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    It all depends what time of day I write depending on if I feel inspired or not.
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    I'm curious about the writing schedules of individuals on this site? Do you have a set schedule for when you write, or is it more haphazard in nature? Do you wait for inspiration, or do you keep moving forward regardless? Do you have a "prime" time for writing, or do you simply write when you have time? Any discussion on this would be helpful. Thanks, everyone!
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    I can mostly only speak from personal experience, though it strikes me as fairly self-centered to do so. Personally, I write when inspiration strikes, which isn't very frequent, recently. I try to at least get myself set up for writing every day--mornings are my time, so I try to get out of the house by nine-thirty am so I can find a good place to sit in the coffee shop. I don't have an actual job, so have lots of free time. I wanted to use that free time for writing, but I've been pretty lazy from lack of inspiration.
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    Walter Mosley, author of DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS and many other mystery novels, is prolific. He says he writes seven days per week, and I believe him. But his job is writing novels and my job is writing technical manuals. I write for fun and am a little relaxed about my schedule. It's a hobby for me - it's supposed to be fun. So I don't regiment the fun out of what I view as a pass-time.
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    I typically write after my wife goes to sleep and write between 9pm and midnight. It's when I feel the most creative, the most relaxed. I put on some music in my headphones, fire up Scrivener, and make some hay. I'm not regimented - I don't write every day. I write often enough that when I have an idea, I'm ready and able to write it out. I DO think about my novel kind of perpetually in the back of my head so when it comes time to write, I sort of know what I'm going to work on and when I start writing, it just sort of pours out. It feels fresh in the moment but my backbrain has been working on it for awhile before I actually commit the words to the page.
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    Sorry about taking so long to introduce myself. I live in Los Angeles CA USA and we just went through a few thousand earthquakes and the emotional toll on my friends was necessary. When I signed up, I read something about the number of words and I thought I was close to being done with my book (Burning Baby) but I am only half way. Which was GREAT! I got a renewed passion for my book and writing again (I am only so so now but each book I get better!) I have a few books on Amazon and one my pastor is reading. For this book (Burning Baby) I will be looking for an agent and I have received a lot of great info here and links to more info. Which will bring me to a question that I have added to the forum - 'Followers, how do I track them'
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    I can have long gaps between writing spurts. Once i am writing a piece of work I will write whenever I can - daily. So it can be fairly intensive. I have a notepad which I doodle ideas for scenes on. Then I will often link them up in a block of scenes or even a chapter. The other thing I do when starting to write something new is spend time building up my characters - even to the point of searching for photos of people who resemble them or show the type of person I am writing about.
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    I have to agree with @Johne. My writing schedule kinda sounds the same. I do try to write a thousands words a day, but it really depends on the book and the day. And then, of course, whenever a crazy burst of inspiration hits, I’ll be scribbling down something somewhere. I do better writing at night. Late at night when my brain seems half awake. At that point it’s just the Holy Spirit and the characters running the show without my logic and interference. But, hey, that’s when the story takes over. 🙃
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    Yes, this is how I am. I've been feeling guilty lately about what I view in myself as a lack of discipline. It's good to hear that other writers are not regimented either, although some are.
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    The plan (which often is not followed) is to write in the afternoons, so I can do outside things (ride the horse, walk, lead the lambs, whatever) in the morning before the heat sets in. Sometimes that works. Other times it doesn't.
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    I try to write five or six days a week, most of the time in the late afternoon or early evening.
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    I used to question so much of this life Wondering why it's so full of hurt, anger, sadness and strife As years have gone by, I have seen so many scorned From the pain of this life, as if they were never warned Troubles we will have, was said clearly To all of us whom He loves so dearly Fear not and the statement: You are not alone proceeded Because He is One who cannot be defeated He protects his sheep day and night He is the One in which following, is the only right Everything world-wide fades over time Relationships, troubles, looks and even our minds God never does In the midst of our Joy and to the depth of our woes He is still the Only One, who truly knows In what direction our heart flows
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    The gold rows are scenes I earmarked to add later. Prior me did present me no favors with my cryptic placeholder text.
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    I write when It's quiet in the house. The basement isn't flooding. The front door really opens. No doctor appointments. No medical emergencies. The counter space in the kitchen is seeable. We have clean clothes to wear. (Not to be confused with they were folded and put away.) The scene finally works out in my head. Mostly the first and last one. (Writing isn't a business for me. This story is a plan. That's all.)
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    A few days ago I mentioned that the only payment the Lord asks for is a tithe. Yesterday I got a money order to cover the full amount of my monthly tithe; which is still much lower than I'd have to pay for medical treatments. Tomorrow morning, at the Church attend, I will add it to the contributions during Sunday Worship. Then we'll see what happens. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Well, a little perspective may be in order here - Pixar isn't a Christian studio although this film was made with the input of some high profile Christians, including Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter. We live in a post-Christian country. I was just thrilled to see a film of this caliber in this day and age. As I said earlier, the people around us need Jesus and I want to be there to dialogue with them, whether they live next door or are dropping kids off at school. In the meantime, the message of this film was awesome and I was happy to take my daughter and grandsons to see it and talk about afterward.
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    lol. That's reaching. Forkie is voiced by a male, Tony Hale, and at the end he is introduced to a spork dressed up like a female with a female voice. His bigger apparent issue is growing beyond his initial affinity for trash, but the scene where Woody rescues Forkie and walks him back to the RV does a great job of showing that dawning of wisdom, and at the end you see Forkie taking up that role when there's a new spork in town. If anything, it looked like discipleship to me.
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    William, do you have a free clinic you can go to? I'm wondering if this might be wax buildup. You could try peroxide or one of the ear products and see if that helps. Praying all will be well.
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    This morning I went to a local Rite Aide Pharmacy. I couldn't find Flonase Sesimist. However, I bought a box of Tylenol Sinus + Headache. As soon as I got home, around 10 o'clock, I took two caplets. Now I'm actually feeling noticeably better than I had, but the pressure inside my ears remains the same. Now my hearing level keeps both increasing and decreasing. I think I'll keep on taking the Tylenol caplets. Even if my hearing doesn't improve, my general health should. Then who knows? Have faith in God. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    I tend to prefer writing in the mornings, since that's when I feel most rested and alert. I'm kind of all over the board though when it comes to writing.
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    Will this be a permanent dye or something temporary?
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    First of all, if I had to look "hard enough," I don't have to look hard to see the evil in real life. It's on my TV 24/7. Movies are based on hate and anger and violence, real or imagined. Young men are killed because of the color of their skin. We go to war to defend our access to oil. We lock up people seeking asylum and hold them in standing-room-only cells where they have very limited facilities. However, I did an internet search and found this picture. So what I see is that people are going to let two seconds of a movie lasting an hour and 40 minutes destroy a deeply Christian message of redemption and sacrifice. Two seconds that most people don't even remember seeing. I certainly didn't.
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    Sorry, I don't see two lesbians. I see a man and a woman, and I see another small woman in the foreground of that circle. How does that make them lesbians? OK, so the other attack on the movie is that the Spork is transgendered--both a fork and a spoon. Somebody is out to sabotage a movie with a strong Christian message.
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    Apparently, they're one-second clips bookending the scene where Bonnie goes to Kindergarten orientation.
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    I'm curious how one could watch and enjoy the movie and never be aware of that. Who are they?
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    😄@Accord64 I am glad to see Chuck Norris approves! 😄 Wifey and I went out to a new restaurant that was pretty good. Now that I am forty I need to go shopping for my sports car! 😄 Not really I am happy with my life, the good Lord has blessed me beyond words. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
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    Or order in and throw away the wrappings to pretend it was homemade! 😁
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    Haha, I think he'd rather the food is good. Hence, going out to eat. 😆
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    LOL I agree Well... It is his birthday! Maybe his beautiful wife can cook him up something and let him know he's still the love of her life. 😉
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    Sometimes I read from my mind (things I think I wrote) instead of reading from my eyes (things I actually wrote). I use the TTS in Word to listen you my book and I have found a number of small errors. TTS is Text To Speech, but the voice is choppy. It still is a good tool for me to hear my book. I hope MS upgrades it soon. I am using 365 and have been looking for an app or program that will sound better, preferable it would work in Word.
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    Wow, I haven't heard of those. I've got some research to do. Thank you for the suggestions Claire! The Chronicles of Narnia were my favorite books growing up. Can't believe I hadn't heard of these!
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    Wow, that's awesome to hear!! I've never heard of that one; I'll have to look it up. And God has brought salvation to whole cities in the past! If He could change a city, He can certainly change a movie studio. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to going back to the theater next month to see the Kendrick brothers' new release, Overcomer. I'm super excited about it!! Now there's a movie I don't have to worry about! LOL
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    I haven't, either; but I've heard quite a number of unfavorable reports about it. Elsa is certainly not a perfect example for little girls to follow.
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    Do you think Pixar really meant to do a deep sacrificial message or that's just what came across to Christians?
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    Hmmm...it worked for me. Are you in Romania?
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    Are the guys from the story grid interested in having their book translated into another language? I could translate it into Romanian and maybe find a Romanian publishing house that could get in touch with them for a publishing contract.
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    I didn't see it either, but that's not the point. Just knowing it's there puts a damper on the whole thing. My conscience just won't let me go on watching something like that. They should have just promoted the good Christian-like message without tagging it with some half-baked lesbian agenda. That's not the only thing. One of the characters during the movie was heard saying, with emphasis, "You've been in the closet too long!" 'Nuff said.
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    Apparently they were in the background in a scene, not very visible.
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    When I began NaNoWriMo in 2004, I started in a Notepad-like app just to get text on a page. I switched to Word when I wanted a way to get the automatic word count, and switched again to FrameMaker so I could assemble chapters in a book and have more control over the text. The next time I competed was 2014 and I used Scrivener that time around and it made all the difference. Scrivener uses small .RTF files under the hood which I can drag and drop in the book tree structure which makes it easy for me to write a scene at any time and figure out where it goes later. I can drop the scene down in the Research section until I'm ready for it and then drag it up into the novel when I know where it will end up. Furthermore, I heavily use the Characters feature as a place to keep track of my large and growing cast of misfits. Every time I introduce a new character I'll go down to the Character file and dash down their name and a short description. The more I use Scrivener, the I wonder how I ever got along without it.
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    Well, I'd say pick any of them! They all look pretty! I mean, for bright, unnatural colors and all. Hope you show us what you decide at the end! And have a lovely time at the wedding!
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    That is awesome @William D'Andrea!! Praise God!! I struggle with pressure, vertigo, and hearing loss as I mentioned earlier. Pressure is my most common symptom. Usually I find it is a reaction to an allergen, such as pollen, dust, etc.
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    Hey! Welcome and blessings on your writing endeavors!
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    Hi! Nice to meet you!
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    Welcome aboard, Lisa! 🙂 It's great to have you here!
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    My hearing has returned to normal! This morning I was able to reduce the volume on my television to what it had been, before my thankfully temporary hearing loss began. I still feel pressure inside my ears. Hopefully that will also decrease on its own. If it doesn't, has anyone any idea of what do about that? I thank all of you again for all your prayers. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Hi Nyaruripaul welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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    I use it. It is beyond powerful and flexible. Highly recommended, and not too expensive either!
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