Homer!! Its great to meet you
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    Welcome back, Jared! Yes, as the others have said, write! Keep fanning that fire. Don't let it turn to ashes. And may the Lord bless your efforts! Oh, btw, you will probably find yourself with a nickname: MR. Just so you know.
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    Hi, Homer. It's great to have you in our group. Blessings on your writing!
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    Hello, Jared. It's nice to meet you. Blessings on your writing!
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    Welcome. (A little late)
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    How to Pitch a Story: 9 Insider Tips for Contacting the Right Editor
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    You could ask her if you could do just one time. Don't know until you try.
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    I don't see why not. You could also interview your characters.
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    No. To interview with questions and answers in article form. If you check many author/writer sites, you'll see they interview others.
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    Isn't that what we're doing here in the General Discussion Forums?
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    From one pastor to another, welcome to the group, Matt! I look forward to getting to know you better. Best wishes and blessings on your writing!
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    Welcome to our writing family, Pastor Matt. (One of my favorites names. Second son is Matthew/Matt. ) Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    Hi, Matt! Welcome to CW!
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    I learned quotidian- which means commonplace or ordinary.
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    Fascicle: a section of a book or set of books being published in installments as separate pamphlets or volumes, a small bundle, tight cluster, or the like, Botany. a close cluster, as of flowers or leaves. Anatomy. a small bundle of nerve or muscle fibers. And no, that's not fas-sicle. it's fas-i-kuhl.
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    Oh, my! You will be worn out. I hope you'll be able to eat more so you can keep up your strength. And drink lots of water.
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    Well the fair is kicking my butt this year. We are down 3 older officers due to medical reasons and less people applied. I am running my area with one other officer instead of two and 4 lot attendants instead of 8. People are not listening and the distance between the workers is far enough that people are making their own places to park, usually halfway between rows which means we lose real estate for cars. I am working 9a to 11p everyday except Friday we get out after midnight and Saturday we go in at 7. For the essentials, I have a Kuerig in my vehicle and good food in the coolers but no time to eat it. I am eating one meal a day while working. I ran out of sunblock as the kids working lot attendants can't remember to bring the things they need like that and they used all mine up. I have given rides to a few families coming to the fair in the golf cart with the red blue lights going, their little kids loved it. And received free ice cream twice yesterday from vendors we gave lifts to because we can take our carts through the crowd where they can't drive their cars. I put 16 gallons of ice cream on my cart yesterday to move to one of the vendors. I also drove 2 performers to their stage as they parked on the wrong place.
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    Yes, I'm sorry to be late to the party, but welcome!
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    Well, that's certainly something to think about, Johne. I wonder why that is? I'll have to think about it.
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    This is a tangent but I believe Paul is referring to equality in Christ there and not disregarding the genders that God created. https://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/bible-interpretation/galatians-3-28/
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    I believe Paul wrote something to the effect of neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female. And I think that's in the scriptures.
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    These are great. Thanks, I needed a laugh..
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    Hi Jennifer!! Its great to meet you
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    Someone truly special has a birthday this week! Happy Birthday Lynn!!! You make this place a wonderful respite for the rest of us. the question for have for you as you celebrate your birthday.... If you didn’t know what day you were born, how old would you be?
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    I would ask about someone to co-write with me, but I've recently discovered that CO anything isn't my cup of tea. 😕
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