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    Pardon my ignorance, but what does this mean?
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    There were roughly 240 agents accepting MG novels when I was querying. Now sometimes it was a "rejection from one is a rejection by all" agency, so that cut down on my list, naturally. Here were my final stats though: 24 impersonal rejects 3 close but no cigar rejects 1 partial with no response. 1 full with no response 26 no response ever. 2 left. 57 out of 240 possibilities. What happened that I queried so few? I couldn't talk myself into querying agencies out to promote agendas opposite of the Lord's. (Usually, clearly promoting homosexuality and other far left agendas.) No excuses though. That's still 57 rejects, ultimately. Now I'm reworking it some more, and continuing on to the second book in the heptalogy to make sure it's consistent. (Much harder than I thought that would be, and I knew it would be hard.) But, I'm still dreaming. My next step was to go after publishers directly. One is in my hometown and published one of my all-time favorite trilogies. My dream just shut down. Today that publisher is celebrating Philly Pride Day. (Not Philly pride as much as the homosexual agenda again.) So, am I being too picky? Or is this par for His course? Would you publish through someone opposed to the Lord's ways?
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    I have a novel (through several revisions and already edited) ready for beta readers. It's set in the Middle East, where I have lived (and still do) for much of the past decade, and is a fictionalized version of my experiences here set against the broader background of current events in the region (i.e. war, terrorism, oppression of religious minorities including Christians, etc.). I take some liberties with geography and the sequence of events, of course. Let me know if you are interested -- I would also like to beta read your works in exchange and read almost all genres.
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    I have to say that truthfully, I don't know. Publishing weather or not it's a Christian publisher is needed if you ever expect to reach anyone, isn't that the ultimate goal. But to alter your book to remove and/or negate the truth of God, that's where I would draw the line no matter who the publisher is. As long as you have control over that it shouldn't matter as long as you can still reach people with the truth.
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    Yup. Gotta learn the lingo!
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    Ok, yeah, I knew YA; thanks for telling about the other one! These things are good for us novelists to remember. 😁
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    Oops. I spoke too soon. My apologies!! 😱
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    Looked up MG in a dictionary website. This is what it came up with: Definitions for MG: Initialism: ("Morris Garages") A British sports-car manufacturer. Abbreviation: Minas Gerais, a state of Brazil.
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    @Erin Cook and @TDDracken, I think MG is "middle grade" (pre-teen) whereas YA is "young adult" (teen).
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    Has anybody ever seen the Carol Burnett skit where Harvey Korman played a frustrated writer and Carol & Carl Reiner were the characters in his novel? It don't know how easy it is to find on YouTube, but it is so funny!! And, like, really relatable!! They were playing these two shady characters who were meeting for some kind of showdown under a streetlight; and Harvey kept changing the plot mid-scene, causing them to have all kinds of crazy mishaps and make for a not-so-dramatic story.
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    Is it just me who has their characters run amuck?
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    Yeah, just what is an MG novel? I'm sorry, I'm not very good with my abbreviations!
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    This is true; it may just mean that it didn't suit what they were looking for at the present time. In other words, it just didn't suit their present needs.
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    Sorry, I have no idea what you mean by "par for His (God's?) course." Are your rejection experiences par for the (traditional publishing) course? From what I've heard from other traditionally published authors - yes. It's very difficult for a new author to be traditionally published these days. That's why many have gone to small presses or independent (self-published). It really depends on what genre you're trying to publish in. If it's Christian fiction & non-fiction, then it would be logical to only query agents/publishers that focus on those areas. Other agents/publishers might take on this focus, but unless they specifically state they do, then you'd probably be wasting your time querying them. If you're trying to publish other fiction (not specifically Christian), you're certainly free to sort out those who you feel oppose the Lord's ways, but the pickier you get, the more agents/publishers are excluded, and the less chance you'll find interest. In the end, you can spend a lot of time zeroing in on a specific set of agents/publishers, but there are still so many variables in play. The manuscript could be right for them, but it could come down to bad timing, or maybe they already have too much similar material, or whatever. So rejection (or non-reply, which is far more common these days) doesn't necessarily mean they didn't like your manuscript.
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    Hi, BK! It's great to meet you
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    Hi, Erin. Thanks; please let me know how to send the PDF to you.
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    You're not being too picky. You're doing what's right and standing for the truth of God's Word. Keep at it! He will lead you to the publisher He wants you to use. No, I wouldn't. I write for the glory of God, and publishing through a company in complete rebellion against Him doesn't bring Him glory. This made me think of 2 Corinthians 6:14: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"
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    As long as your work doesn't mention anything about homosexuality, that publisher might give your book a chance. I suggest you give both that publisher and yourself a chance.
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    Absolutely not! My only reason would be to somehow reach out and share the gospel with secular publishers in the hopes that they might be saved through God using my work; otherwise, I would definitely prefer not to affiliate with them.
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    Welcome, it's nice to meet you!
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    Hi BK, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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    I stopped by to ask the tax lady a ton of questions this week. One of the things I learned was that is you pay a freelancer (cover design, editing, etc.) That is not part of a company, more than $600 in a year; you are required to have them fill out a W9. This is so you can send them their needed information to do their taxes correctly. What caught my attention is that the form asks for the person's SS number. My tax lady said that a lot of people will refuse to fill out this paperwork after the fact because they do not want you to have this information. She said always to make sure you have them fill this out first if you plan to pay them more than $600 in a year this way you don't get in trouble if they refuse to fill it out later. That said freelance can request an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. It should not cost them anything, and then they do not need to give out their SS number. This only applies to individuals who are freelancing. You are not required to fill this out for businesses. Just wanted to pass on this new fact I learned.
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    @Erin Cook, want me to send you a PM just for testers?
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    You're welcome! If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask!! Always happy to help!! 😁😊
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    Oh, and, valuable piece of knowledge that I learned from Alley, if you're ever going to give someone your email address or any personal information, always make sure you PM it instead of posting it in the open Forums. You never know who might get a hold of it.
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    Click on the messenger icon, start a new topic, type in your person's name, write out your message, and send it. Or you can click on your person's profile, hit message, type out your message, and send.
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    Look up in the right hand corner of the CW page and you'll see two little messenger circles, like two people are talking back and forth.
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    Personal Messenger. Otherwise known as PM.
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    Hey, you can PM each other. Just saying. 😁
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    You might be able to do it through e-mail, but there could be another way, too; I've never really done this sort of thing before.
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    That has definitely happened to me before!
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    I'll try; I'm very bad at these sorts of things! Technology, you know... 😛 I'll let you know as soon as I can!
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    I'm very interested; it sounds like a fascinating story!
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    Alley, I am praising God that you do not have to redo the surgery!! I am SO sorry though that these frequent doctor visits are necessary. I will be praying the need miraculously subsides!
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    Hi, BK! Nice to meet you
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    Interesting info. Thanks so much, Alley.
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    Welcome to the flock BK
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    Welcome aboard! 🙂 It's great to have you here.
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    LOL, these are so true. I am working on my second novel, I have up on my first.
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    Thank you for asking! I've struggled all week with a migraine, and it's been a bad one. In short, I feel cruddy! I have also learned this will be a longer term thing, and will need to be at the doctor ever week for the foreseeable future. Yes, that is talking in the terms of years, not weeks. However, on the plus side I just got done at the doctor's and I do not have to redo the surgery!! Praise God, he is good!!!!!
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