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    Hey guys. Thanks for the prayers. I live. I'm dealing with some pain, so I don't think I'll be on much, but thanks, everyone.
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    On my Twitter account, starting tomorrow, I'm posting non-stop writing prompts for the whole week. I was going to put in the plugs and promos, but I can't post there,
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    LOL I meant to say something and forgot!
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    Yes, I heard from Alley. She's out of surgery and doing fine, just really tired (as expected).
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    Nicholas, sounds good! Sarah, we don't know. Have asked Rebecca to find out.
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    Yes, Nicholas- it sounds like a fabulous idea!
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    Sounds like a good idea. Do you know why it won't let you post in the Plugs and Promos forum?
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    I can't post there either.
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    I really like your header. The dog fits in with the look.
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    Happy Mother's Day!
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    Add as many as you want? At least I got the date right this time ?
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    Ooo...lovely, Bod! You beat me to it! Thank you! Hope you don't mind me adding a couple...
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    Yeah, we've had to replace our router a few times as well. Glad you'll have it all fixed.
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    It looks like the problem is finally fixed. On Thursday I lost my on line connection totally. The problem wasn't with my computer. It's functioning properly. I'm able to use it as a word processor, but nothing more. I figured the problem was with the cable company, and not me. That meant that all I'd have to do is wait patiently for them to have it fixed; so I wouldn't have to panic. Then I realized that the problem was with my connection. Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to call optimum on my cell phone. I spoke with a woman who helped me check everything about my connection. It looks like what I need is to buy myself a new wifi router. Since my home computer is still off line, I've come to a local library, where I am now using one of their computers, to send this message. I've also just used it to purchase a new router over the internet. It should arrive within a day or two, and things will be back to normal; and I can stop panicking . Then I'll be able to renew my on line Christian Fellowship with you members of this website; along with all of my other contacts. All praise and thanks to the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    LOL Love it! Birds can be such a hoot! I looked up Harley and I've never seen a bird so enthralled with cups and boxes. Can't stand them to be stacked. Too funny!
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    I probably should have titled this "funniest video on the internet."
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    No, its a thread where I linked my favorite video of Harley the Cockatoo, Harley is not my bird - I saw one of these videos once, and couldn't stop laughing, If anything, it almost made me want to get one, but forget having a clean home when you get one. There's video after video of Harley knocking over piles of plastic cups - her favorite toy.
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    Ugh, and my advice is to not go there unless you're a true SME (Subject Matter Expert). The market is flooded with delusional writers who think they're SMEs because they sold a hundred books on Amazon. I know a couple of these in my local writers group, and I often have to overcome a strong desire to strangle them. And even if you are an SME, think carefully, because the writer/publishing self-help money train left the station a dozen times already. That market is a real circus right now, and I think it's mostly the blind leading the blind, while robbing them blind. It comes down to writers taking advantage of inexperienced writers who could get better information, at far less cost, out of a book on the subject. So there, some free advice that I didn't package into a ten-part video course at $500 (but marked down to a super-special sale of $350, if you act in the next 12 hours).
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    So I have to decide whether she takes him back or not.
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    Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more, Johne.
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    I'm pretty sure I changed the name. So kendra's kreations most-likely isn't in there now. Probably today's tidbits instead.
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    Nope. Not mine. I do remember that I saw another kendra's kreations account somewhere. I guess it was on Wix.
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    Kendraskreations.wix.com is this https://kendraskreations4u.wixsite.com/kendraskreations Doesn't look like it's yours
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    I didn't think you have to be. Hold on... it's one of two things. Kendra's Kreations or Today's Tidbits. IF I have anything on there, it's not much.
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    Kendra, I don't believe you have to be a Wix user to see another Wix site. That wouldn't make sense. I think you may be copying the wrong link for your site. What is the name of your site?
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