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    Just wanted to say, Happy Birthday, Alley! ????? Hope your day was great! May God richly bless you!!
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    Happy birthday, Alley!!??? You are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139:14)
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    Happy birthday! I hope you had/have a wonderful day!
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    And I'm thankful for Jesus dying on the cross and saving me from my sins, and I'm thankful for all my friends on ChristianWriters!!
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    Let's see; I guess 27?
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    My father was 90 and he kept saying he was 39. I think he got that from an old Jack Benny routine.
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    I'm struggling with Scrivener, but I'm taking a tutorial that I hope will get me through it. I just found out that Dragon 15 works with Scrivener, when Scrivener crashed. But I think I've cleared that up with System Mechanic, which said I had 31.000 errors. I fixed them all (I pushed the Repair button)- so wish me luck!
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    Happy Birthday, Alley!! ??
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    Alley's age: 39 years young and not a year over that.
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    Thank you, everyone! Well, since this is my birthday bash... ? I think we should all take some time to say what we are thankful for over this last year! I'll go first. 1 ) My God and his never-ending unfailing love!!! 2 ) My amazing husband and our wonderful kiddos. 3 ) This community of believers that have railed around me and supported me through this last year. I don't think you guys realize how much you have impacted my life, but you all have. So thank you!!! And if you all want a challenge, you could try guessing my age.
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    You know, I'm going to print this one down and paste it on my board above my desk!
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    OMG, I just noticed this. Happy Birthday, Alley!!!!
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    Thank you everyone! Mmm! Cookies! ?
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    How did I miss this?? Happy birthday!! Sorry it's late.
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    Aw, happy birthday! The day is probably over, but the blessings I'm praying on you will continue. Hugs, cookies and chocolate!
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    Happy Birthday Alley! Hope you have a super blessed day
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    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day
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    Happy birthday Alley! Hope you have a day full of awesomeness! ?
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    Of course, you are forgiven! You guys are so sweet! We don't celebrate my birthday, so this is extra special!!!
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    Oh, sweet Alley! I am so sorry. The one day I forget to check the birthdays and it's YOUR DAY!!! Forgive me. Happy day, Alley! Hope you've had a special day. May the Lord bless you!
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    You're very welcome!!
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    Aww, thank you so much!!
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    Aww, you guys are sweet! Or should I say manly and kind? ? Exactly! And if we win the war, well who doesn't like bananas? It's like Jello. You always have room for a little more.
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    I was planning on adding sound effects myself!
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    I believe you are a reader, Jeff. You might need to adjust the reasons for your reading, and your expectations and goals, but you do long for that perfect story that hits all the soft spots in your soul and leaves you both satiated and panting for more. That's why you write. Now that you are writing for yourself, and growing constantly in your craft, you will eventually reach the end of yourself. That is normal. We are limited creatures. You will be satiated and panting for more, and you will find it in the wider world of writers! I rejoice that you are here. I think God has given you awareness of your need to look beyond yourself. Praise Him with us, and keep digging (which means reading with different expectations etc.)
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    Thank you! I appreciate your offer.
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    I have an HDMI connection to a BG (Beta/Gamma) Wave Reader. I simply place a wire lead over each temple and relax into a meditative state. The congestive interpretation software then extracts the story in my mind, and converts it into a MS Word file. The entire process takes less than an hour! I end up with a 85,000 word manuscript that's perfectly edited and ready for publication. Then I wake up from my dream, look at my laptop, and yell: **Sigh** I simply peck away at a keyboard and hope it forms coherent sentences.
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