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    Sorry to be late to this party, but welcome aboard, Victor!
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    Wow! That sounds like a challenge. Good luck with it.😊
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    Welcome, it's nice to meet you.
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    Hi Victor, nice photo and very nice to meet you :D
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    I almost don't believe it myself, but I'm actually considering that I should write the entire story in French and translate it into English. I'll need some help from my French friends, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I'm not certain why doing this would be a good idea. English is my mother tongue, but I've been immersed in French for so long that even after my TBI I picked it right back up again like I never quit using it.
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    Thanks so much, jonjovi! Becky, birthday wishes/blessings are appreciated any time! It means I'm alive!
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    We've been shaking a lot here in California. Searles valley/ridegcrest area. Started at about 10 am California time and been going off and on since. Prayers for no one getting hurt. latest one 11 miles from Ridgecrest, CA · 8:19 PM at 7.1
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    I had always believed the conception of -- anything you love doing is certainly your purpose in life, but I later realized that anyone who is living with this notion will never give time to ask God the reason for his/her existence... Moreover the majority of the world are wrong about the factor that drives our day to day activities itself. Punch down, whatever you think is the possible way out to affect this generation with respect to how we can all find our way back to the one who has our purpose in his hand.
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    Hello community of fellow Christian writers! How I've longed for fellowship with other people who identify themselves as Christians first, and writers second. Although my vocation requires that I am consistent in pushing others toward achieving their goals, I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to my own creative goals, which is why I chose the name, 180Turtle, because as someone who has moved much to slow, I'm working toward turning things around, and utilizing the talent God has given me that I've allowed to lay dormant for far too long. I look forward to both giving and receiving feedback and fellowship, and I hope all of you have a blessed rest of your week! Take great care! 180Turtle
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    My nephew has written a verrrrry long book, like 140,000 plus words. They've decided to divide it into two, but then the question is where? One suggestion is after a point when the protagonist seems to be accepted by the others. (He's an outsider.) The other suggestion is just after the announcement that his main supporter has been kidnapped. Should the reader be left at a high point or with a cliff hanger?
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    Thank you, Lynn, for playing such a big role in the success of Christian Writers! Today is your special day. Make it a great one!
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    Happy birthday! Hope you had a super blessed day! 🎉
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    I don't want to start too many topics/discussions just to ask a question or something so I try and combine at least 2 topics in a single discussion. In light of that, playlist. I'm not entirely certain what it's supposed to entail? Is it just a list of my favorite songs? If so, I did that a while ago. More than once, actually.
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    I actually wrote several paragraphs after posting that. All in French. The translation may not be as good (web program), but so far, so good.
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    Giving up of self. Submitting to God's guidance and will. And His Word. As first priority in our lives. Without any of that, we fall by the wayside and never experience all that the Lord has for us.
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    It is unheard of in recent times by unknown writers. It simply won't be published traditionally.
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    Ooo...Wikipedia has a great list and even comes with the color.
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    Recognizing Writing as the Marriage of Order and Chaos This appeared on K.M. Weiland's blog.
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    If he’s going the traditional route, having a cliffhanger at the end of the first book might make the reader feel unsatisfied. I read a few agents’ interviews who shy away from books like this because each book takes time to publish and publishers don’t even consider the second book unless the first one can stand alone and does well in the market. The first book must have a plot that ends and have hints for what else might come. The only caveat is if you’re planning a series. They’d want to know how you plan to continue and end. Best to check what’s the word count acceptable for the genre his book is in. From the words of William Faulkner, kill your darlings 😊 Oh, and congratulations to him for finishing a manuscript which is a feat in itself.
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    I pray for intervention of the peace of God...
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    Hi 180Turtle, I really got a kick out of your name and the reason behind it. I'm sorry I'm late welcoming you, but I really do hope you like it here. It will be nice to get to know the person behind such a creative name. I'm finding the more I respond to the discussions, the more courage I'm building up. maybe, that will help you, too.
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    Hi Kimberly, welcome, and happiness and blessings in your writing venture. :)
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    I am sorry I read this too late to wish you a happy birthday. I hope it really was. I wish you only the best. "May you find Jesus near every day of the year. . ."
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    What really killed Jesus? Was it the nails that pierced his wrists and feet, or maybe the spear that punctured his side? Was it the cruel words that echoed in his ears, their shouts to crucify, crucify? Maybe it was his gasping for breath, or his thirst, or his breaking heart. Whichever of these it may have been, I’m pretty certain that I played a part in why someone so innocent, so good, so young had to die? I am quite sure that I know why. They scourged him and mocked him and stripped this man. I looked away, only to see his blood on my hands. Naked and bleeding and paraded by men. He carried the cross. He buried my sin. As I look more closely, I finally see. It’s not what really killed Jesus, but who? It was me.
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    Wow- well put K M Weiland! Thanks for posting this, Nicola.
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    This topic has come up here before. Here's a primer on how to switch from Mailchimp to Mailerlite. https://davidgaughran.com/2019/07/03/moving-mailchimp-mailerlite-switching-guide/
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    This is insightful. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for responding, Victor! It's great having you as part of our group!
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    How many times has it been revised, and who has been his critique partner (besides his beloved and blessed aunt)? Could he chop another 20 000 words? At that point he won't have to split anything except his binding.
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    Hi Victor, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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    140k isn't unheard of for Fantasy books. I'd just write the book and put it out there.
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    As a reader. I'd prefer not to have to beg.buy.or borrow a second book to find out what happened in a cliff hanger. I'm currently trying to catch up on a series after skipping a couple of books by accident, James Patterson. George W.W. Martin, and other authors of long series often resolve the plot of one book and include a teaser for the second. I think this works better from a structural point of view. As a reader, I can choose to ignore the "bonus chapters."
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    Welcome to CW, @Victor Jeremiah! Great to meet you. God bless.
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    Awww, so sweet of you both! Thank you, thank you! I thought I might have to put up my own birthday thread, which I don't like doing. So this is truly appreciated. 🧡
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    I write non-fiction, but the "cliff hanger" seems like the way to go to me.
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    I smiled about it, yes. Neat idea. I'm glad it worked for you. Thanks for the video. I like Red SKelton clips.
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    Haven't reached the stage of publishing yet.
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    Good question. No idea.
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    How can I not pray. Lord, one of your children, @Grace Romanneeds your peace. Provide for relief of stress, by sending her employees or a new job that will support her. Lord, please also provide healing for the leukemia and comfort. In Jesus name.
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    Welcome to the group! Best wishes!
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    It definitely seems that way already! Thanks again!☺️
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    Yes it does! Thank you so much Alley!! Now I just have to work up the courage to actually POST something! Lollll God bless you!!
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    Sure! It looks like you have enough posts to use it. (You need ten, I believe.) Once you are there, make sure to read and follow the rules. They are in red at the top. Afterward, all you have to do is copy your work and paste it in. 😊 Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for the warm greetings all! Can someone explain to me how I would go about submitting my first piece of writing for critique?
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