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    I thought I'd share dictionary.com's word of the day. You'll see at the end of the definition why... Word of the day: esprit de l’escalier (es-pree duh le-skahl-yey) Definition: a perfect comeback or witty remark that one frustratingly comes up with only when the moment for doing so has passed: Writers, by nature, tend to be people in whom l' esprit de l'escalier is a recurrent experience.
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    Oh my word, that happens to me too! That's why I'm often quieter in person than I am when I write messages to people. I have to take time to think out what I want to say to folks, which causes my "brilliant remarks" to often come to my brain looooooonnnnng after the subject has shifted or been completely dropped altogether!!
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    So that's why it's easier for me to communicate via writing ... 'cause this happens all the time in real life conversation! There's no "backspace" or "delete" in verbal communication ...
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    LOL I know! Always happens to me. And too bad our writer-brain can't inject something a little quicker!
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    The advantage to being a writer is that you can recreate the scene with a character and make the appropriate comeback!
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    There's some great info here already that I'd love to add to! When I was about twelve, an unfortunate accident, involving a glass jar and my own clumsiness, resulted in sixteen stitches in my wrist. As someone who has a weak stomach, low pain tolerance, and was (is) a little melodramatic, this was a BIG DEAL for me. So if any of your stitched-up characters are little weaklings like me, maybe I can help! I remember the wound itself wasn't painful at all - the glass was so sharp and cut so cleanly that I didn't feel it. I didn't even know I was injured until I looked down and got a nice view of the inside of my arm. That was when I freaked out, and I covered the wound and didn't look at it again until it was neatly stitched up. The needle to freeze my arm was the only painful part, but I remember the doctor and nurses hyping up the pain to be worse than it actually was - although it was still bad. If you've ever had a tooth filling or any kind of local anesthetic, you know that sharp, shooting pain that spreads through you and then just disappears. The stitches themselves felt like tugging. You know when you wake up in the middle of the night and your arm is completely numb because you've been laying on it, and it just feels like there's a block of wood attached to your body? Now imagine something grabbing at a piece of skin and tugging at it. You don't feel it, but you do, you know? The biggest worry after I got my stitches was that the wound would get infected, so I kept it wrapped up and washed it with disinfectant every day. I think it was a couple of weeks before I got the stitches removed. At that point, the wound had mostly healed but certain areas started to bleed again, so they glued plastic strips across to hold it in place for a few more days.
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    Does this mean you have to change your name to Accord 65? Hope you had a great birthday, and many more to come.
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    Guess I won't be using Papyrus then!! LOL 😂 Thanks for the heads up!
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    The brown one will be the last to go, because his fur is discolored and the white is in higher demand.
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    The first car wreck I was in, I was a small child and my father and I were on a birthday date and driving home when the accident happened. The doctors said it was a miracle we survived. The only injuries I received were blisters on my neck from the seatbelt. I have no scars. There was no place for my father's head, but he survived, hurting his ankle and had to have surgery. The doctors said he would never walk again, but he did. The car was totally banged up and flipped twice, eventually landing right side up. God totally gets the glory for protecting us. Twice the devil has tried to take my life, and twice God has spared me. What an awesome God we serve!
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    Guide to POV and Tense I don't know that this is new information, but sometimes saying an old thing in a new way helps.
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    From Nathan Bransford, How to Format Your Manuscript. Here's most of it... So how should you format your manuscript? Here’s the “Author Standard” template for submitting to literary agents and book publishers: *Double Spaced *1″ margins *1/2 inch indent for a new paragraph *Pages numbered (and make sure page numbers don’t start over every chapter) *Page break after the end of a chapter *No fiddling at all with anything else — no messing with the spacing between paragraphs, no fiddling with the width of the type, no full justification, no hyphenation. Basically just open up Word, hit double spacing, make sure the pages are numbered, and start typing. *And most importantly — don’t try and make it look like the layout of a book. What font? Well, I know there is an ongoing battle between the Times New Roman camp and the Courier camp. (I personally prefer Times New Roman). But do not choose anything other than one of these two fonts. Seriously. No matter how much Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed is calling your name, and believe me I know how tempting you can be, Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed, you wily devil you…… just resist.
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    Oh, thanks, Nicola! I need to look into this.
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    So a couple of my characters in my WIP have had stitches for their wounds. Only problem is that I've never had stitches, so I don't know what it feels like. Anyone here ever had stitches? What did that feel like? How did that affect you? What did it feel like when the stitches were taken out? Looking forward to your responses, and thanks in advance for your help!
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    Me too! I think up this perfect thing in my head, write it down, then when I try to explain it, everyone else is like, "Huh? What planet are you from?" It's happened with me and my sister before. Now it's happened to me again. . .
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    Yeah I agree, but we have to use Courier for screenwriting. It takes up a lot more space than other fonts.
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    I don't write fiction but I don't understand why dialogue would be treated any differently than a new paragraph, which it is. ???
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    I hav just tried formatting a whole chapter using the guidelines given in this thread. Problem - the indent works fine with the paragraphs but sends the dialogue bits all over the place because it treats dialogue like a paragraph. I google for advice and most of the sites I read stipulated not using the tab to indent the first line. Any suggestions on how to stop the messing with the dialogue without having to manuelly set the paras each time using the layout dropbox facility as recommended.
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    It all comes down to Mental Health. There are plenty of normal rational people with guns and they don't go shooting people. In school for example, teachers could recommend that a child seek counseling if he notices irrational behavior. Not arrest them but get mental help for them. There is a program in effect now by the police, if they suspect that a person has signs of mental issues. They are held for three days to evaluate them. In California it is called a 5150. "5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness. It has been more generally applied to people who are considered threateningly unstable or “crazy.”"
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    Thanks for this. I had not known about the indented paragraphs. I ususally do block and leave a space between each para. Will go back and reformat work now. Yes, I Verdana - it is easier to read but you can reformat by using 'select all' to change th font when ready to sned off to LAs.
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    I had plenty of stitches in my life. I remember them itching, but couldn't scratch them.
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    That happens all the time. That's why my characters are way more witty and clever than real life.
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    I first got the idea for this story yesterday afternoon. Now I think I've got an idea for the plot. The corrupted people who've been cast out of the Garden of Eden, are unable to re-enter the Earthly Paradise. However, those who weren't corrupted are able to both leave and re-enter without hinderance. Those who remain inside the Garden, are not incorruptible. They are also tempted, and some of them give in. What I'm thinking is that there could be a conspiracy between some of the outcast people, and some residents of the Garden. This would be an attempt to smuggle fruit from the Tree of Life to some of the outcast people. I think that would make a good plot; though it would still take a considerable amount of planning, before I begin the actual writing.
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    Ah, I hate when that happens! 😄 Who knew there was an actual word for it?
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    For what it's worth, after my surgery and after the stitches were gone, I could still feel where they had been. For probably six months after, the area would sometimes itch, and I'd have to scratch it. I have no idea how many stitches. They were the dissolvable kind. I'm guessing somewhere between 15 and 20. Even 10 years later, the scar is obvious. No bikini for me.
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    I like Verdana. It's easier for me to read. I don't like TNR or Courier. Oh, well ...
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    You're right. The government would "never" abuse it. So the question is what to do about it? Wait until a dozen kids and teachers are dead?
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    I thought I would add a little about removal in case you need it. When I was 17, I had my appendix removed. Don't remember much about it except that the residual pain made me walk like a question mark. And I think the doctor cut a nerve during the operation, so when it was time to remove the stitches, I could hardly stand it because it tickled intensely!
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    Help me! I accidentally disabled my messenger, and I can't figure out how to turn it back on. 😱😭 (Save the tech dumb lady!)
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    Yay!! So glad it's been fixed, Alley!
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    A font is the roller coaster through a Disney ride. Smooth wheels and cushions are its passport to anonymity.
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    Thanks. Maybe Rebecca could be awesome and put in a, "did you mean to hit this button, " button? 😃
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    Ok! 🙁Thanks for trying.
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    Be careful if you download fonts from dafont. They are not free. A few may be but be sure to read the fine print. Most are for personal use. There are several places that will send fonts once a week that are usable for commercial use but still need to be checked for books. I have a bazillion fonts I download every week. Then again, I make a lot of memes/graphics and use a lot of different fonts.
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    YES! SO overused! I used that font for my treasure hunting book because my computer software, OpenOfficeWriter, has limited fonts. I want to try to download some fonts or get them online soon. I tried writing the start of a historical fiction once using Papyrus, and I got this annoying feeling even as I wrote the book. I quit after the first chapter.
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    Excuse me! Do you have any hay? I. Need. Hay!
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    Ok. Please do NOT use Papyrus. Especially not for titles. It rivals with comic sans as far as that goes.
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    Hmm...Papyrus...I'll have to look at that one; I forgot what it looks like!
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    Use Papyrus!!! 🤪 🤪
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    LOL And that one certainly would! For those who do not know, comic sans is a huge no-no!
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    My temptation is comic sans, but only because as an indie I like to annoy agents.
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    I've had oral surgery on my upper mouth once where I needed stitches that came out. I remember when they put them in they didn't numb the portion of the gum where the stitches were being tied, like mentioned before they are individual, not like actual sowing clothes, and mine were also black. I remember that it is a sharp pain when the needle enters, and I could feel a lot of tugging and more radiating pain around where the thread was being inserted. Now I have an extremely high pain tolerance (have broken bones and busted ribs and I don't think it hurts very much, usually swelling or bruising is how I know something is off) and I thought that the stitches hurt a bit. Not enough to cry or anything, just enough to note it didn't feel like a tickle. I don't know about in your arm, but I could feel the thread being pulled through my gums when they were taken out, that is more uncomfortable and unnerving than anything. I think that is more mental. My sister also had stitches in her lip when it got split, and she still has a tiny scar from it, but they actually had to re-cut her lip because we lived so far away and it was healing wrong by the time we got her to the doctors. My other friend was also bit by a dog and it took a hunk of her knee and after she healed, you could see where each individual stitch had been in her scarring, just if you are looking for the after effects of stitching!
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    No. This is a good idea. There'd also, probably be repentant people among the corrupted, who seek help from the non-corrupted. That could lead to conflicts with the non-repentant. That idea does look like some kind of plot might be developing.
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    When I had oral surgery before, and also when I had surgery to remove some cysts on my arm, they used stitches that dissolve over time and never needed to removed. I was knocked out completely for both under general anesthetic. General anesthetic means you're knocked out. Local anesthetic means that only the area being worked on is numbed. Edit: A fun thing that I remembered is that before I went down under general anesthetic for the surgery on my arm they used a bit of laughing gas on me. I remember that after that, and before the general anesthetic took hold, being fed by a freakishly large needed I might add, I had fairly lucid thought. I was analyzing things rationally. The hitch? That didn't translate when I tried to speak. It was apparently very entertaining.
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    Where are the stitches located? And how extensive are they? Much will probably depend on the type of injury. A little less than three years ago, I had (about sixteen) stitches running up my neck around and the side of my skull. I was knocked out when the surgeons put them in, so I don't remember that part. While they were in, I remember that area feeling tight and sore, but it wasn't outright painful (although I was originally given some pretty heavy-duty painkillers). I don't recall the stitches themselves being a big deal or very eventful in themselves. You just need to watch for redness or swelling, which could be sign of an infection. One thing that may interest you is that they use a thick, slick plastic type black thread. It looks very harsh around the wound and against your skin. In all my experience with stitches they always create and knot off each stitch individually. It's not sewn up like you would sew cloth, in a continuous stitch. And they numb the area beforehand, so it just feels more like a tugging when they put the stitches in, but not actual pain. I have kids and have seen stitches quite a few times, and the process and material has always been the same. Taking the stitches out was really quick and simple. The wound doesn't stick to the thread. Strangely enough, the stitches look a bit loose as they heal and aren't tight to the skin. If anything, there's a very brief, mild tickle as they cut the thread and pull it out. It's not painful and no painkiller is needed for that part.
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