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    Raised in a church-going family, I soon found out that I had been growing not only in some basic knowledge of God but also in a desire to serve God. Mum would always get her little twins, Peter & Paul (my brother and I), to Church every Sunday. The “two little birds sitting on the wall, one named Peter, one named Paul” was a song we heard often as people exchanged greetings with mum and her kids at church. A Godly habit of Church-going was formed in us. Little did we know that, little by little, the Lord was drawing our little hearts towards Him. A Hunger For God: As years rolled by, the Lord was placing a hunger in me which, at that time, was becoming greater than the level of ‘spiritual feeding’ that I was accessing at the local parish. Hence, I found myself consuming the Gideon's New Testament Bible from cover to cover, and from time to time while on my own after school hours at about age 11-12. This became another Godly habit, and yet, I was not even Saved. My local Church did not teach Salvation nor made an altar call. To their credit, however, the Church taught that, there is a God out there who draws closer to those who would draw closer to Him. However, something dramatic was about to happen in the course of this Godly habit - my habit of reading the Gideon's Bible regularly was about to mean an encounter with the Living Christ. The Encounter: In November of 1975, I was alone in my Mother's shop and the last thing I remembered was the fact that I was reading through the Gideon's Bible. Somewhere and at some point of this reading, I suddenly became aware of my sins, and how that I was a Sinner. I became conscious of the truth that my sins made Christ to suffer and to die for me. This came through as a revelation from the verses I was reading at this point in time. This revelation became totally nerve-wrecking and filled me with great anguish for my sins. I had never before this day understood it that way. Indeed, the awareness of this truth became so strong on me that the next thing I remembered doing was falling flat on the floor, on my face, crying and pleading with God to forgive all my sins. I was there praying out my heart on the floor of that little shop (for how long...I had no idea) until I felt that heavy weight was lifted off me. I found myself on my feet again, but this time rejoicing and praising God for removing away my sins. I knew that weight was gone! There, at that shop situated in the front of our family's House at No. 44/20, Yusufu Street, a new me rose from the dead. I arose to my feet, singing, rejoicing, thanking and praising God. Any time I share this story, I can't help but sing my own version of that old song: "At the shop (at the shop), where I first saw the Light, And the burden of my soul rolled away; It was there by faith, I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day”! Join in the conversation. What's in this that resonates with you? How about sharing your own story to God's glory? Your story may bring clarity to someone's experience. It may stir up joy in another or even lead to an encounter of Christ by the same Spirit.
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    They are doing quite well now, EClayRowe. Other than a little arthritis in my left hand, I have to say, mercifully, that they are all the way healed!
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    My mom normally breaths fine. Every once in awhile she has episodes where she breaths less. We are thinking this is aftermath from the trauma her brain has suffered (3 seizures and 1 stroke). For some reason her brain does not communicate to her body that she needs oxygen, and only extremely loud noise triggers her to breathe. We have gotten her a Sleep Apnea machine, and she has since begun to recover. It’s all just very strange.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this! As a writer who usually gets caught up in character development and interaction and world building, plot and conflict are a struggle for me to tackle. This will be very helpful!
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    Actually, I really like this book! It details storywriting from a three act perspective- and a beat methodology which I find pretty cool.
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    In addition to his other skills, Nicholas has written a guide to writing fight scenes, both with and without weapons.
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    Oh! Thank you! I worked very hard at it. And God blessed me with a friend to do the translation from 18th Century French into English, and a Coptic mentor from Egypt to help with pronunciation. I am grateful to you too! That's a fancy name for someone who narrates AND edits AND masters the recording.
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    Hey, I am listening to your audiobook, Nicola, and so far, so good!
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    Now it's working again, and everything's back to normal. Thank you everyone for your prayers. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Thanks, SW! (Lynn does such a great job there's not a lot for me to do.)
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    and praise report: My bookbag with my outline and some new scenes turned up, not stolen but misplaced! And my answer to the question, "What's the book about?" has provided additional clarity. Rewriting some scenes to post. I have a new-to-me laptop to set up. Plus someone wants to bless me with a better bike!
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    Well if it was South Indian chillies, they were probably break dancing...which is punishment enough without a bunch of people getting on your case about it.
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    Hey, you know I just saw this, Johne, and I want to say welcome aboard!
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    So very true. We ache for perfection and eternity. Praise God! He has given us both.
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    I once had a line about vegetables dancing in someone's nose. I was chastised roundly. And Squarely. The triangles kept to themselves.
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    Such high ideals, Seth! We're all very proud of you, whichever direction the Lord leads. Surely praying for you and may the Lord bless you in all you do.
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    Why do I suddenly have a craving for broccoli jelly beans?
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    Well, I know where I'm at on that scale. All the way at the bottom! It's a good thing I've got that regular day job. LOL?
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    Congrats! We are happy to have you here as a moderator! Not sure I'll ever remember the name change. Now please let's all celebrate with a happy dance!
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